Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Effort plus Time divided by Determination = Successful weight loss?

The plan for today is the same as yesterday, stay within my calorie limits, drink plenty and hit the gym this afternoon. I ate 1740 calories Monday and that's just about perfect as I now eat between 1700 and 1940 calories per day depending on what I do at the gym, 1700 for non weight lifting days and 1940 for weight days and the extra is for a whey shake. I drank 2 gallons of H2O and about a quart of green tea yesterday as I forgot to make a gallon Sunday night I was limited to drinking hot cups instead of my cold brewed stuff. At the gym I did a lighter than usual work out because all I had to eat previous to going was my am bowl of cereal and started feeling weak midway through my workout, I ended up doing 20 minutes on the stationary bike, 15 minutes on the treadmill 3.5% grade @ 3.4 mph and finished up with a few sets on the preacher curl machine calling it quits after that.

Working as hard as anyone else in the gym and not looking like you are is a little bit frustrating, this thought entered my head yesterday as I rode the bike at the gym. Here I am sitting on this bike pedaling my heart out as I look in the mirror and see that I am bigger than I should be and its because of some extra skin that is still on my mid section. A guy walks by and looks like me from the chest up but below there he looks better, there is no extra baggage swinging around his middle, I keep pedaling. A girl that looks as if she was carved from stone stretches just feet in front of my bike she notices that I am looking in her direction and a smile and a nod later she is riding the bike next to me. I am here every day, I am busting my ass every day of the week with exercise not to mention the eating and drinking well and I am left with this reminder of older days in the form of extra me that there is nothing I can do anything about.

I own a compression shirt that I bought when I was running around the lake a while back and it is amazing what a difference there is in my silhouette when it is on verses when it is off of me. I knew that there would be a skin issue because of the size of me and always said "a bridge to be crossed when I get there" but I have to admit that it bothers me that its there, at 6'5'' tall on a pretty solid frame I believe that I could look much different at 328 pounds than I actually look right now because of the extra me just hanging around. The bridge that I am crossing with the way I am starting to look is sort of a dual feeling, on the one hand I am more than 200 pounds less than I use to be so wow! but the other hand offers a loose belly that doesn't quite look right because its not tight, it is sort of hangy if that's a word and though I can hide it in a hoodie very well the hotter months are really going to offer me a puzzle if I am going to somewhat hide the looseness of the whole package. Don't take any of this as complaining, it is merely observations and my reaction and thoughts to them because I would much rather be trying to hide some extra skin than hiding the whole me by staying in doors etc.

There are still some obstacles on this trip to a thinner me but nothing that looks like I can't crush, I mean hell if I have come from literally round shaped to the shape that I am in right now in just about 2 years anything is possible and a little extra skin isn't going knock me down. For anyone out there that thinks that it cannot happen for them because they are too big or too out of shape, take it from me, you know...the guy that was 534 pounds once upon a time that it can happen if the time and effort is put in, there is that "E" word again. I still have a long way to go with 53 pounds left to lose to reach my initial goal weight and 61 pounds left to go to have lost 50% of my total body weight and when the totals are put down to look at its easy to say "aww its only another 50 pounds you can do it!" but I'm telling ya this last go at the finish line seems like its going to be a difficult ride. Either way I will get there extra skin be damned I will get to that goal and I am predicting that I will go well beyond that 267 pound mark by more than a few pounds when this is all said and done.

That there folks is the end to yet another mind blowing episode of As the fat guy turns so you will have to tune in tomorrow to find out if that brownie on the counter lasted through the night. Thanks for reading along and thanks for the support, it is always appreciated.

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  1. "As the fat guy turns"! You are hilarious. Anyway...I can relate to the feeling of frustration that comes from comparing yourself to other people. Mine happens in the yoga studio. I've been practicing for 7 years, but I still have the flexibility of an old man. Progress is very, very slow. But one of the principles of yoga is non-violence - especially towards yourself. So no beating yourself up for where you are at! It sounds like you are doing some wonderful work.

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  2. Your concern about loose skin reminded me that I too am concerned about loose skin. I found this website article and thought you might be interested in what it has to say. It really does make alot of sense.

    Keep on keeping on !! Merry Christmas.


  3. Just found your blog today...totally amazing transformation. At my highest weight 293 on a 6' frame, I was totally on my way to higher and higher numbers. I lost 100 pounds and gained back about 50 of those. I've been yo-yoing a bit since then. I'm not on my most recent journey and down to 216 from 236 in the last five weeks.

    I'll be following your journey for more inspiration as well.