Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hamster wheels and Cigarettes?

Tuesday could not have gone better where being healthy goes, I ate 1715 calories, drank 1 gallon of green tea and a gallon of straight H2O intake was pretty much flawless. Getting to the gym was a jump through a couple of hoops but I did get there albeit a little later than usual I had a pretty good workout but I do have sort of a gym rant that I wanted to talk about. I am really expecting to hit a new low weight this week as I am really being strict with myself with the intake and making sure I drink enough, I even made a salad adder upper thingy in an excel sheet where I can input the ounces of each ingredient and it shows me the calories as a total for the salad at the bottom of the equation and I have been using it almost every night I have had a salad with dinner or as dinner since making it. When I am strict with myself I usually see results go figure! who wouldda thunk? on top of the eating well and balanced I have been at the gym like its my job and today may be the first day that I have to miss but thats ok because if I do I am planning on doing some calisthenics throughout the day and perhaps one of Wifys yoga DVD's.

Onto my small gym rant, Yesterday I arrived at the gym slightly later than normal and it seemed to make a difference because there was a lot of people there, straight to my bike per usual and I set it up to my liking and turned on Rachel Ray, two minutes in a funk comes wafting towards me. Not unusual to get some stank in the air at the gym right? wrong! this smelled like someone was dicing onions into their pockets and as unappetizing as the smell was perhaps someone had come from lunch straight to the gym so no worries, the guy moved to a different machine shortly after I got on my bike and on I rode.

After the bike ride it was time for some weights which felt good to do because I had been doing heavy cardio for the past couple gym trips, onto the treadmill I go. Gazing up at the line of treadmills selection was slim as the gym was pretty packed so I find an open Hamster wheel for me to walk on between a girl running her heart out and a fellow walking briskly and set up but I smell cigarettes almost as soon as I set the treadmill up. My initial thought was "why would someone smoke on their way to the gym?" followed immediately by "I can't stay here" so I looked around and saw another open treadmill across the gym and I hit stop and B lined for that other hamster wheel. Again I set up but again an odor! the distinct smell of Windsong perfume and I only know what it is because my mother wore this her entire life and I really dislike the way that it smells but it was better than cigarettes so I stayed and finished my workout next to the very fragrant older lady on the next treadmill over. I suppose I just don't get why someone would smoke on the way to the gym or drown themselves with enough cheap perfume to gag a French hooker and I don't yeah, the onion guy gets a pass because it WAS lunch time but C'mon people its the gym! close proximity to other people breathing heavily is to be expected and strong smells are not really recommended, rant off, I just had to share that with anyone reading.

I cannot help but to keep thinking back to when I started off just about two years ago and comparing the level of fitness that I had then and now and the stark contrast of the two. If I had not decided to change the way things were I may still be sitting bitter in that old leather couch that had the shape of me in it wondering why anyone would want to go for a walk instead or playing a video game while eating a whole bag of doritos. From that to what I do now, eat well, drink much and exercise daily I cannot reiterate enough that its a mindset that got me started and a lot of hard work is keeping me in the direction that I need to be heading in and I have to admit that the "hard work" is more and more becoming something that I enjoy rather than "work" at all. I enjoy the foods that I eat, I enjoy the tea that I drink and exercise is my down time and quickly becoming what I want to do all of the time. Taking a ride on my bike is what I want to do in my free time or going to the gym to work out cigarette guy or not I enjoy being there and seem to get a high or a buzz after a good solid workout which is an added benefit to the whole losing weight thang.

With that the end has come to another mind blowing episode of Fatman and Blobin so be sure to tune in tomorrow to see what adventures get tossed at the big man.

Keep on keepin on and all that.

As Ever

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  1. Totally agreed with people's thoughtlessness for fellow man. The other day, someone on the next bike over clearly decided to head to the gym without brushing their teeth and having drank coffee, tea, and eating a turd.

    I was losing my breath...I'm glad they were done someone soon after I had started.