Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking control back looks good on me.

It doesn't take too much to get a fella back in the game, I stuck to my calories for yesterday and was out all afternoon walking around with my daughter. When I say I stuck to my calories what I really mean is that I was slightly low for the day, not by many but low none the less with a total of 1565 for the day so not really so bad. The walking around with my daughter was not really anything that could be considered cardio but then when is walking really considered an intense workout right? it is cooler today than it has been, we have touched the 90's this week and I was/am covered in poison ivy so sweating was very uncomfortably itchy so I am going to take advantage of the cool day we have and take a long walk when I hit publish on this post, maybe around the entire lake as I have not done that yet since living here. Like I said I feel like I am back all in again with this routine and I have only completed one successful day since falling off the wagon a couple weeks ago but then I gotta ask myself, is it really only one successful day? and then I have to answer that no its not, its more than 16 months of being successful with reaching some goals and the rarity is the off the wagon part.

I am getting itchy (no pun intended) to go hiking again, the weather is beautiful and the spring flowers are blooming all over the place, anyone that has followed my blog since last year has seen some of the photos that I took while hiking around last spring in This post and like I said I NEED to get back out there. I ordered a back pack back in February that holds a camelpack hydration bladder and it was on back order at the time but I was told that it would be delivered by the beginning of April so no worries right? I had no plans to hike before then anyways so the beginning of April came around and no pack I contacted the company and they said it would ship by the end of the month and in the mail yesterday I received a package! I was happy to see the box on my step so I opened it up and the paracord that I ordered was correct, the new compass that I ordered was perfect, but the pack was black, this is not the color that I ordered and if I wanted black I could have had in in February. So a not so quick call to the not so quick customer service rep ended with a return shipping label and a trip to the UPS store for me and again I am waiting for my new pack, she said that I would get it about 5 days after they receive the black pack so again I wait.

It is easy to get back into a healthy eating ritual when the addiction is not a factor any more, and I have to say that eating out of control is not really something that works for me or my life at this point. Too many years have been spent not doing the things that I want to do for me to spend another second on a non healthy way of living.

Here is the accountability part of the post, yesterday I ate 1565 calories spread around the day with no more than 3.5 hours between meals/snacks. I drank 1 gallon of green tea and 1/2 gallon H2O as well as a diet coke that I shared with my daughter with our lunch at subway. Exercise was not really there unless you count the gardening that I did and the walking around all afternoon (approximately 3.5 hours out and about with my daughter in the afternoon) I don't count that as exercise because I don't believe daily activities should count as effort in exercise, when I was 534 pounds damn straight I would count it as exercise but no more and thats just how I feel about it.

With that, another mind blending episode of Fat man and Blobbin has concluded kids, make sure to tune in at the same bat time on the same bat channel to see what happens next!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fini, done and no more of that shi.....

I have not been a good blogger over the past week or so, I have been an even worse "inspiration" or dieter in that same time. I have not been exercising at all and I have pretty much eaten whatever I wanted to whenever I wanted to with zero counting or balancing of foods. I went a whole week without green tea, the good part about that is that I did stick to H2O strictly so I did not go off track too bad with the hydration.

More than one thing is happening that is contributing to this lack of stick to it-ness, I am as comfortable as can be in my own skin right now and it is making me relax a bit along with the beautiful weather that we are having in New England right now I think I have slipped into a state of relaxation which is causing me to not be so strict.

and then it happened...

I was running errands as I normally do and walking through a Stop & Shop and towards me walks a very fit very intense looking woman, she was wearing what looked like running gear or workout gear which was really just an under armor shirt and some running pants, she has an ipod strapped to one arm and a HRM or some other piece of equipment strapped to the other, she held an apple and a bottle of water in her hands and I noticed her while she was far off. She was walking directly towards me and as she got closer we made eye contact for a split second but she flashed me a look as if to say "Hey fat boy a little exercise would go a long way" and at that very moment I thought about how much weight I have lost in the last 16 months and how far I have come with my health in general, I need to get back into a strict routine again because the last few weeks have been anything but that. Now little miss intense ipod workout girl probably was not thinking that and was more likely just listening to her ipod and focused somewhere else but even if that's the case the look made me think about the fact that I was not the focused, driven and intensely into my health person that I was just a month ago.

