Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 776, Panko breaded Haddock and some new hikers.

Making good choices has been the thought of the week for me it seems, I have been finding myself thinking about things a little more than I have lately and not in any way other than looking at my choices and deciding on which would be the best. This afternoon I have the pleasure of having wify with me at the gym as she has the day off and my Mother in law has agreed to watch the kiddos for us so I have a running partner if you will for the day.

Last night I made a particularly good dinner of some baked Haddock fillets which I lightly breaded with panko bread crumbs that I seasoned myself, I made some seasoned rice with peppers and onions and green beans with pepper on the side. The total for my plate was 405 calories and the fish was a hit with everyone, wify loved it and my son couldn't get enough so into the bag of tricks it goes. I seem to be on a roll with snapping pictures of my meals and this one was no different, I am getting odd looks at the table but hey! have a look.

405 calories panko breaded Haddock, so good!

I am again craving a ride on my bike so I cannot wit for the weather to warm up a bit so that can happen, My son has a new mountain bike that Santa brought him so maybe he can keep up a bit better with the new ride. I have been preparing for spring to get here for the past month or so buying things that I need here and there and I always take a look at "the bargain cave" in Cabelas just to see whats there and yesterday I scored a pair of Columbia hiking shoes for the low low price of $12.50 after all discounts were applied. There are plenty of trails in my area that are not too far off the beaten path yet provide lots of scenery and fair distances and then I am not too far off from the Appalachian trail if feeling bold, Man I can't wait for spring.

Can't beat these for $12.50! and they were in my size too and that's lucky considering that I am a size 14!

Over all this week seems to be starting off well and off to the gym I go to start it off! Eat well, drink much and bust my ass at the gym is my plan and barring any road blocks unforeseen will be what happens. My drive has not changes, my determination is unmatched and the only thing left to do is execute for me to get where I must go. I need to get my ass to the gym so thats all i got for ya today, thanks for following along and remember that if you don't decide that its time to do something about your own health there is no one else thats gonna do it for you.

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  1. nice hikers! I think they were on sale BECAUSE you are size 14 dude! I wish my family liked fish. So far hubby wont eat any and my girls seem to like salmon because it's "pink" I usually try to get fish when I go out because its rare we eat different kinds here at home. Thank goodness they like chicken and legumes. I am looking forward to better weather for riding also. I bought a new road bike last summer and immediately was too ill to ride until our Oregon rains came and I would like some dry time on this bike getting used to the breaks and super skinny tires before I thrash it in our oregon mud, so for the time being I am on my clunky cheap mtn bike...but hey before this I hadn't rode a bike or thought it was possible in over 18 years. yay weight loss!

  2. Nice kicks! Hiking is one of my favorite activities and I've burned around 1700-2000 calories over about 5 to 7 miles. A good substitute for a plyometric gym workout, e.g. step-ups, lunges, etc. as long as you find the right terrain that provides for more than just a level dirt trail.

    Getting Better and Better

  3. Congrats on the new shoes! What a great price! I started hiking last year. I wont go too deep because I am on my own and, well, I am not such a fast runner wearing heavy boots :) The woods can be very daunting when it starts to get dark.

    I have a bike, too. I had mine out just a few days ago. Just the cruiser. I am a teeny bit scared of hitting a patch of ice, but I couldnt resist. I have a mountain bike, also (that is a great workout) and i am lusting after a street racer...hurry up spring!!!

    You dinner looks fabulous! :)

  4. Great deal on the shoes! I am dying for spring too! I actually went out and bought cold gear for running- I live in Minneapolis!! LOL But I need to get OUTSIDE... so cold gear it is!

    My family and friends are used to me taking pics of my food... LOL It does become a habit! LOL Thanks for the idea of the Panko breading!


  5. can i have that panko breaded haddock recipe? looks great. and by the way - great job with the diet. wow! congrats!