Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sleeper hold! nobody gets out of the sleeper hold!

Something is a miss, I weighed in Friday and I was 332.8 which was a good week but come Monday the scale had different news for me. Granted I was up late all weekend and ate popcorn late on 2 of those nights along with going to the gym 7 days last week so I may have been slightly over trained to go with the sleepy but when the scale said 339 pounds yesterday I was at a loss because it had not been a terribly bad weekend and the biggest issue was the lack of sleep. This whole up thing did bug me a bit but in the grand scheme it is what it is and all I can do is keep doing what I am doing and hope that it fixes itself, say that 3 times fast! that or I can just start going to bed at a reasonable hour. I have never been that guy that over analyzes his intake, I basically eye ball my veggies to protein to fats to carbs ratios and have never written them down as long as my calories fall between two points I am happy so I won't start doing that now as I feel that it just confuses the situation BUT I am going to do something that I did for a while back a few months and that is add an all veggie/fruit day each week.

The plan will be to have 2 days per week where I eat no meat at all, mostly veggies and breads with some cheese perhaps so that I can make veggie pizza flat breads and the like. I used this approach a while back and liked the change in menu, it forced me to get creative with meals which accomplished more than one thing, I get to eat different foods as there are times that I get a little repetitive at the dinner table and it lightens things up. Not going to the gym is not an option for me so I will not adjust that much, what I can do is tweak it a bit which I am unsure of how to do that right now because I currently do between 40 minutes and an hour of cardio followed by 30 to 45 minutes of weight lifting with the lifting being 3 days per week. I am seeing results from the lifting so I do not want to take it away completely from my program but I may scale it down slightly and focus on taking pounds off again as my main goal.

The fact that I have not lost a significant amount of weight in the last couple months, in fact I have bounced around the same few pounds for a while now, does not mean that I am not seeing a difference in how I look. I am in between sizes again with some of my clothing, I got a couple of $20 gift cards from the local big and fat shop like I do every year for "being a loyal customer" Like I had a choice! but I do appreciate that they do this because at the prices big dude clothes cost every little bit helps. So..I head on down gift cards in hand and wify came with me, she found a Reebok sweat shirt that is normally $40 and its in a discount rack for 25% and with one of my gift cards it ended up costing me $9.99 so that was cool, it was a size 3xlt and fits me snug enough that it fits but loose enough that my juggle is hidden somewhat. With the second card I figured that I would get a Tee shirt so of course I grab a 3x and off to the dressing room I go but the shirt is too big on me, not by a whole lot but big enough that it looked odd. A 2xl came with me into the dressing room next and it was only slightly too small but small enough that it looked like I was wearing my little brothers shirt, I bought the 2xl shirt because it will eventually be what I need and with my coupon it ended up being free.

3xl is too big, 3xlt works as long as its a sweatshirt, otherwise it is slightly tight and too long and a 2xl is too snug, I am stuck with what I have at the moment for clothing but hey! I would rather be between a 3xl and a 2xl than AT a 3xl! I am still looking for a loss this week and have a strong feeling that even with yesterdays high weigh in that I will make it a loss come Friday, its just how I have to think otherwise I am thinking like a fat person and well...that's just not me any more. I Passed out fell asleep yesterday putting my daughter to bed at 8:00 so I ended up with a very good night sleep and it is the plan for the rest of the week to go to bed no later than 10:00pm because I think its a bog part of why I was up in weight, that and the fact that I ate salty foods all weekend, so we shall see.

It will be a tough week of being strict and hitting the gym as religiously as I have been and I am going to end there for now because I have to get ready for the gym and finish getting my daughter ready for her day at school.

Eat well, drink much and sleep long for it is what is needed to live a long healthy life.

As Ever

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  1. I read all the way to the end.... You're doing great. Remember, muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less room. You know that. You're doing great things. Take care and just keep at it. :)