Friday, October 4, 2013

A weigh in post and a ride on the Xcal.

I have been walking my ass off quite literally! Its Friday so its time for a "weigh in " post so here goes nothin'. My life has again become about staying healthy, I walk every day, sometimes twice per day, once in the afternoon with my daughter and then again after dinner with the whole family and the dedication to the process is starting to pay off. I watch the scale pretty much daily and lately all its got to say to me is good things and I am breaking back into lower numbers which goes without saying is awesome. 

This morning I stepped onto the scale and the number that flashed was 394.8 and that is 2.2 pounds less than last week and I'll take it. I walked 3.2 miles yesterday afternoon and then after dinner my daughter and I went on a ride together, we left early enough that I thought it wouldn't get dark out before we made it home but the fact is that its getting darker earlier so riding as the sun sets is how it goes. I decided to bring the Xcal out as its been a while that I rode that bike and I think for a while it will be my bike of choice for my evening rides, I forgot how fun that bike is to ride. 

 My new light is BRIGHT, that's a pitch black section and the image does not do the light this thing is throwing off justice.

I will continue to eat properly, walk my ass off and ride when I can until I get to my goal weight, After getting to my goal I will continue to do those same things and keep the weight off while expanding what I can do.

The only thing any of us can do is to keep pushing until our goals are reached because the other opinion is not that appealing and will surely lead to an early check out date and I just cannot let that be something that becomes a reality for me. 

Thats all I got, 2 pounds gone and we'll keep on pushing. 

As Ever