Friday, December 18, 2009

206 total pounds lost! a new all time low coming soon to a theater near you!

So the time has come to hop on the scale and record it onto the blog for the world to see, this morning I am more than pleased with myself because it has pretty much been a week from hell if stress levels are the measurement yet I am happy with what I see on the scale. I will get right to it and say that I am back to my all time low weight of 328 pounds! Tuesday I did not think I would show a loss at all this week because of lots of different things but here I am and its a 2 pound loss for the week with the exact reading on the scale being 328.4lbs. Eight pounds in three weeks and well on my way to hitting that goal of being under 300 pounds by April 2nd which is pretty exciting if I am being honest, This coming Friday gives me an opportunity to hit a new all time low weight and I am planning on doing everything that I can to get there.

I am proof positive that perseverance is all that is needed to lose weight, focus helps, determination as well and this has turned into much more than losing weight for me. I have gained my health back in a way that is making me more driven than I ever was where health and fitness is the subject and it agrees with me. I am not expecting to see the other side 330 pounds again any time soon but those things have a funny way of working sometimes so if it does happen I will have to beat the fat back into submission on the arc trainer again.

Weight loss is not always a fluid motion with the line on the graph always pointed in a downward direction, sometimes it pops back up a bit but as long as we keep on keepin on it will undoubtedly head back in that lower direction again and again. I have come a long way since starting down this path to better health, I have stumbled a bit at times and I have pushed myself to the point of hurting myself, I have slacked off and at the same time I have been that insistent fellow in a restaurant demanding to know every bit of info about how a meal was prepared and the ingredients used but most importantly if you look at the line on my bar graph I have been pretty consistent throughout my trip to the half.

There was a point in my life where I was 534 pounds and I had no clue what I weighed, in fact I thought I was closer to 600 pounds and was relieved to find out that I "was only" just over 500 pounds, imagine where a person has to be mentally to be relieved that he is 500 pounds, trust me its not a good place. I have read blogs and stories online as well as in magazine etc of people losing 50, 100, 200 and more pounds and looking at side by side photos of these people and they look amazing! and I think about how I am down 206 pounds so far and still have a good amount to lose to be where I need to be and have that amazing side by side shot. I am still a magazine article away from hitting my initial goal weight of 275 pounds with 53 more pounds to go to get to that weight and I know that I want to be lower than that now because of how I currently look at 328 pounds. At 6'5'' I carry my weight decently but in all honesty I can lose a total of 300 pounds realistically and be at a healthy weight, I would be 234 pounds at 300 pounds lost which I may change my mind the closer I get but seriously?? I could lose 300 pounds?? Do I want to get that small? I don't think so but it is what my brother weighs and he is only a half inch shorter than I am and he looks good at that weight so it is possible for me to get into the 230's especially if I end up getting a surgery to remove excess skin, a chapter to be written perhaps.

Round and round he goes, and where he stops nobody knows.

This week is one for the W column, I am pleased with the scale, I am pleased with myself and next week I am predicting a new all time low weight for me. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the support, it is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Congradulations on getting back to your low weight! I totally understand that feeling of getting back to the low and not wanting to sabotage the possibility of getting lower. I'm right there right now. I have been skirting around these same 5lbs for the last 6 months and I am determined to get past it. I think you will reach your goal and more in the near future. You are so determined, and despite the many trials that have been there to easily deter you, you have conquered them. Thanks for regularly posting... you keep me inspired!

  2. Grats Zeus. I love how we refer to our "all time low" weights, like it never happened on the way up.

  3. Just wanted to say GREAT JOB!
    i have been looking in @ your blog for the past year and you & the biggest loser TV show have inspired me so much!(i have your blog link saved to my desktop)
    i started changing my horrible eating habits on SEPT 15 2009 (349 LBS)& as today DEC 18 2009 i wieghed in @ 260 lbs. -86 LBS
    tHANKS for the tip on the H20 it is really helping me out alot by drinking a full bottle of water right before i eat & another during my meal.
    KEEP UP the great work brother!!!

  4. Hi There, thought I'd pop in and say hello!

    I work with obese clients as a professional coach. What I hear in your words is your determination and success!

    You are an inspiration to others about define what is possible. Keep up the superb work. If it's ok with you I'll pop in every now and then to learn about your further success!

    Keep it going mate - You are leading the way for many others I am sure.

    Great to have stopped by if I can help in any way do give me a shout.

    All the best in reaching your goals and much much more.