Doing things my own way where weight loss is concerned has gotten me to a point in my life where I have control again but being comfortable is getting the better of me. I have gained a little bit of weight back over the last month but honestly haven't fluctuated too high but it IS high enough that I know that I need to get back on track. I have bounced up to as much as 13 pounds higher than my lowest weight to as little as 2 pounds above that number and back again over the past few weeks and this shows me that even without the exercise and strict eating regimen that I can somewhat maintain my current weight pretty much eating what I want when I want to which is good and bad at the same time.

Today will mark the start of, well a new start so to speak, I have to get refocused because I have come very far in this weight loss game but I have not gotten as far as I need or want to. This weekend my father saw me for the first time in a month or two and he said that he "could not remember me ever being this small" and then joked about how he would be able to push me around soon and honestly I have not really lost a whole lot of "actual" weight since he last saw me but I am sure that I am smaller. I bought a pair of 44 waist jeans just about a month and a half ago give or take and they are loose on me currently and I believe a 42 waist would fit just fine, all of my 4xl tee shirts are way loose on me now as well, even the one 3xlt shirt fits nice and comfy like on me lately and I believe that the skin is starting to catch up with the weight loss a bit and is causing the shrinking look even though my weight has not changed much.

I am treating this as if today is my first day on this weight loss journey and starting fresh with fresh eyes, 1700 calorie limit, exercise daily and drink 1 gallon of green tea per day along with extra H2O, simple right? well it is and all I need do is execute as planned and on down the road I go with more success and a healthy life.

And that's all I got to say about that...

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Friday, April 24, 2009

weigh in

As I type I am covered in paint but I wanted to make sure to get a post up as it is weigh in day, this morning I weighed in at 349 pounds which is 5 pounds higher than my lowest weight and 4 pounds lighter than last Friday so it is moving in the right direction. I will attempt to get a proper fully informative post up over the weekend but for now we are painting the exterior of the house so my hands are a tad full atm.

I am staying within calories but no exercise besides yard work and painting and I feel good about the week, I am staying hydrated and in fact am down 1/2 a gallon of tea as of this morning already! so keep on keepin on and all that, I have to get back to work before I get caned!

As Ever

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to basics and soul crushing reality

Tuesday went very well with the calories, because I used an old Excel sheet to record my intake for the day I did come in low for total calories for the day. When I first began this weight loss regimen I was eating 1500 calories total and the excel sheet that I made reflects a 1500 calorie total and somewhere along the way I changed it to 1700 but have 2 copies of the excel sheet and when I copied the new one for the week I used the old 1500 calorie limit sheet accidentally so my total for Tuesday came in at 1485 total calories. I did not notice that I was low until this morning when I looked at the sheet to post in this post because it has a "calories left to eat" column and that's apparently the one that I was paying attention to. Because of the mix up and the lower intake for yesterday with no ill effect and I felt fine and full I have decided to go 1500 calories all week because of the recent gain, so there is the intake situation and here is a look at the menu for yesterday.


8:30 AM
2 multi-grain english muffins 200
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70
2 wedges laughing cow 70
sliced tomato 15
dill pickle 10

10:30 AM
1 orange 75

12:45 PM
2 80 cal rolls 160
1 T peanut butter 95
1 T jam 50

6:00 PM
7.5oz grilled chicken 410
5oz sweet potato 125
1 cup green beans 50

8:15 PM
6oz carrots 70
1 serving newman's own honey mustard dressing 70
3oz cauliflower 15

Exercise for Tuesday did not go as planned, I was going to ride my bike in the evening after dinner as I always do but when I went to start my car to pick wify up from work I had a dead battery so after dinner I ended up hunting down a battery for the car which cut into the bike riding time. I have to be done riding before 8:00 pm because the rec room is next to my sons room and he is in bed by 8:00 so I am limited by that. To make up for the lack of a ride I did lift some light weights while watching The biggest loser so I feel good about exercise for the day and though it was not cardio I do need to start weight training so its all good.

