Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One year ago a quarter ton man decided...

Finally there is a connection to the net in my home! Apparently we live far enough out in the boonies that they had to connect us to a remote box to get our signal to us and the box was full so no room for Mister Meatball, too bad they were not just honest from the get go about the whole thing I could have been less annoyed with the whole process. Anyways onto the post and I warn you in advance, I have a feeling it will be lengthy, It has been an entire year since I started on this path to a healthier me and I am astonished with the results. When I began eating and exercising last January, I weighed 534 pounds, thats more than a quarter of a ton! My shirt size was 6XL and I was starting to make those look like they were too small and my pants size was a stout 56 at the waist which is slightly less than 5 feet around! insane, I know, but facts are facts and that was me just 365 days ago. I could not walk for more than 5 minutes or so without excruciating pain in my lower back from an injury that I suffered years ago and being red faced and out of breath, walking to my car was far enough for me and sitting activities out was the norm.

Here is a look at me at my largest size, actually this was taken in the beginning of Jan 2008.

Another of my finest moments and the picture that started it all, this is August 2007.

Here we are just one year later, lets look at those measurements now, As of this morning I weighed 369 pounds which is 6 pounds higher than my lowest weight which was 363 pounds just before Thanksgiving and I have to admit that with the new home and all of whats been going on and toss in the holidaze I have been less than strict with my intake and the only exercise has been house work so maintaining is possible it would appear. My pants size is somewhere in the 44-46 area currently, I know that I would fit into a 44 but since I have no jeans in that size its only an assumption going off of how the 46's fit so 10-12 whole inches difference there. My shirts are no longer a "on the big side" of 6XL pushing a 7XL but rather on the small side of a 4XL and actually my Wify bought me a nice new hoodie for Christmas that is a 3XLT that fits just about perfectly so I am down three whole shirt sizes as well. For exercise I now walk for 30-40 minutes and that takes me between 1.6 and 2 miles on average with me stopping only because of the time and not the distance. To say that the differences are extraordinary simply does not describe it.

Here is a shot of me in that 3XLT hoodie

Here is a comparison that shows last Dec up to today, thats the 3XLT hoodie again in the second shot.

This past year has taught me a lot, I have learned that food is not for entertainment but in fact it is simply nutrition and fuel for my body. The most important lesson of the year that was learned is that I am responsible for what goes into my body, I am the one that decides whether I will put that bacon double cheeseburger down my pie hole or not, nobody else makes that decision. In 2008 I have lost a Grand total of 165 pounds as of this morning and I did it simply by watching what I ate and exercising often but not as often as you would think I have to to drop that kind of weight. As I sit here typing this out I can remember writing my first post and thinking about how it would be great if I could stick to this for a couple weeks and thinking about how great losing 100 pounds in 2008 would be and all the while in the back of my mind thinking about how far fetched that idea felt yet feeling driven beyond anything I have ever known before.

Then there is this pint of Ben & Jerry's that started it all in a way, a lot of you that read this blog regularly know of my pint that has waited an entire year to be eaten, It now has become an empty pint and I had some of it, I split it into 4 portions and it was shared between myself, wify and the kiddos. That statement alone speaks volumes, "some of it" last year it would have been ALL of it had I not decided that enough was enough and changed my life for the better. I have actually thought about how if Wify had not bought those two pints of Ben & Jerry's goodness 365 days ago I may not have even made that decision last year, I might have had a few drinks and woke up Jan 1st 2008 and went right back into auto pilot fork in hand and ate until there was no more. Sitting on the couch as Wify walked through the door with the ice cream seemed just plain old lazy and nasty to me and add that to the actual fear that I had about the possibility of death and here we are 165 pounds healthier than I was last year at this time. I must say for year old ice cream it was pretty good!

Last year the plan was to stick to the program and try to lose 100 pounds and that was not a resolution, it was simply just the breaking point for me to realize that I had to do something. This year I am going to hit my goal of weighing 275 pounds and I hope all of you fine people that have been following along and cheering me on will continue to do so and hopefully we can get a few more readers this year because support is something that there will never be in surplus. So a whole year has past and a lot of weight was lost, I have learned a lot about myself and about my body and 2009 can only be better. This appears to be my last post of 2008 but I have my internet back so there will be a post tomorrow at some point I am sure, I hope everyone has a great New Year's eve and heres to another great year of losing weight and getting healthy.

