Monday, December 21, 2009

Eat good, Gym, Drink fluids, Sleep....

Skipping and tripping through my days as of late keeping things together where my health is concerned, Eat good, Gym, Drink fluids, get enough rest over and over and over again is my aim. Being the best Husband that a fella can be, the best Daddy and friend but somewhere along the way there has got to be time for myself otherwise 534 pounds of yum yum goodness could come walking on back and none of the people in my life need or want that to happen so my guilty pleasure has become the gym, that is for me no matter what. I go to the gym because I have to but interestingly enough I am finding that I go because I want to, even on days where I am spent, or not feeling up to snuff, I go, I work out and feel awesome for my efforts. Thinking back to when I started off on my trip to a smaller me I can remember walking less than 2 blocks and feeling like I had accomplished something so much bigger and it was because of the previous life that I was living, walking to the bedroom was the furthest distance that I could would go back then.

20 minutes on the stationary bike is a warm up for the arc-trainer now a days and once upon a time back in 2008 a 12 minute ride on a much easier to pedal stationary bike was considered by me a tough work out, my how times have changed. Embarrassed because of not being able to take a walk to a broken bridge a quarter mile up the road one summer of my past, Using my daughters speed on her little bike as a reason to walk a bit slower than I should have walked and feeling excited when I realized that I could run again without collapsing my knees. Things changed so fast, or so it seems right now as I sit here writing a post after a trip to the gym, back then it felt like it would never improve and then it did Eat good, Gym, Drink fluids, Sleep.

Just under 2 years ago I was big, slow, tired all of the time and not happy with where I was or what I was doing. Today I am confident that I could out last my brother and father if we were to run, bike or anything that takes cardiovascular fitness to achieve and to the point that I would bet money on it! I started out doing this all for me and away I went, week after week of successful weigh ins showing drops in weight and the exercise was getting easier by the week. Lately I have slacked off a bit and I believe I figured out why, I am not afraid that I will die right now, I have not thought about my health doing me in for quite some time so its almost like though I am still eating right and exercising I have not been pushing myself like in the beginning. A decision was made that I need to see this through and hit my goal weight of 275 pounds and I believe I will go well beyond that number because I must put me first where my health is the topic because if I don't we all have seen where that got me.

Eat good, Gym, Drink fluids, Sleep, this is an easy Mantra for me right now because I enjoy all of these things. Drinking enough fluids to me is a treat, its like I can have as much water or green tea as I can take in and there is nothing negative about it but everything positive. Sleep, who doesn't like sleeping? my relationship with Conan O'Brien is suffering but I think that we will both get over it as I drift into my slumber at a reasonable hour. Eating good has turned into a completely different statement for me, instead of eating 4 pounds of Del Taco and a 66oz cup cherry coke its 5oz of baked flounder and a giant salad that does it for me, or turkey burgers on Portabello mushroom caps with a side of sweet potato fries that I crave, to me the latter is eating good. The gym is my therapy at this point, I can go and work out as long as I want to and disappear into the movement stopping only to change machines or to stretch, the gym is for me and I will embrace it.

I have come so far mentally that the physical almost seems secondary to me and that's saying a lot coming from a guy that lost more than 200 pounds. When I started down this road the way I thought was different, the way I did things was very different and the way I am currently is completely different than Dec 31st 2007. I looked at food back then and saw it as something to do not unlike how I now see riding my bike as something to do, it was like eating was recreation and is nothing that I saw back then or would have admitted even if I did see it. I can't lie and say that food does not tempt me now and again but the difference is that its not an obsession any more, that has shifted to my time at the gym or out on my bike in fact I had a New York strip on Saturday night but that was the first in more than a few months if not more and goes into the sensible choice category.

Focus must be maintained and I have to put myself first because when I didn't I ended up weighing more than 500 pounds. Eat good, Gym, Drink fluids, Sleep Has to be where my head stays if not to stay focused then to distract myself from other curve balls that life tosses in my direction.

The mental is more important than the physical Eat good, Gym, Drink fluids,Sleep..

Try and stop me.

As Ever