I mentioned The biggest loser and sometimes while watching that program I hear or see something that hits home like it is being said about me and on last nights show Jillian said something about the guy Mike that went right through me. She said "it is soul crushing to be a 300 pound teenager" and honestly as she said that I flashed back to LOTS of things that had happened in my life as a teenager and thought to myself about how a truer statement has never been spoken and I related to what she said as if it was me that she was talking about. Everything that I have done in the last 16 months has been something that the 300 pound teenager in me hasn't been able to do and I somehow feel refocused because of that statement. I have to lose the weight, I have to stick to what I have been doing because it is working and that is what will happen.

There you have the Wednesday edition of As the fat guy turns, get that H2O into your body and keep on keepin on because what we choose do is what defines who we are.

As Ever

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures and a long post for a long weekend!

I feel like I am the worse blogger in the entire internet! I have been very busy so I have been neglecting my blog. This weekend was extremely busy and very fruitful as well with opening day coming around, My weight has fluctuated up and down a bit in the last week or so and I have not made it priority in my life for a couple few days. I am finding that when I get very busy that I don;t pay attention to the weight loss goals, I mean I do stay relatively close to the intake goals but I am not exercising the way that I would like to be, which is not to say that I am getting no exercise into my days because like my first sentence mentioned it has been very busy around here.

Saturday I woke up bright and early to head out fishing and I literally fished from 6am until 3pm barring the runs back home to clean fish or take short breaks. The first day we ended up with 7 nice trout ranging from 11 to 13 inches in length and on Sunday I ran out in the morning without my son this time and caught five more nice trout but only kept the 2 largest which were just over 14 inches each so my freezer is stocked up with some nice fish that I am sure will get posted as meals when we decide to cook em up. Intake for Saturday was not good but not bad either, though I don't know my exact calories I don't think I went much over but I did go over. We met Wify's step dad at a park and he brought a pizza so I did have pizza around 2:30 pm but I skipped dinner because of it and instead ate a banana and a big orange around dinner time. here are a few pictures of some of our catch that we snapped from our fishing this weekend.

Wify made me laugh while she took this pic so you get a smile outta me, these are the "first batch".

First batch from opening day, the same ones that are on the stringer in the first photo.

These are the two that I caught Sunday morning, that one on the bottom was a thick ol fatty of a rainbow.

Sunday we decided to hit the yard with some work and I ended up clearing out a hill in our back yard for about 4 hours. We moved boulders, raked up 2 years of leaves and debris, cleared brush and wild rose bushes and I ended up with poison ivy from some dead vines laying around (I am very allergic to poison ivy) so a lot of work went into the afternoon cleaning and clearing the back side of the yard. Dinner time came around and tired plus hungry equaled me agreeing to chinese food for dinner so all of that hard work and calories burned were countered with some good ol chinese food so not so great in that department. We ended the weekend with a bonfire in my back yard to burn some of the brush etc that we cut down earlier and I had a couple marshmallows and a couple beers while we sat around the fire chit chatting so Sunday ended not so good with the intake but it is what it is.

Monday was perfect where intake was concerned, I ate balanced and came in at 1673 calories for the day and I drank 1 gallon of green tea and 3/4 gallon of water, no exercise besides walking around the super market and a couple stores for about 4 hours but not a bad day as a whole either. My back pain has come down from a 9 pain level to about a 2 so I plan on riding my bike today and getting this exercise thang back in full swing this week because I am after all trying to lose weight right?

As a part of getting back into the swing of things I will start posting my menus back up again for accountability purposes starting with tomorrows post, I will also post up exercise minutes all week for the same reasons. This week is going to be a busy one for me just like last week because we are painting the exterior of the new house but the difference is that I am without the back pain so I am going to make every attempt to stay on plan with the food as well as the exercise beause its what I have to do.

