Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is mine.

Every painful step I take up this fucking hill, every rotation of the pedals where my legs beg for mercy, every single drop of sweat that beads on my head and runs into my eyes, I have earned, it is my debt to pay. I have been sentenced to this, it is mine, I own it and I need to make good on all of the late night deals that I made, all of the second plates, the pain now is the price for those things and I accept that as my sentence so my body will have to enjoy the pain because its not going to stop.

Now get out of my way before someone gets hurt, the brakes are gone, there is no stopping this train.

As Ever
The Train

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Do what we do...

Its funny how I can be doing so well as far as eating within my allotted calories and going for walks/bike rides daily and feel like I am treading water because I don't know my current weight. It doesn't make any sense that we put so much on that number but we do and until I catch up to where my scale is I am going to have to deal with it, get over it and just keep on pushing through. 

Speaking of pushing through, yesterday on my daily walk about .80 miles in it started to rain, I gave my daughter the option to turn around and try and beat ay hard rain back home or finish the walk and deal with anything that came.. we turned around. So my walk was cut short but thats fine, I did enjoy walking through the rain on the way home while my daughter dodged between trees on her bike in an attempt to stay dry. 

Other than the mental block that is there because of the not knowing my weight I am still on track and am looking to get back down to where I was, I wish I could put a time line on it for myself to gauge a somewhat educated guess as to when I will reach it but since I can't weigh myself right now, it is what it is and plugging along is the plan. Today its once again raining so we'll see what happens as far as my walk goes, my feet have stopped hurting from the walks, my ass is doing ok on the bike and I am tweaking my intake so that its more balanced, we seem to be on a roll. 

Until next time, That's all I got...

As Ever

Monday, August 26, 2013

Do or do not, there is no try..

This weekend went well where my calories and exercise are the subject, Saturday was an awesome day all around that ended with a bike ride with my eldest daughter and Sunday ended with fishing and a walk in a park that's local to us. I am finding keeping myself on task lately easier than its been in a good long while, I am again eating for fuel instead of recreation and that's huge!

Saturday I dodged pizza, I passed on cup cakes, said nah none for me to cookies. decided against ice cream and honestly besides the pizza all of that was pretty easy. My calories are where they should be and I have walked almost every day for the last 3 weeks, I am back on my bike in the order of after dinner rides with my daughter and I setup a longer ride with a friend and his kid for this coming weekend, I am sure I will be damning the cold weather soon enough as I pull my bike trainer out again.... I hope. 

A shot of my bike by the water from a couple nights ago.

I try to snap a few pics when we stop but honestly I am enjoying the rides again so my daughter is actually asking me to snap pics of "our rides" meaning the bikes so I do have a few. I will try and do my part and keep this trend going... wait.. scratch that, I will do my part to keep things going in this directions because in the words of Yoda "Do or do not, there is no try" so we'll go with that. 

So all in all I seem to be on a decent little run here, I feel better than I have in a while and its getting easier to go for my walks with the kids. I still don't know my exact weight as my scale is limited but I can't bee too much more than its limit at this point so soon I will have a weight to post on here and start my progress downward again with my motorcycle comparison weight images.

Until the next episode of as the fat guy turns... tune in to see bike rides, walks and fishing while a fat dude gets smaller... again....

As Ever

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Started from the bottom now we're here.

Forward is the direction we go...

I walked 3 miles yesterday afternoon while my daughter rode along with me on her bicycle, my calories were @1862 total and 1 gallon of green tea and more than a gallon of H2O went down the hatch. I am feeling pretty good the last couple weeks and while walking is not my favorite form of activity I am enjoying the time with the little one. Last night around 7:30 I heard "Dad, can we go for a ride on our bikes" how could I resist that? since I have not bee riding my bike was not set up with lights and being so close to sunset I had to have them so we took a few minutes to get out and by the time we were riding it was getting dark outside. 

The ride was short (for me) but that's what I need right now until I get my legs back a bit and we did a few miles just around the neighborhood, it was fun. I walked in the door to a counter top full of banana muffins and zucchini bread that wify had been making and had a banana muffin to finish off my calories for the night. Over all I would say things are on track and I am getting some good time in with the kiddos as well as getting my arse back out there and putting some miles behind me.

Aiming to be back at 305 pounds but more importantly I am aiming to just get back to feeling healthy. 

Thats all I got for today. 

As Ever

Monday, August 19, 2013

A new week

We have a week behind us, but its not just a week its a successful week where my health is concerned. I stuck to my calories all week and throughout the weekend and I am moving more again, I am going to admit something because my blog has always been about accountability. I have a scale, it weighs up to 400 pounds, when I bought this scale I had the option to buy one that went to 450 pounds but in my wildest dreams I never thought I would see even 350 pounds never mind 400 and I find myself unable to weigh myself at home currently. Yep, I am more than 400 pounds currently and not very happy about it so I am indeed weighing myself every couple days waiting for that scale to pop off a number for me to go off of but for now I am as they say flying blind. 

