Sunday, February 14, 2010

Low calorie weekend meals, and some choices.

Things is things and my weekend is progressing nicely, Valentines day is upon us and another Hallmark Holiday will have bitten the dust in some hours. I did not really do well while in New York with the food and hydration, oh the sleep and exercise lacked somewhat as well but I am back home and immediately straight back to the program. I did go over my calories by about 100 because of a late night snack of a fiber one bar but its nothing that I am worried about at all. I say that exercise suffered but I did get two roughly hour long walks in while in the city and with all of the hurry up and wait at the show I suppose I wasn't stationary all that much but it wasn't what I would call a workout so there you have that.

I thought that I would snap a couple pictures of my lunch and dinner from yesterday and post them up to demonstrate that fairly large meals could be had for minimal calories and maximum impact on hunger. I did not however take a picture of my breakfast as we all know what a bowl of cereal looks like and that is a typical breakfast for me, either cold cereal or some steel cut oats. Lunch was a chicken wrap that I made with left over teriyaki chicken that I had grilled out on our gas grill Friday, I love grilling in 18 degree weather. The wrap had 4oz of grilled chicken with a sesame teriyaki sauce on it, some chopped lettuce and a couple cherry tomatoes sliced in half on a 100 calorie whole grain wrap and a shake of black pepper, simple right? I did have a dill pickle spear and my obligatory giant glass of green tea with this as well and the entire lunch hit the spot perfectly and for only 285 calories, have a look.

285 total calories for this plate, and thats a full size dinner plate.

For dinner I forgot to take something out of the freezer so I asked wify if breakfast for dinner would be ok with her and of course she loved that idea and I started in on some pancakes for the kids while she started breaking eggs. I had an omelet which was 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg, chopped onions, red bell peppers, jalapeno, tomato, 1/2 oz turkey pepperoni and 1oz of sharp cheddar cheese. With the omelet I had a multigrain english muffin a dill pickle chopped up and 4 slices of turkey bacon and let me tell ya wify can cook a mean omelet! The entire meal was 565 calories and of course once again that big ol glass of green tea on the side to wash it all down.

565 total calories for this plate of deliciousness.

Today I am planning on making some panko breaded Haddock fillets for dinner with roasted red potatoes and garlic and Parmesan green beans on the side and I will try to get a shot of that to post up later. I am going to focus on food for a while and try to get the biggest bang for my calorie buck with every meal, not that I haven't done this all along but lately I feel like I am settling for fast meals over quality meals that take a little more time to prepare, not that either of the meals above were fast or not good.

We are planning on taking the kids out later today for some Sundaes because of Valentines day and I will be passing on one of my own and having a glass of tea instead. I am unsure if making it to the gym is in my near future for today but I will attempt to make it at some point but if I don't I am not too worried about it and will be back in the full swing of things again come Monday, I missed going on Wednesday and Thursday because of going to the Dr. Oz show but I am ok with that.

They are our choices to make and our choices dictate where we will ultimately end up and that goes for health, wellness and just about every aspect of our daily lives, Lets make the best choices that we can.

Thats all I got for today I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.


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  1. I love breakfast for dinner! I've had a couple of omelets this week myself. That wrap looks yummy...

  2. Both meals look delicious! Wish I could get it into some peoples' heads that you can eat good stuff like this and still be on a "diet". I've also just fallen in love with pickle spears, but I make sure I up my water intake when I eat them.

  3. I am still quite out of control with food but I did get to the gym and made nice with the treadmill for an hour :). You are doing wonderfully! Keep it up :)

  4. It just goes to show you can eat what you like as long as it is in moderation.

  5. I'm with you on that.. I love nothing better than a huge salad holding up my meal to make me feel that I am eating a satisfying portion!

  6. Your meals look delicious! When you make the right choices, it's easy to eat well and feel full.