Here I am and there you are and we gotta do what we gotta do for ourselves and our families, don't forget to stay hydrated! this is advice that I need to keep tightly under my belt because I have not been doing the best job in the world of staying hydrated myself the past week or so and it is probably one of the most important things in this weight loss game to keep the weight falling off. Thank you for following along with my trip to the half and look for a menu post tomorrow.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

He gained? ya don't say!?

This will be a quick post because I am on the way out the door, I am up! blah! up by 7 pounds from my lowest weight of 344 pounds, yep that's right I am back into the 350's and its got to be mostly "real" gain, I have eaten decently this week but Zero exercise and floating around 1700 (honestly a bit higher on a few days) has shown its face to be a bad thing! I have to run out for some last minute things for tomorrow mornings trout opening season so this is sort of a mini post if you will just because it is weigh in day.

Back pain is still present, and I am not doing my part 100% with the eating, its my fault that I am up because even with no exercise I should be able to maintain a loss. no worries and its just a part of this trip to losing more than 260 pounds and I know that its not the end of the world, maybe I am just too focused on opening day so I am running around my meals all willy nilly, who knows? either way I ain't too worried about it because tomorrow morning none of it will matter when I haul a bucket full O fish home.

Keep on keepin on and all that and don't forget that H2O!

As Ever

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A tea party and a visit to the doctor..

Tuesday I had an appointment with a Doc just to check out how I was doing physically and I was happy with the results of the visit. A bit apprehensive about the appointment because it has been quite a while since I had blood taken for testing or my blood pressure checked, actually I had my pressure checked at the Health and wellness festival that I went to a few months ago and it was just on the high side of normal. I walk into the office and was actually looking forward to hopping on the scale because I wanted to see how accurate mine was and I was happy to learn that the docs scale said that I was .2 higher than my own scale so I think mine is pretty accurate. Into the little room to give my history as I was a new patient with this doc and when I told the nurse taking the history that I had recently lost 190 pounds her mouth literally hung open and she began asking how I was doing it going off subject of the history briefly, she finished and said that the doc would be in momentarily.

Enter the Doc, after saying hello and introducing himself he says "So you had a bypass surgery recently? great job on the 190 pounds" to which I replied "No I didn't have a surgery" after a second look at the history that the nurse took he said "it says you have lost 190 pounds, you did that without a surgery?" "Yes I did" at that point the doc got a look on his face as if to say "cool" and he started asking me details about what exactly I was doing to drop the weight, He was impressed with my meal choices and said "You are doing everything right, its hard to argue with a loss like this" He asked me about what I drink and when I told him that I was only drinking green tea and water the only thing he said was to watch out for high fructose corn syrup because a lot of the pre-made stuff had a lot in it and when I said that I brewed my own he again affirmed that it was hard to argue with what I am doing. He took some blood and is doing some tests and my blood pressure was 117 over 76 and I have a follow up appointment set up to go in after the blood test results come back. Over all it was a positive meeting and I am looking forward to the second appointment.

This blog is about my weight loss, but from time to time I post up some current events and random things that interest me and I thought I would share a few photos from the Tax day tea party that went on in Hartford this afternoon, with the amount of green tea that I drink you just know that I couldn't have passed up a tea party!

Of course when I saw that they were not serving green tea I left immediately! there were a lot of people there and I just happened to be in the neighborhood so there you have it. As far as my calories go I am right where I should be besides a home made doughnut that my Mother in law made this afternoon and I am feeling good about the intake this week thus far and that doctor visit was the icing on the cake, or should I say doughnut.

I still have pain in my back but am itching for a bike ride bad! Going on a nice long walk has been burning inside my skull as well but I want to make sure that the back pain is not there before resuming the exercise so that's how it will go.

That's the end of the show for this evenings episode of as the fat guy turns! keep on keepin on and all that and don't forget that H2O!

As Ever

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Look in that mirror over there...

