Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas weigh in

Very quickly in the spirit of being consistent I am posting up my weight from Friday morning before I run out to the gym, when I woke up yesterday I weighed in at 330.4 pounds and I kind of expected it as I had a very sodium filled day on Thursday and drank a ton of H2O before bed. Thursday morning I was 329.0 pounds so I know that I didn't gain almost a pound and a half over night so no worries I will see what Monday morning says and go off of that but for now I am updating my challenge weight to a reading of 330.4 lbs because that's what the scale said Friday morning and I did not weigh myself this morning and since I have already eaten breakfast and lunch today a weigh in at this point would be very inaccurate so I am posting Christmas mornings weight.

With that I am out the door heading to the gym so until next time!

As Ever