Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Making choices.

Making my way through the week and looking for a new low number come Friday has been my focus for so long that I am starting to feel like this is my job. I don't mean the job that you wake up every morning and start loathing before the crust has even fallen out from the corners of your eyes but the kind of job that we wake up early because we can't wait to get started. This whole healthy living thing has become my purpose in a way, its like I have to prove to myself that I can do it again and again day after day so I wake up and start thinking about my meals and how my calories will play out throughout the day each end every day on the calendar. It use to be that waking up meant another day of struggling to move around comfortably and wondering when that time bomb in my chest was going to pop and that is quite different now that I chose to do something about my situation.

This morning I sat thinking about what I would do for exercise today, would it be business as usual and off to the gym for my 50 minutes of cardio on a machine? perhaps I would hike the 3 mile trail down the road from my house? Maybe a bike ride through the hills around the lake? Then I started thinking about my meals, would I have cereal for breakfast? perhaps today was an egg white omelet kind of day, or maybe I would make some steel cut oats and what of lunch? I am making Cornish game hens for dinner tonight whats that leave me for a calorie balance to use at lunch? I have a good idea of how my day will play out food wise as well as exercise and that was within the first 20 minutes of my day. Actually as I write this I am still unsure what I will do for exercise today but I am leaning towards the gym followed by that walk on the trail but I won't know until after I click publish and walk out the door.

My life is entirely different for the choices that I make each day where my diet and exercise is the subject matter and last night I was chatting with wify and I said to her that I wonder where I would be right now if I hadn't changed the path I was walking when I did. Truth is that I honestly believe that I would be either in a wide hole covered with turf and daisies or stuck in a bed that had some sort of reinforced frame underneath it wishing that I had the willpower to make a change in my habits. Finding myself at that impasse in my life when I did surely saved my life and has hopefully added many years to my existence on this planet.

I listen to people talk about how hard it is to lose weight or get started losing weight and I honestly start getting choked up because I totally understand how difficult it is to get that ball rolling and stick with it. I feel for those people because I was in those very shoes not so long ago and still am in a way because I am still a ways from being where I need to be with my health and honestly some days its like balancing on knifes edge with the staying on track. Making losing weight and getting healthy my goal in life is the key to my success thus far and I have to maintain my level of dedication and focus on the subject so that I will see this through to the end, I AM going to realize my fitness goals and I AM going to get where I need and want to with my health.

How are you going to make a change in your life today?


As Ever


  1. I stumbled across your blog recently. Good stuff - keep on keeping on!

    WRT workouts: I need to plan my workouts. I typically do a week's worth of planning at a time and give myself the flexibility to switch between days (to some extent). This way I'm doing what I need to without giving myself the "opt out" choice. To each his own though.....

  2. Great post. You know, I have tried everything under the sun from diet pills, WW and the likes. All in an effort to avoid working out. I have come to the realization that there is no other way, like it or not I have to do it. So, I am trying hard to make it a habit just like brushing my teeth, taking a shower, etc. So to me it's like a job/habit, it just has to be done, like it or not :)

  3. Tony, we've discussed my frustrations with sporadic exercise it doesn't drop the pounds. Now, I'm in week two of eating better and I know I am losing weight. This post (and RockStar's challenge) have been good motivators for me to get moving again. Thanks.