Monday went as planned and I came in at 1655 calories for the day, I have not ridden my bike in more than a week and right now I have a pain in my lower back from driving for 3 hours and rough housing with my daughter on Easter. Over all I am feeling back on track from what I was doing for the last week or so and its got to be that way because I still have a lot of weight to go.

I believe that losing the amount of weight that I have lost is starting to feel good to me and this may be the reason that I am slacking off a bit on the eating properly thing. Exercise has been halted because I have back pain and when that comes around there is nothing that I can do besides waiting it out BUT the eating I CAN control. I think that I am comfortable at my current weight as it is close to the weight that I have been for most of my adult life and it feels like end game to me. Though it is awesome that I feel good and feel like I can do anything that I want to right now the cold hard truth of the matter is that I am still a 350 pound fella and I have a ways to go before I am at a healthy weight. Is this 350 pound body that I walk around in better than the 534 pound one? absolutely! but I do think that I have to remind myself that I want to be smaller, I still need to lose close to another 100 pounds to be at the weight that I WANT to be at, I made a decision 16 months ago to drop ALL of the weight that was holding me back not 66% of it and that's what I gotta do.

Admitting that the last two weeks was not so good is the first step so there it is, the last two weeks of no weight loss was my fault and I own that, now its time to get back into a groove and keep on keepin where have I heard that before?

As Ever

Monday, April 13, 2009

The worse day since starting this weight loss thang...

It is time to refocus, because I have to.

This weekend was worse case scenario for me where eating goes, Saturday for whatever reason I was very easy on myself where grabbing the random candy went but for the most part stayed within my calorie range if not over by 100-200 but I did not drink enough and I was up late Friday and Saturday night, when I say late I mean 2:00am-ish.

Easter Sunday was a disaster and I had the willpower of a 10 year old at a candy buffet, The day started off well enough with wify making omelets for breakfast but I did grab a piece of french toast after I ate the omelet, not so bad as it was early. The kids were rummaging through their Easter baskets and I had bought myself a box of 4 cadbury eggs a few nights ago with the intention of eating one per day on top of my calories for Easter weekend as a treat, so out came the box and before we left for Easter dinner at wifys family's place I had eaten 2 of the eggs among other random morsels of goodness, this was all before 1:00PM.

Upon arriving at Wifys aunts house I was promptly handed a Sam Adams white ale and as it was a holiday I don't count calories on holidays I accepted. Before too long I had consumed 2 Sam Adams and a Spaten and meandered into the back yard where the "man folk" were boiling clams and grilling hot dogs, I was handed another Spaten and a couple clams, again I obliged. Dinner was being served at this time and it was buffet style everyone brought something but wify asked if I wanted to wait until everyone was done so that we could take our time after the dinner bell madness died down and that's what we did, I stayed outside watching the kids look for eggs and chatting with the fellas around the grill.

The madness died down and wify asked if I was hungry and that I was! I am 4 beers and a nipper of brandy into my day here and my judgment was not the best at that point judging by the decisions that were made. Scalloped potatoes with bacon, curry rice and veggies, ham, grilled hot dogs, tortellini, eggplant parm and cheese cake cupcakes were among the bounty and surely some of that has attached itself to my ass by this morning. I ate like I use to eat back about 2 years ago, After dinner a red stripe and another nipper of brandy went down and it was time to decorate cupcakes with the kids and it is now roughly 3:30pm.

There was literally no holding back and its time to take my lumps like a big boy (again literally on the big boy part) I drank less than 1/2 gallon of water and zero tea during Saturday and Sunday as a whole. I was up until 2:00 am Friday and Saturday nights and last night was 1:30 am, This IS NOT good for my weight loss regimen! today I cannot stay out of the bathroom and I feel like shit, I am disappointed in myself for having ANOTHER bad weekend and I am sore and tired today. Flashback to 2 years ago and I was not able to walk around the block, I was eating like I ate on Easter EVERY day, I was "feeling like shit" all of the time and here I am by my own hand having a day like that? I will say it here and I have already told my wife, NO MORE of that kind of day. This does not mean that I am dropping my "no counting on holidaze" rule, it just means that even though I am not counting that I need to stay reasonable with the intake on these occasions.