As always if you have made it through this post, which was especially long tonight, you deserve a big Ol glass of water so get on up and grab one before the alcohol starts a flowing for the evening, you will need it! Thank you for following along and thanks for the support. Lastly, if I can drop 165 pounds in a years time you can too, it is a matter of determination and drive with a splash of discipline added for good measure so start right now if you have not already begun to get healthy and if you have begun then stay the course.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An update from the big guy..

I still have no internet! I am at my mother in laws again so I thought I would bring my lap top and just pop in for a quick update as to why I have not been posting yet. AT&T was suppose to install my internet at the new house on Dec 23rd and here I am on the 30th and still no net! but don't worry about me I am on track with the eating ....sort of..and I will be eating that Ben & Jerry's tomorrow night! on MY terms this year! Here is a link to the first post about that now significant pint of goodness, If you search "Ben" you will find a few posts on my blog about this pint.

I have been what we shall all maintaining the past couple of weeks, I go up a few then come down a few like a see saw, and in all honesty I have not really been doing my part on the intake. Our house is still a mess and boxes are still around but we are getting there and I think once everything is settled in it will be much easier to get back into a strict groove. The good thing about these past few weeks is that it proves that I can maintain with barely any effort! but that I not the idea here, I still have a lot of weight to lose to hit my goal weight but have come a long way indeed. I hope to have my internet back in my home very soon and I WILL be posting regular like when that happens.

I have lots that I want to post with this being a full year of eating better and exercising and not having my internet is driving me nuts! Keep checking in and before you know it I will be back to posting daily and keeping everyone that cares to read this blog updated with my progress. Thank you all for your continued support as well as the E-mails that I am still getting, I do apologize that I cannot respond to them all at this time but I will when I have a permanent connection to the internet again. Now drop and give me 20! then get yourself a big tall glass of H2O and call it a night!

Thanks for following along

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Long time no write! I should be back on the 23rd!

I am currently sitting in my mother in laws house using her internet service and I wanted to get a post up. We are officially all moved into our new place and everything is going well, the paint has dried and the boxes are dwindling, I have not moved my body this much in years! between all of the painting, moving, fixing things, rearranging rooms 14 times each, Christmas shopping and now all of the shoveling of the snow its been very movement filled for me It has been snowing since Friday and there is a foot or more of snow around my house, I am loving every minute of it if I am being honest.

Now to business, I have not weighed myself in days, probably a week, I have not been eating bad but it has not been good either, partially because my lap top was not out in the open so I had to find it to use my excel sheet to track my food, yes I know that is no reason to not track it there is after all this stuff called paper that can be used but honestly like I mentioned and you can probably imagine I have been busy, and partially because I have been so busy and the refrigerator just has not been full to capacity with good for me eats. This afternoon I hopped on the scale after breakfast and lunch and was 369 pounds which is 6 pounds heavier than my lowest weight of 363 but I am not worried about it at all. I have not been drinking how I should be and the exercise has been up because of all of the things I have been doing, food is like I said not bad but not good. We did get a chance to go out and shop yesterday so there are now bananas, pears, grapes, apples and green tea in the house and I have my lap top out and available so its back to the norm and I am hoping to hit my 363 pound mark again within a week which may be wishful thinking but you know me. Here are a few pictures Wify snapped this afternoon.

The beginnings of our snow man, and me in a jacket that I have not fit into in some time.

This is shot off of my back porch looking into my back yard

The snow man is coming along.

This is a Hallmark ornament I bought for my wife because of the new home.

I should have internet service in the new place on Dec 23rd by 8:00 pm so I will surely be back to regular posting very soon again. I have to admit something, I miss posting on this blog and reading all of your comments as well as reading all of your blogs too! so I am happy to be getting my connection to the net back.

I look forward to getting back on track with the blog and writing daily again, until then stay hydrated and keep on keepin on.

Please excuse any spelling errors etc as I have a limited time online right now so I will not be checking this post.

As Ever

Friday, December 12, 2008

The verdict is in, weigh in time once again.

This is likely the last post that I will make from this location, tomorrow is the big day and we are moving! I don't expect to post tomorrow but who knows, I don't know when I will have my internet set up at the new place but I can probably use my Mother in laws service to make a post if it will be a long period before I get it set up. Let me get right to the weigh in this morning, yesterday I said that I expected to get to 369 for this mornings weigh in and would have been happy with that but I have to say that I did not get 369 like I predicted. When I came downstairs I walked right past the scale not remembering that it was weigh in day and made myself a cup of green tea, sat down and raised the cup to take a drink and then remembered that I should weigh in before consuming anything. I stepped onto the scale and it flashed 367.0 across the display, so I thought ok thats wrong and moved the scale on the floor just in case it was not level, attempt number two revealed 367.4, hmmmm so onto the third time and 367.4 again so it looks like I am firmly back into the 360's again and I have surpassed what I expected to see this morning. That is four pounds less than yesterday morning man I must have been retaining a lot of fluid from all of the soreness, it seems odd to actually be holding that much fluid just because I was sore but the proof is in the pudding I guess. I am not going to do the whole "I lost this much" photos until I get back to 363 which was my pre Thanksgiving weight, instead I will just continue to report the weights as they happen, with any luck I will hit or exceed that number by this coming Friday.

