Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday morning quarterback, the weekend in review.

This weekend did not go so well and I am unsure why, Let me start at Friday and we shall move forward from there. I did not take anything out of the freezer for dinner on Friday so when wify came home from work and asked what was for dinner I stated "Tuna melts?" as it was the only thing that did not need to be defrosted in the house and the look on her face told me it wasn't gonna happen. She said "How about Chinese food?" half joking with that I know that ain't happening look on her face and my reply was "I could do a chicken grinder from the pizza place if you wanted to order out?" and it was done. we ordered a small plain pie for the kids to split, she ordered a spinach calzone and I got a chicken parm grinder with peppers and onions on it and that would have been all well and good if I had eaten the grinder and nothing else for the remainder of the evening. My yummy grinder went down rather quickly and I ate a piece of crust thanks to my insane daughter that doesn't like the crust, I mean who doesn't like pizza crust? and I couldn't let it go to waste right? and then I had a taste of the spinach calzone as well, so much for being able to count the calories in the grinder eh? I also had some popcorn with a movie Friday night as well but no worries as I had made it to the gym and drank what I needed to so I put it down as a day of extra calories and that was that.

Saturday came around and my intake was perfect right up until dinner but I was kind of forced to do a light dinner because I ate heavy during the day. I ended up with 1800 calories after dinner but that wasn't counting the 3 marshmallows that I had eaten a little earlier up at the bon fire that I lit oh my! We had to do a dump run and I got rid of a bunch of junk from the basement and in the process ended up bring a lot of scrap wood back up to the fire pit in my yard and when I got back there noticed that there was a ton of wood that needed to be burned so a fire was lit and now my back yard is scrap free but it cost me a few marshmallows. Other than those tiny cylinders of puffed sugar goodness I did ok with calories but I didn't drink half as much as I should have for the day and I was up in weight that morning but come Sunday morning I was back down to 316 pounds so it went down as fluctuation.

Sunday I did drink enough but and this is the maybe too much info part of todays presentation so if you are currently eating read no further, you have been warned! I had a date with the porcelain throne late Sunday morning and the meeting lasted roughly 30 minutes and started out well enough besides the twist in my gut but before we were done we had filled the bathroom with solids, liquids and gasses and by last night my weight fluctuated up almost 9 pounds! I am assuming that after the performance in the bathroom and yes it was a performance with many encores that I was light on fluids so I am retaining every drop that went in yesterday. In addition to that I maybe did have a little more than I should have at dinner last night but that wasn't my fault! I swear! Ok maybe I did have a little to do with it, I made BBQ chicken out on the grill and as a side I tried my hand at some "spanish style rice and beans" which to me really didn't taste spanish at all but I do have to admit that it came out more than fantastic! everyone liked it and when I was making it I have to admit that I did a lot of tasting just to make sure it was um seasoned correctly, yeah lets go with that, and it was maybe the best rice that I have ever made in my entire life! I will post the recipe up in a later post. If I had not done all of the taste testing while it was cooking I would have been ok on calories but I know that I went over calories for sure.

Getting to the gym this weekend just was not going to happen between the dump run and the bonfire on Saturday and then Sunday was our bulk grocery shopping day so I just didn't have time to get out there. I did get out for a walk with wify and the kids Sunday, we walked along while the kids rode their bikes and that was relaxing as the weather has been more than awesome here we were in the high 50's all weekend and should have the same weather for a couple days so I may just get a bike ride into one of these days while its nice out. I am planning to get to the gym every day this week and my calories shall not go above 1700 all week unless I have a lifting day at the gym and then it only goes over by a whey shake, thats my story and I'm stickin to it.

There is something about the weather warming up that makes me want to hang out in the yard with a beer and a pizza but I am going to have to get past that feeling and keep pushing hard with my routine because getting under 300 pounds I am guessing will feel better than any pizza and beer taste. My fluctuation up yesterday has to be retaining fluids because there is no way that I consumed more than 31000 extra calories so I am not to worried about it and know that it will sort itself out in a few days if not sooner. I can't wait to see a new low come this Friday and am honestly excited about getting under 300 pounds, I mean who wouldn't when they started out above 500 right?

This is turning into a Novel of a post so I shall end it here for now, I may pop in later with another post on skin issues because its on my mind lately but maybe not either way this one is done. Thanks for reading along and thank you for the support that you guys leave me in the comments as they help a bunch, keep on keepin on and all that.

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  1. That's what is so brutal about the starts playing mind tricks on you.

  2. I agree with Harry. Sounds like you had a rough time, but are back to normality now.

  3. I, too, hate to see good crust go to waste! :) What is it with these kids and no crust?!

  4. I know it doesn't make you feel better, but you are not alone.