Bottom line, I deserve to feel like crap today mentally and physically and I accept my lumps. A lot of the time I get comments and emails saying that I inspire someone or am doing a helluva job on the weight loss front but this time it is I that dropped that ball that you see rolling into the street but this post is me refusing to chase it into the path of the truck that I see coming up the road. I figure if I can write a blog about how wonderful and great I am doing in this weight loss game that I can pop a not so good look at a day in the life of as well, so there it is.

This morning I weighed in at 355 pounds, I KNOW that there is water retention and bloating within that number but it is what it is and seeing a number above 350 on that scale again when I am so close to losing 200 total pounds sucked and I cannot say it any more simply than that. Today marks the beginning of the new beginning as I have had a not so good couple of weeks now and I HAVE to get it rolling in the right direction again, so its on...

As Ever

Friday, April 10, 2009

Weighing in on weighing in..once aGAIN

This week I have been away from the blog for the most part, and its nothing more really than an extremely busy week. I will get right to the weigh in and I am afraid that its a gain this week but there have been some obstacles this last week.

From my previous entry's if you read regular like, you know that I had 4 days of terrible eating but that was straightened out on Wednesday and since then I have not gone over my 1700 calories. Monday I woke up and was 353 pounds which is Nine pounds more than I was on Friday but I knew that it was an impossibility for me to have gained that much "actual weight" in 3 days, I mean that's 31500 EXTRA calories and I know that was not the case so I chalked it up to sodium and no water and did not worry about it. All week I have been inching closer to my 344 pound weight, and by all week I mean since Wednesday when I actually started eating within my 1700 calories and getting enough to drink, so for two days now.

I have done zero exercise all week and that has nothing to do with me not eating well in the beginning of the week. Out of the blue and for no reason at all, meaning that I did not injure myself or do anything obvious that would give me a reason why, my hip/lower back on the left side started hurting last weekend so I decided that I would take it easy until the pain went away, it is a dull almost not there pain but when I get a good stride going it comes back harder.

Busy comes in because opening day for fishing is coming up on the 18th and I have been going through all of my fishing gear and making sure everything was in order. I bought a new light action reel and plan on putting some fresh fish on the table this year and for those that do not know, I am very obsessive about things when I am doing them (mayby this is why I was able to lose 190 pounds) and I have been in fishing mode all week, before you think that "ahhh he obsesses on one thing at a time hence the lack of attention to the weight loss" know that its not the case, I quite literally blew it for 4 days and have been back in full on weight loss mode since late Tuesday night and I don't believe that a person could eat bad for 3-4 days and not have a bad effect from it.

Green tea and water have been flowing and a balanced intake has been the case for the end of the week and the plan is to stay on that path. I do have a date at Wifys family's Easter dinner this Sunday but as with all holidaze I don't count my calories for holiday meals but I do eat reasonably and that won't change just because I had a bad start this week.

Oh I almost forgot to mention how much of a gain I had this morning, I weighed in at 347.6 (with socks and a tee shirt on which is not usually the case) so just over a 3 pound gain from last Friday but I do expect that it will be at least a pound lower tomorrow morning as I believe that I am still on the flushing sodium/rehydrating thing but that's to be seen and the 347 is what it is. I was up nine pounds just 4 days ago and I think that after today I will be properly hydrated once again. I am not changing my "start/current/goal" ticker on the side bar this week but if I am still at a gain by next Friday it will be changed so that right there is some motivation for me to stick with the program this week. I am going to try the bike tonight to see if it hurts my hip/back and if not I will do some low intensity rides in the coming days.

Over all its just been a very busy week for me hence the lack of attention to posting every day but this week should be filled with posts for your reading pleasure! just do not expect a post on the 18th! when 6am rolls around know that I will be standing on a body of water or a stream trying for some trout, I WILL be out fishing ALL day!

Don't forget that H2O (I know someone that should be taking his own advice on that one!) and keep on keepin on, Thanks for the support and hopefully I will have some fish photos to share next weekend!

