Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Walk this way...Talk this way...just Gimmie' a kiss!

Well well well...Look who just walked through the door.

My life is how do I say? hectic lately hence the lack of attention to this very blog but in an attempt to, and I will put this bluntly, get my shit together again Making time to post more often is back on the card. This winter was not good to my waist line and with the new addition among some other things I just haven't had the time to sit down and dedicate time to writing posts here, but fear not my good people! I am here, healthy and kicking. My last post was on April 13th and I had gone on a 10 mile ass molesting ride on the local rails to trails, unsure how I let myself get down to a 10 mile ride kicking my ass like that I kept riding and you will be happy to hear that I am back to a 20 mile ride without too much fuss again.

Random shot of our bikes at a stop on the trail from Sundays ride.

Mister inspiration got a reality check recently, I was doing some yard work and hiding in the pachysandra was some poison ivy and anyone that knows me knows that me and poison ivy do not get along at all. Two days later my arm was itchy and puss filled so off to the doctor I went and he asked "How's everything?" to which I responded "Great besides having this poison ivy all over my body"I got a smile and then the reality check, my doc replied with "That and the 40 pounds that you put on since I seen you last" FUCK! Forty pounds? Gained?? Ok I more than definitely have to get back to where I was because 40 pounds ain't no drop in the bucket! so Its on....

Since that doc visit I am down 24 pounds and have been riding my bike on the trails again, my intake has not been higher than 1700 calories per day since that day and I am eating very cleanly. There is no way am I going backwards because being on the other side of the equation sucks ass like nothing else that I know and I won't allow it back into my life. When I started this blog I started it on the terms that I would be honest with myself and put myself out there good bad or ugly and the fact is that this blog helps me to stay on track more than I know or want to admit so I will do my best to get posts up here again while the new addition naps. Finding myself home again and somewhat limited to what I can do during the day hours after basically having the freedom to take a ride or hit the gym whenever I needed/wanted to is a challenge but I've worked with less and got more in the past so its going to boil down to how bad I want it.

I refuse to make excuses, it is what it is and I'm just a Dad, fat guy, Husband or whatever you want to call me trying to get more fit. Getting back to posting is phase two in my plan to get my Juju back, getting back to basics with my weighing and measuring the intake has been reinstated, biking has been reinstated and my calisthenics routine has been making appearances in my each and every once again so the sky is the limit.

Look for posts to come more frequently again as the plan is the plan again, That's all I got for today.....

"Failure is not falling down but refusing to get back up"

As Ever