Today and tomorrow I will be getting my share of movement, but tomorrow I do plan on a pizza lunch but I don't plan on over doing it so I am not worried about it. I know I know why "plan" for a pizza lunch? why not if there will be planning involved "plan" for a healthy lunch? welp because planning for a pizza lunch actually means not planning at all, its a simple phone call away where as a planned healthier meal would take a trip to the supermarket at some point because the cupboards are in fact bare at the present time because of the move as well as some prep, excuse? nope just the facts Ma'am. The following week or 2 will be a lot of busy work for me as well with getting the new place in order and making sure all of the boxes are stored where they need to be etc. Then there is Christmas right around the corner but unlike Thanksgiving I am only allowing myself to indulge for Christmas eve and day instead of the entire following week! this should be easier to accomplish as well because we are not cooking a dinner at our place for either event thus no left overs!

I am looking forward to having a room that is a dedicated exercise room or as my daughter calls it "The Yoga room" this will make getting my cardio in easy because I can head up there, close the door and not have to deal with distractions. Hopefully Wify can get into a rhythm and keep her yoga going on a regular basis as well, right now when she does her yoga she has to deal with the kids wanting to join in and our living room just does not work for her to get into it while two kids fumble around her legs asking "like this mom?" so hopefully the larger space in the new room will either allow the kids to fumble around in their own space or let her close the door behind her and now allow them in, though she is excited that my daughter wants to join her.

Thank you for following along and wish me luck because tomorrow I will need it! it is suppose to be clear and sunny but only about 30 degrees so a bit cold but at least it should be dry for the move.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Busy busy busy

This will be a quick post as I have lots to do today but I wanted to get something up here. This morning I jumped on the scale and it read 371.2 so down almost 2 pounds from yesterdays morning weight, I am less sore today and I am figuring that I will settle around 369 by tomorrow morning, we shall see. At 9:57 am as I type this I am half way through a gallon of green tea and I have been emptying the second floor of our apt of boxes all morning (there wasn't a lot up there) and I am going to make a trip to the new place with a load of odd shaped things and fragile items pretty much as soon as I hit publish on this post. yesterday I came in at 1560 calories and had to drink some milk before bed so that it wouldn't be 1340 calories, that is just too low for my liking but then again with the week I have had it probably wouldn't have hurt me.

The plan for today is to consume no more than 1500 calories and drink 1.5 gallons of fluid most of which will be green tea. I don't think that I will find the time but I want to ride the bike today if possible but like I said I will be doing a lot of busy work today getting loose ends in boxes and making sure everything is where it needs to be so when Saturday gets here all we have to do is load the truck and go, ahhh that will be a full on exercise day for sure, so with that this post has concluded and I am off to run a few errands and get those fragile items into a closet at the new place. Thank you all for reading and you all deserve a big glass of water, also if you read all of this why not give yourself a treat and do either 10 push ups, 10 sit ups or 10 squats!

As Ever

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A fat squirrel told me the pizza was ok..

As I stood in my front doorway looking out through the half moon shaped window at a squirrel eating a nut in my drive way I noticed that he was twice the size as he was just a few weeks ago. Now I know that it might not have been the same one that I was looking at a week ago but all of the squirrels are fat right now, I feed them our old bread smeared with some peanut butter now and again and enjoy watching them chase each other around the yard. While I was watching him enjoy his nut it dawned on me that he was storing fat for the cold winter months for warmth as well as nourishment and I thought about how I seem to be doing the same thing right now because I am up in weight, theres my confession. I am not up in weight by a pound or even two, this morning I weighed in at 372.6 pounds which is just about but not quite ten pounds higher than my lowest recorded weight since starting this losing weight game. If not for me rationalizing the gain by comparing myself to the squirrels that I watch chase each other around my yard I think I would be upset with the gain. I know that I am retaining some fluid because I am sore all over from all of the work I have done in the last week and I am holding lubrication in for damage control, I weighed three pounds heavier yesterday morning than this morning and there is no way that I dropped three pounds in a day, hydration is key.

