Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 787 and a new low weight.

Out of bed I stepped and straight to the scale I went, of course I was looking for 319 or lower to flash across the display but before I go there let me say that last night was maybe one of the worse nights I have had in a while because of the rain and a potential flood in our basement paired with me being sick right now! I won't get too much into it because this is after all a weight loss/health blog but wify and myself took turns every hour and a half going down stairs checking and clearing the drains and sump to make sure that we didn't end up needing to build a boat to get around the basement so to say that I feel like crap this morning is an understatement. Where was I? oh that's right, its a weigh in day and I busted ass all week until I got sick and I was looking for the three teens on the scale.

I stepped onto her cold black platform and I could see in her eyes that she was thinking that after the night I just had that I needed to see something good on that display and the first number that flashed was 319.0 lbs oh my! I did it? of course I check three times on weigh in day so off I stepped and the second time on it said 319.4 lbs and finally the third time 319.0 lbs once again and with that I dropped 5.4 pounds this week and I am 3 whole pounds lower than my lowest recorded weight to date. I have since January 2008 lost 40.26% of my total body weight or 215 pounds and am within 44 pounds of my original goal weight of 275lbs, that's kind of exciting! I will say though that I am a bit worried that its only a temporary number because I am sick right now and our bodies do some funky stuff when we aren't feeling good but we shall see. Lets get to the photos of the things that weigh the same as me and as what I have lost, I am so happy to be putting images back up here as its been a couple of weeks!

This Goose 350 weighs in at 319 pounds like yours truly

My plan for this week is to hit the gym as hard as I was before I got this terrible cold and sore throat and I will be looking for a good sized drop in weight again come next Friday. I have been meticulously recording my calories and not going over budget all week and apparently its paid off with this weeks weigh in. I have forty four pounds to go to hit my original goal weight and honestly that feels somewhat surreal to me because its been so long since I started down this road and when you are looking at 275 pounds from the back row of 534 thems is what ya might call nose bleed seats people! I have worked my way down the stadium stairs and am looking at the stage from the floor at this point and I gotta say I like the view.

This is copied from my "Day 1" post.

"Hi there, this will mark the start of something that I expect not to be an easy road traveled, I am your average every day fellow in every respect besides the fact that I weigh twice as much as your average construction worker, that may be pushing it but I believe it to be close.

I decided that I would blog about it to give me a sort of record as to how it is going and to give me something to look back at when I succeed or fail at this attempt. I will try and update this blog daily with my food intake and how I felt on that particular day along with any exercise that was done."

From 534 pounds to currently 319 pounds in just over 2 years and its been an experience for sure, I have learned more about health and exercise in these last 2 years than I would have expected. I can still remember day one, waking up and walking into the living room and being greeted by wify and my normal GIANT cup of coffee with enough sugar in it that the spoon could stand up on its own and I look back and read the above paragraphs and "when I succeed or fail at this attempt" stands out now more than ever. That paragraph has carried me through this process more than one time when I clicked that "Day 1" post and reread that line and decided every time that I would not fail this attempt.

5.4 pounds lost this week, 3 pounds under my all time low weight, and 44 pounds away from my original goal I can still look back at every post that I wrote and remember how I felt as I typed the words out. I still have a ways to go but looking at it from 44 pounds away seems less daunting and there is no doubt in my mind that I will get there and beyond as my goals have changed since day one. After 275 pounds is realized I am going to aim for another 25 pounds and shoot for 250 pounds as I think that weight will be close to what I should ultimately weigh and who knows? perhaps I will adjust the goal down from there when I get it. My brother stands 6'4'' tall and is about 220 pounds and much smaller than me frame wise and looks like a bean pole at 220 pounds so I do think that I can weigh more than that and look half way decent.

My weigh in saved my mood from the night of getting up every few hours tending to a potential problem and I want to say to anyone out there reading this who is starting out 100, 200 or even 300 pounds over weight that you CAN do this if you want to. No surgeries, no pills, no meals in a box and no paying someone else to tell you what to eat! A lot of planning, a lot of counting and weighing food and being a pain in the ass when eating at other peoples houses, lots of exercise and discipline but its all worth the end result when looking back at a former life at 500 plus pounds.

Thats all I got for today.


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  1. Way to go on your new low weight Tony!!!

  2. Oh Tony!! I am so happy for you!! That is awesome! You worked for that loss so don't worry too much about being sick, just keep going! YAY!!! :)

  3. Fabulous! Your weight loss.

    Not so fabulous: the picture of that woman body builder. Ugh.

  4. You've reached a new low...congrats!

  5. Fantastic - way to go on your lowest weight yet

    hope you're feeling better real soon


  6. Oh my eyes. That is one scary looking lady.

    Congrats on your new low.

  7. New lows are always amazing! And the 3-teens! Congrats to you! I love the snippet from the first post, esp "succeed or fail" - just shows a totally different state of mind. You've really come so far in so many ways, not just physically.


    I want muscles, but damn, that chick is kinda gross for a chick. ;)

  9. Oh friend...Very VERY nice!

    Tony, You and I man---we're two of a kind. May I call you brother?

    OK, I will... ;)

    Listen brother,
    Doesn't this feel incredible???? I had something profound to say---but I just lost it.
    Let me say this:
    It is an honor to be on this road alongside you.


    My best always

  10. Great job man! I'm so happy for you :)

    44 lbs you are almost there!

  11. A new low.

    Love the motorcycle pic. It always means a loss. What a huge loss. Congrats!

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  13. Dude, nicely done! Hope you're feeling better today and heading back to the gym.

  14. Yay!!! Isn't it so great when you get to see that reward on the scale for all the hard work you do? So happy for you :)

  15. CONGRATS!! That is a fabulous milestone!! WHOO HOO!


  16. Awesome job on the new low! Scary looking lady! Hope you get feeling better.