I am not much more than 400 but I am above because my scale gives me a "E" I will continue to do what I am doing, logging my food, walking daily and getting my fluids in and sooner than later I am guessing that scale will give me a number. 

A shot of the moon over the lake I was fishing Saturday.

From Friday to Sunday I stayed active running errands and fishing, I skipped going out to a Polynesian place on Saturday night with my father in law mostly because looking at their menu it was a lot of fried foods and "Chinese" style dishes read: like Chinese fast food and since I have done so well I wanted it to remain that way. I have a walk planned for today some time and maybe some fishing so staying active is definitely on my agenda and I am bringing it back to basics with the walking because it works! 

when I began down this road to a healthier life I walked, I walked some more and then I walked some more, then it wasn't because I thought it to be an awesome weight loss tool (I sort of did) but it was because it was what I could muster being 500 plus pounds. This time around its a combination of the two, walking is something that I can do with my daughter and we both enjoy it, walking allows me to basically have an hour long conversation with her while we do something physical together and well to be honest its at my current pay grade so to speak.

Walking, counting calories, staying focused on the task at hand is my job right now, not because I want to do it, not because I should do it but because I need to do it.... so I will. 

the cycling like a madman will come back in due time... until then its just me and my walking with some light biking tossed in. 

Until next time.

As Ever

Friday, August 16, 2013

Daily Report 4

Starting to feel like a broken record because I am being so consistent lately but that's a good thing right?!  Bodymedia says that I ate 1835 calories and I fell a little short on my steps yesterday but that's because I missed my afternoon walk so I will try and make up for it today a little bit. Instead of writing it daily lets just assume that I am hydrating enough with a gallon and a half to 2 gallons of fluids per day and over all I am feeling pretty good which is different from how its been the last couple months or so. 

I did go out for another walk around the lake stopping at the open spots to toss a line in the water when I came across them, not a single bite last night but the sunset more than made up for the lack of actual fishing. My daughter came along on her bike and over all its been a nice way to wind down my days so I shall continue to do it.

Over all I am feeling pretty good about how things are going thus far, I am not overly hungry at all and meal planning is coming back to me so for the most part I am right where I want to be. I do want to switch back over to mostly whole foods as that seemed to be what was the ticket for me on the last go around so that's in the plans too.

I've not set any "goals" or "rewards" for myself as my goal is to be healthy again and my rewards will be the things that I am missing out on now as a result of my backsliding. 

As Ever

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Daily report 3

My Bodymedia says that I had 1833 calories yesterday and my excel sheet that I have been using since 2007 says that I had 1855 calories and I would call that close enough to assume I am being accurate. I walked with my daughter again for just under 2 miles but we shaved 5 minutes off of our last walk time because I talked her into bringing her razor scooter so that we can go at a more me pace, worked great. One gallon of green tea and more than one gallon of H2O went down the hatch so hydrated I am indeed, the Bodymedia says that I slept for 6 hours 48 minutes with a sleep efficiency of , 82% still figuring that part of this new gadget out. 

It was unbelievable gorgeous outside yesterday so just before sunset I went out and walked around the lake with my fishing pole in hand just to get some light walking/fishing in to end my day. I caught the tiniest bass that I ever seen in my life (of course released it) and got a nice end of the night walk in all by myself. 

I have been back "on track" for about 5 days now and its crazy the difference in how I feel whether its actual or just mental because I know I am doing the right things for myself I suppose it doesn't matter either way, it is the result I was hoping for.

Thats all I got for today

As Ever

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Daily Report 2

Yesterday finished off with 1810 calories in, 1 gallon of green tea and more than 1 gallon of H2O, I did not get in anything that I would call exercise and my walk did not happen because it was rainy. Though I got to bed by 11PM it was hard for me to fall asleep and then I was up at 4AM, maybe my body needs to adjust to getting full nights sleep again as I have always required less than 7 hours per night.

After talking with a couple people who have the Bodymedia Fit Link I decided that I would give it a go as I had a gift card that would cover the cost of the device and buying a health related item seemed like a good idea. Last night I ran out and picked it up, created my account and it is charging right now, I am a little worried that it will not be as comfortable as I am hoping but I will find out as soon as these 2 little lights blink green indicating that the device is fully charged.

Of course I will be giving my opinions etc on the fit link and I will continue to post as I can because getting this weight off has to be a priority.

Thanks for checkin' me out

As Ever

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Daily report 1

Took a walk with the kids yesterday afternoon, ate 1820 calories for the day, 1 gallon of green tea and 1 gallon of H2O down the hatch. Going to try and keep the momentum going through today and I am going to start using twitter again @Zeusmeatball if anyone is so inclined to check it out, its time to get the JuJu back..

My walk was 1.77 miles at my daughters pace and I got a chance to use my new Garmin fit app which I will be using from now on in as it syncs with my forerunner 305's data apparently so I am looking forward to pairing the two and seeing how it helps me. 

Posts will be short and sweet for now so that I can focus on getting back into a regimen of healthy eating, working out and hopefully I will start seeing the scale moving in a downward trend again.

Thats all I got for today

As Ever