In the last day or so I did bring back the basic routine of eating 1700 or less calories in a day, I have also dropped the diet mountain dew that I have been drinking and am back onto pure water and or green tea exclusively again. yesterday I had a banana with peanut butter on it for breakfast and a Subway for lunch, then we brought a container of turkey soup to the new place and heated it up for dinner. I drank 2 gallons of green tea yesterday and put in a full days work painting and working in the new place, I feel good about the day. I am back to normal again, I relaxed on being strict because of how hectic its been with working on the new place and boxing the old place up, this was all coming off of Thanksgiving as well. See that ball on the ground? guess who dropped it, yep it was me and I honestly don't feel bad about it, life happens and I would not have finished the improvements on the new place had I nickel and dimed my intake all week, I know that I could have made better choices but I didn't so no need to dwell on it.

Like those squirrels I guess the cold weather came and my body felt the need to pack some away for a rainy day, or maybe it was just a fat man taking the first chance he had to grab some goodies and shove em down his pie hole. Honestly I don't think its either of those, it was the convenience of being able to order a pizza and keep on working that got me. In the last 5 days we totally refinished the interior of an entire four bedroom house and if I had spent the time that I would have needed to on buying and packing then preparing meals that would have fit within my 1700 calorie limit the honest truth is that I would not have finished what I needed to. The fact is that I am moving this coming weekend and there is barely food in the house that is not canned or bought on the day that we plan on eating it but I should be able to stay within my limits all week, I fully expect this weekend to be some of the same with the intake because it will just plain old be easier to finish moving in in a single day if I do not concern myself with stopping for a meal, its much faster for me to grab a slice or two out of an ordered pizza box and keep moving than it will be to stop everything and run out to buy something healthy or prepare it fresh all while measuring each portion like I do normally. You may say, "These sound a lot like excuses fat man" but to that I say just remember I am the guy that has lost more than 160 pounds this year on sheer determination and hard work, I make no excuses I just do what make sense at the time.

I want to thank everyone that has continually given me support and left me some great comments throughout this entire process of dropping an entire human being, I want you all to know that I do read every one and I try respond to most if not all of my emails and comments, this past week excluded with the responding back to everything because I have had next to no "Me" time, it has just been as hectic as hectic can possibly be around here. once we are all moved in and settled and my new rec/exercise room is completed and filled up with our equipment (which is not very much) I am sure that I will be back to my regular ol self.

Sincerely, Thank you all who keep me on track with your comments and support.

PS: drink some water!

As Ever

Monday, December 8, 2008

Soreness and some pictures of why.

After a Long weekend Monday is here and I wish I could say that I had an awesome weekend where nutrition is concerned, but I can't. I have been eating take out food pretty much all weekend mostly so that we could keep on moving forward with the projects in the new place, and I know that I am not drinking as much as I should be. I can say that I am sore from the tips of my toes right on up to my head! man this painting, wrecking, rebuilding, cleaning and on and on is a lot of work! I have sore on top of sore and I don't know if its just a lot of work or if I am not as active as I thought I was! I am honestly having a lot of fun making this new place ours and I think its starting to look more like "Us" as far as the colors etc go. I thought even though it is not weight loss related that I would pop a couple pictures up of our progress.

This is a shot out the bay window in the living room, we had snow yesterday and you can see that the half frozen lake is now covered in the white stuff, I like the view out this window.

This is the Living room, we are not a fan of bright yellow so we went with a color called "Spiced Gingerbread" and that second picture shows a first coat so its blotchy, the trim in this room will be a color called "Bittersweet Chocolate", we did finish this room and it looks great but the batteries died on the camera so we didn't get any shots of the completed walls.

This closet really turned out nicer than I expected it to, when we first saw this room we thought we would take the whole closet out of the room as it was only some clap board nailed up against some braces. It really took up more room than we wanted to lose in the room but after thinking about it we decided to keep the inner half in tact and brace it up and put new trim on it and keep a closet in this bedroom. We will be adding a curtain in front of it instead of a door for simplicities sake. though its still green in the room it is less of a pale green and the color we chose is called "Frosted Pine"

So you can see we have been very busy around here but as I mentioned it is taking a toll on the weight loss progress because of the take out food factor. we did buy some apples and bananas and are keeping them at the new place as snacks, and I have a small supply of Arizona diet green tea on hand at the new place as well so it is not all bad! but yesterday for instance I had a Chicken parm grinder for lunch and then because it was late and we have kept the supplies down at home I had Mcdonalds for dinner yuck! Today I am going to be home all day so I will be under 1700 calories for sure, I will also drink double water today to try and make up for the weekend a bit and help hydrate my aching muscles.

