Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Immovable stone in the world of the weak.

All right stop, collaborate and listen Zeus is back with a brand new intention, something grabs a hold of me tightly flows like a milk shake makin' me higher.... ok ok so I am NOT a white rapper but what I am is someone that knows how to lose weight and eat healthy. Why then have I stalled? Where is that GO GO GO! Push through it motherfucker! guy that was there for so long? I'm still here, trust me I am! I am not gaining weight but I am not losing either and realistically I have no reason other than I am comfortable where I am these days, that and dealing with some events not related to health but then that last part would sound like an excuse so I won't use it as a "reason" but yeah.

I've eluded to the fact that I was blessed with a new addition to my family and she is here, healthy and doing awesome right now, Wifey is home for a while and the weather is was cooperating so some bike rides have occurred over the last couple days. My plan is to start riding as much as possible to get my arse back into the condition that it was when last years riding season ended. I took a 10 mile ride on the local rail trail last week and learned just how soft I have become over the winter lull and have dubbed my bike Sir Prison sex as my posterior was not exactly feeling good after the bumpy ride down the trail, time to HTFU again.

Garmin ride report from April 8th, a VERY slow average MPH compared to last year. Click the image for a full size look at how my ride went.

I did get a chance to use my new Garmin bike mount for the 305 forerunner and it worked awesome, my Sigma bike computer is almost right on with the garmin and its MPH/Distance which is good! but I still can't believe how soft I got over the winter! notice a trend here? SOFT! Making time for myself hasn't been a big priority lately with all else that's going on but like always it must be made a priority because of what it means. Without making time for ourselves we tend to let things slip that would not be acceptable on any given day, I found out the hard way where that road leads and I don't intend to make a visit back in that direction any time soon so with this new bundle of joy shall come a new time of focus. I know how to focus on me, I've proven that in the last few years but I still have this flaw where I tend to try and fix things happening around me before hunkering down and getting into the meat of my own issues which needs to stop happening.

I have barely had time to shave lately let alone writing blog posts but they are pretty important to me in the grand scheme, I am going to make an attempt to get posts out on a regular again as I have been slipping in that area. I just said how important journaling my efforts is to me and I recently received a message from someone that has taken from my writings the motivation to lose more than 100 pounds and when I got his message I felt awesome. I have said it in the past and feel that its worth mentioning from time to time that I started writing this blog because I didn't know what else to do and it has helped me take and keep off more than 200 pounds in the last few years but I did it for me. I had no idea that so many other people would take from it anything more than just a couple minutes a day of reading a fat guys random thoughts on weight loss but from some of the messages I have received since starting this blog its more than just my thoughts for me. I am humbled every time I hear a comment like "I am an admirer of yours, and your website and advice has motivated me to lose 102 lbs with another 150 to go! Thanks for being a regular guy helping other regular guys/gals! HUGS! God Bless!" and in all honesty I have not been doing my part where my health is concerned but after getting the message above I know that I need to as I've said probably hundreds of times since starting this blog Keep on keepin' on.

I haven't "hit a wall" with my weight loss so to speak, I have simply stopped pusing forward with the unstoppable drive that I possessed in the beginning of my trip to the half. My health is not waning as it was when I tipped the scale at over 500 pounds but I still have unmet goals that need to be addressed with extreme prejudice, a freight train possesses less momentum than I had at one point and I intend to start treating my health goals in that way again.

My life will be lived by my rules..and so it begins.....again.

As Ever