As Ever

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

If you have nothing nice to say shut your mouth, Thats what Momma always said...

Since weighing in on Friday everything that I have chosen to do that is directly related to this weight loss program that I am on has been full of Fail. for the first time since starting down this path I am not in control, that old fatter me was driving or the past three days and I am pissed at myself for it. I do not like writing in this blog when it is not positive and my momma always said iffin ya got nothing nice to say, keep that mouth shut, but I deserve to out myself for the past four days of NOT doing what I NEED to be doing so here it is.

Saturday I counted my calories right up until dinner time when I decided to order a Chicken parm grinder from the local pizza house, and on the side I had 2 slices of bacon pizza off of a small pie. Later Saturday night we watched a movie and I had my big ol bowl of popcorn that I always have with a movie. Then there was Sunday, the only good thing about Sunday was that I literally did not stop moving all day, wify bought a space at a flea market and off we went @ 7AM and we stayed until 1:30PM up $160 minus the $15 space fee so that was good and all I ate at that point was a bowl of cereal and a peanut butter and jelly sammie that I brought along, then when we got home somehow we ended up basically landscaping almost my entire front and side yard but that meant that dinner was late and someone decided that KFC was on the menu this is where the bucket of fail entered. I was HUNGRY by the time that dinner walked through the door from all of the yard work and I did not hold back, this is where you should brace yourself. I ate 2 breasts, 1 Thigh, 2 biscuits w/gravy, 2 T Mac n cheese and 2 T of mashed potatoes and honestly I did not enjoy the meal at all, maybe the first piece tasted good but only for a split second, and that will conclude the weekend.

Monday came around and I had about 750 calories left for dinner and we ended up stopping at Subway, no worries right? wrong! I ordered a foot long Subway melt with provolone and mayo on it and shared a small bag of cool ranch doritos with my daughter so I did go over calories yesterday. Now for today, This morning started off well enough once again but around dinner time I ate extra rice as well as extra peas with my Gortons fish fillets which would have put me over my calories for the day but then I added a Fiber one bar because "I needed something sweet" and about 45 minutes after that (just before the biggest loser started) I had 2 dannon light and fit yogurts, well I'll tell ya something, I bet they are not so light nor fit when you eat two after your calorie limit is gone for the day!

I have since Saturday had exactly 1 gallon of green tea and maybe 2 gallons of water, that's four days! I usually have 1.5 gallons PER DAY! so to say that I am dehydrated is an understatement, let me put it this way as I am typing this the taste of chapstick is on my dried lips. I have not been getting enough sleep either, last night I was up until 3am researching some lakes and streams in the area to go fishing in on the 18th as opening day is upon us. Now let us talk about the exercise, I have done none since Friday besides the yard work and flea market and that my friends is not the way to lose weight.

Now that I have demonstrated how NOT to do it, I am back to my old New old self! because I did not lose 190 pounds to just have a few days like that pull me into some sort of a spiral or even just a slight back up because that is not how I get down anymore. I am honestly pissed off at myself for the last four days worth of eating and not exercising not to mention the lack of drinking anything so tonight is the end of that.

I have no clue what the scale will say this week but I am heavier today than I was on Friday, whatever it is I have to accept it because I am the one making the choices.

As Ever

Friday, April 3, 2009

190 pounds lost! a walk in the rain and some pictures to boot!

Last night I told my wife that if I stayed even with my weight this week that I have changed everything about my eating habits and health in general, let alone if I showed a loss. Changing ones life by making better food choices is a concept that has escaped me for many years but I think I got it this time around, I believe that just a small bit of success can go a long way where pushing someone to keep on keepin on with something, even through the not so good weeks. This week I have struggled a bit because of hurting my back early in the week so I couldn't exercise the way that I have been in recent weeks but hey! Friday is here and that means that I weigh in. First time on the scale told me 344.2 pounds, this is good news! second time on 344.0 pounds, third time was 344.2 again so that's what we will call it, 344.2 pounds which is a 1.2 pound loss for the week! with no exercise? how can that be? I have read all over the internet that you must exercise for hours per day and starve yourself! all joking aside I am very happy with the loss this week. This weeks loss brings me to a total of 190 pounds lost since starting and only 10 pounds away from having lost 200 pounds, That feeling is surreal to me. Here is my scale photo for the day as well as some things that weigh the same as me and as much as I have lost.

