Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weight loss IS a mental game, don't believe me? then read here.

If you convince yourself that everything is ok it is easy to believe, as simple as that you go on day after day accepting things the way that they are without challenging a single one of them. At 534 pounds things are viewed differently than they are at even 330 pounds, excuses are made and become the normal life of you, missing things and unable to participate in even the most remedial activities is just how it is, That is no way to live, especially when fixing the issues is as easy as it really is, confused yet? I am not saying that it is an easy task because its not but what needs to be done really is simple but until we are willing to wrap ourselves in it and accept that we are weaker than we would like to believe at those extreme weights we may as well as consider ourselves chained down because realistically the two are comparable.

Where once there was the drive to ding the next level in a video game, or maybe attempting to convince everyone that you are just a large framed big boned all muscle under the padding not so much of a fat dude as you are just a little rotund is now a feeling of accomplishment because you ran for 3 minutes straight without stopping, or waking up and instead of the first thought in your head being "How big of a breakfast can I eat and make my wife believe that its reasonable" reasonable for what? a show horse? the thoughts are now closer to "Man I can't wait to get to the gym and try and run for 5 minutes straight" when a good deal of weight is dropped mindsets change, I should say that when any weight is dropped the way we think is completely different than when we are use to dealing with failure.

Why do we fail? what is it that makes weight loss so hard? We fail because we give up when we don't see results instantly and it is hard I believe because anything worth doing or having comes with some effort, which is a simplified look at it but basically how I feel. Again I can only speak for myself but I know that when I do my part most times I come out where I want to be and the times that I slack I know that the weigh in at the end of the week suffers somewhat. With that said I have to say that as long as we are honest with ourselves and at the end of the day accept our efforts for what they actually are instead of the fog and mirrors that we at times put up for others, you know what I mean "I ate perfectly today all within my calories and balanced to boot! I am amazing!" yeah except for that coffee this morning with the extra cream in it and the hand full of M&M's that I snuck out of the community dish at work, oh and then there was that....and on and on and on. We have to take responsibility for what goes into our mouths as well as the effort that is put into exercise because if we don't we are only hurting our own efforts and really just letting ourselves down before we have even had a chance to get a leg up.

The bottom line is that this health game is not easy for mAny of us and the weight loss game has proven to be seemingly impossible for others but we must remain diligent if we are to reach the goals that we strive for. We will slip, we will have perfect days, we will have victories as well as defeats along the way but the things that need to stay true are the determination, drive, willpower and plain old desire to get where we want to with our weight and health, make it a lifestyle and I promise you that it gets easier to pass on that extra piece of cake or the 12oz steak which use to be a 16 oz steak for me and is now a 6 oz steak when I do treat myself on those very rare occasions to some red meat, but when we expect to eat healthy and it just is what we have become then the effort eases and soon you will find that you want a glass of green tea instead of a super big gulp Dr. Pepper.

I now eat a carrot and it tastes sweet to me, and a regular cola is way too sweet for me to enjoy, I use to drink at least a 2 liter of soda per day probably more and now just the thought of that makes me cringe. I am the guy that because Whoppers were a buck the question came up "hmmm I wonder how many I can put away" my friend was buying and that number was 8 before I couldn't go any more and now the thought of eating at a fast food restaurant is so foreign to me that even my daughter asked me what the store was called as she pointed at Mcnasty's Golden arches, we just don't eat there, and its because the habit is now to eat something healthy instead of places like that.

The mental part of weight loss is the key, once we can get into a frame of mind that allows us to clearly see that we were not meant to sit on our asses all day while shoveling greasy food down our throats we will be a step in the right direction and the rest seems to fall into place. Eating high fat foods all willy nilly while sitting on our rumps is bad and refocusing on getting some movement into each and every day while making good choices with our intake is a must if we are to take control of our futures, if not? our futures will surely be shorter than they have to be.

Do you have the self control to take your life back?

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  1. I'm trying man, I really am. I let myself down over the holidays honestly. I'm now 4 lbs above my lowest weight recorded :( But the up side is I've been clean eating again and the goal is to just do my best- it's always about progress. :)

    Though I won't lie I still love the Big and Tasty :p

  2. The funny thing is that the game is never over, even after you lose 35lbs or 200lbs, it can still be very mental to get to the next pound, and sometimes even harder than before, because you start to get a little comfortable with yourself, your clothes start to fit, you can move around reasonably and you don't stand out.

  3. Wow. I just found your blog while surfing blogger and I am blown away. You rock. I am so proud of you. Thank you for sharing. YES. I am inspired. As someone who has fought weight problems all my life and am now on crusade to change my life, not just go on ANOTHER worthless diet, I am excited to follow you on your journey. Thank you.

  4. Wow! What an inspiration you are! I just came across your blog, and it is exciting to see your sucess! I just posted today about how losing weight is 90% mental and 10% physical. What you said is so true! I'll be following.