Thursday, July 31, 2008

No witty title, just a new post and a comparison photo

Thursday is upon us and that means yet another weigh in day is coming up, I have managed to stay very active this week but I have gone over calories or have not been eating exactly the best food in the world for me, in the last week I have had peanut butter cookies, a vanilla cone, late night popcorn, and a Chicken parm grinder, but like I said I have stayed extremely active this week by hiking and walking A LOT and I hope to at least have a small drop in weight this week because currently I am the same weight as I was on Friday but the ship yard is a bit crowded right now but a ferry departed this morning and hopefully another is on schedule for later today. I am sore today from my hike yesterday but it is the good sore so I am actually enjoying it, I will ride the bike today because its suppose to rain outside for the net 3 days and is at 11:00 am already above 82 degrees and climbing and the humidity is creeping in so I will take an air conditioned ride on the stationary bike for 200 Alex.

I also noticed that the picture of me that I have at the top of my blog currently is 43 pounds ago and I do think a new one is in order so here is a comparison for you, the first pic was taken on Dec 28 2007 just a few days before I decided to drop the weight, the second one you might recognize from the top of my page and was taken on May 06 2008 and is about 45 pounds ago, and the last one was taken today July 31 2008 about 30 minutes before I hit the post button for this entry and shows a 134 pound loss. what do ya think?

This 3 way photo shows a 134 pound loss and goes from Dec 07 to Jul 08, I know that I was going to wait until a 150 pound loss was realized before I put up more compare shots but I was talked into posting this one, yes that is a jaw line in the last one lol. click the pic for a full sized view.

My intake for yesterday was good at 1383 before the bowl of popcorn I had while watching a movie late last night so I am over by exactly 1 large bowl of popcorn for the day. otherwise all is well and I look forward to tomorrows weigh in and I am hoping for at least a small loss for the week even though I am very sore from all of the hiking I have been doing and am likely retaining a bit of water because of it but we shall see. Thanks for reading and tune in tomorrow same bat time same bat channel for the weigh in.

As Ever


  1. WHOA You do not even look like the same person!! Congrats on your success!! The proof is in the pics for sure! Amazing job!


  2. Congrats on the transformation!

    I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago when I began losing weight. You've truly been an inspiration. Keep it up!

  3. You are looking fantastic. Always an imposing-looking fellow, now you are looking lean and mean (if just from the face). A very intelligent-looking man, the look which was earlier lost in the full face. Keep up the good work. From a glance through your posts, I can see that the road is not an easy way to negotiate. That gives me inspiration because I always give up so soon. Thanks for your story!

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  5. You look totally amazing! Those comparison shots are great, you can really see a huge difference in your face and my goodness how much younger you look :) That's such a great 'bonus' of losing weight...years fall off as well :)

  6. I would like to say, "What lovely eyes you have." Now, with all of that weight off, I can absolutely see that you have very nice baby-blues! Before, it wasn't so apparent! You definitely no longer look like that "token big guy" that you describe yourself as - - instead you look more like somebody's tough big-brother that will kick anybody's butt that looks at him the wrong way! Haha! I would've said somebody's dad, but seriously: You really look a lot younger now! I think big brotherish, rather than fatherly! :) Of course I know you are a daddy FIRST, and I just bet that you can see so much more of a resemblance now in your kiddos and yourself than you would have noticed 7 months ago.
    You are a lean, mean, weight-losing machine! I'm very happy for you! And...I'm so glad I've been able to witness this transformation first hand - - meaning I've been blogging with you since the beginning. I am very thankful for that fact. Keep up the great work. I need more reading material! :D

  7. WOW! You look fantastic! I know I don't post a comment often but I am still with you everyday...and you are still an inspiration! Keep it works...and you're worth it!

  8. You may be 7 months older, but you look years younger!

  9. wow What a transformation. What a great comparison. How nice to have a jaw line and be able to see your awesome eyes. You must be proud and I'm sure your family is too! Way to go on an already awesome job done! Nearly 200 pounds in only a year? thanks for sharing!