Fred Flinstone eat your heart out! would ya look at that scale drop!

An adult Striped dolphin weighs up to 344 pounds or 156 Kilos which is what I weigh currently.

Jenn from season 5 The biggest loser weighed in at 190 pounds by the finale, That is what I have lost so far!

Last night I did go for a walk, in the rain, and it was very nice to get out alone and walk in the dark with the light rain falling on and around me, I should probably say almost alone though. The walk was 1.5 miles and it took me 26 minutes so slightly better than 3mph and I said almost alone because there were little frogs all over the road! not something I am use to having grown up in a city, seeing trash, or the random stray dog maybe but not little frogs everywhere! I snapped a pic of one last night with my flashlight and cell phone.

This guy was about 3 inches long from nose to butt.

Over all I am pleased with this weeks scale result, especially because I have done next to no exercise besides a couple of walks. I am a mere 10 pounds from having lost 200 pounds and am enjoying things that I was letting pass me by just slightly over a year ago, Lots of people think that it will take too long to lose the weight, or that the amount of weight to lose is just too much to lose by eating correctly and moving more, including me at one point. If I had kept that way of thinking I would surely have been on my way to 600 pounds and maybe even death, look at it this way, do nothing and guarantee that the weight will stay attached to our bodies or choose to do something about it and it will come off, even if its slow, isn't slow better than not at all? if I had chosen to keep on the road that I was walking...wait no I couldn't walk very far back then, so if I had chosen to stay on that road I do honestly believe that it would have been short lived. We cannot stop the clock, time WILL keep going whether we chose to do something about our condition or not and there is nothing that we can change about that fact BUT we can change how we spend our time. Will it be spent shoveling piles of processed high calorie high fat junk into our pie holes while sitting motionless watching Doctor Phil or Oprah? or will it be spent living life to the fullest, eating properly and exercising moderately? I have made my choice, have you?

Grab a big glass of H2O and thanks for following.

As Ever

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A walk, a salad and weigh in tomorrow.

Tomorrow I weigh in and since I did not post today I thought I would pop on and leave a later than normal post. This week I have had next to no exercise, in fact I only had a single walk this week but I did do some manual labor around the house so to say no exercise is not exactly true. There was the painting over the weekend and then this afternoon I spent out in the yard removing a brick patio on the side of my house, moving and stacking said bricks behind the house, I also removed some hideous fencing that was along the side of the house. I am kind of a fence snob because its what I did for work for a long time so I plan on replacing what I took down today with something proper eventually. because of the lack of exercise this week I kept my calories closer to 1500-1600 all week and tonight it came in even lower than that but there is still time so I will likely eat an apple before heading to bed, It is not raining currently so I may take a short walk after I finish this post.

I made a giant salad for dinner which consisted of 8oz iceberg lettuce, 4oz tomato, 3oz cauliflower, 3.5oz cucumber, 4oz roast chicken, less than a tablespoon of parm cheese and topped with Newman's own light honey mustard dressing and I am stuffed! Here's a look at it.

Not my best salad, BUT very yummy at any rate.

I honestly have no clue what the scale will say tomorrow morning but I hope it is kind to me, do I expect a loss? I don't know, I ate well all week but no exercise will likely either mean a low loss or a break even kind of week, I don't expect a gain and will be very surprised if I see one. Whatever that scale says in the morning I will have to accept and hopefully my back gets closer to 100% before too long because I can honestly say that I miss my bike rides and long walks, which reminds me, The sun is starting to go down and I want to get a walk in so I will end this post here and make sure ya pop on in tomorrow to see what happens with my weight. Thanks for following along and don't forget that H20!

As Ever