Some more good news is that we ended up with an extra room that we have no need for so it will become a rec room slash exercise room of sorts, My daughter calls it "The Yoga Room" because Wify told her that she was putting her yoga equipment in there so they can do it together. My stationary bike will go in that room along with my free weights as well along with a couple desk top computers to keep the kiddos busy while we get movement into our days. The room has a view out the back into the wooded area behind our back yard and trough the front window is a view of the lake so a nice place to exercise or relax with some yoga for Wify. There are lots of places to walk at the new place as well, from all of the rural up and down roads to the wooded area behind the house where a hike would be a possibility as well.

As always if you have made it this far into my post you deserve a glass of water so slide out from behind your desk, get on up off of your behind and go grab a glass! I myself have a gallon of green tea sitting beside me and am half way through it and I am only 2 hours into my day! look for more update pics on the house and of course updates on how I am doing on my weight loss, Thanks for reading and more than thanks for the support that you give with your comments and emails.

As Ever

Friday, December 5, 2008

Weighing in on weighing in

I have a few minutes so I thought I would pop on and toss up a weigh in post for this week. if you read my blog you probably know that we were in the process of buying a home, we closed yesterday and now the fun begins. I am swamped with chores and tasks and will be painting and patching all weekend starting in a couple of hours from now so thats why the posts have been slim lately. this morning I weighed in at 367 pounds which is 4 pounds higher than my lowest weight 2 weeks ago but down 3 from my day after Thanksgiving weigh in, I am not thrilled at this but it is what it is and all I can do is my best to stay on track with home cooked low cal meals. It has been hard to get good low cal nourishment in the last week or 2 because I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and thats not an excuse, just the facts. I am responsible for my health and weight and it will be what it will be, I am not off track and I am not slacking, I have honestly had hardly a minute to myself to exercise but when we are all moved in I am back to the old regimen like white on rice, yes I just said white on rice.

I have 4 bedrooms a living room and a kitchen to prime and paint this weekend along with a fireplace mantle that will need to be sanded and refinished so movement will be happening. The remainder of the packing needs to be done and then we will be moving in a week as long as we get all of the cosmetics done inside the house by then. fear not I am still here, I am still on board with my blog, its just my time has been spent elsewhere lately. everyone that reads this needs to get a glass or 2 of water at this time and drink it down, I made myself a 32 oz glass of green tea with lime right before I sat down to type this out so have a drink with me.

Thank you for all of the support and thank you for following along with my weight loss story.

As Ever

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It all happened so fast.

It has been almost a week since my last post, it has been hectic around here to put it mildly. between the holiday and just being busy with getting a house together I have had no time to write here. We are in the process of purchasing a home and its getting to the nitty gritty of it and we are closing this week, but since this blog is about my trip to the half and getting healthy it was never mentioned, so let us get to the past few days, this will likely be a longer than usual post so get comfy.

Thursday, Thanksgiving, We had an awesome holiday and dinner was great, it all turned out exactly as planned and I ended up having a bit of everything that was made along with a few Guinness Draught's a good time was had by all. I did not count calories at all on that day but instead I watched what I ate all day until dinner and did not count the few brews at all, I ate until I was full and then a bit more for good measure. Over all I think I did good on Thanksgiving considering that its a food holiday but the little guy on my shoulder, you know the good guy not that little red one with the horns is telling me that I could have done a little better. I am glad I just enjoyed the holiday either way and it was in my plan from day one so no worries, its the following days that I should have been better with.

Friday I thought "Ok time to get back on track!" but nope! I started out good enough and was tracking my intake. I had my usual banana with a tablespoon worth of peanut butter on it for breakfast followed by a Turkey sandwich for lunch, sounds good so far eh? then we went out to run some errands etc I grabbed a Dark chocolate and Almond Zone perfect bar for the road, we ended up buying some paint for the new place and were out for longer than we wanted to be so that zone bar was a good idea but we did get in a little later that expected and I was hungry, well the delicious food proved too much for my resolve and I made a big ol plate of goodness and dug right in without measuring anything. After the carnage that was Fridays dinner I did think about how I did ok all day and blew it at dinner but it is what it is and I stopped worrying about it whats a fella to do.

Saturday, This day was just so busy that we were not really home at all pretty much all day between shopping for paint supplies and looking into paint schemes and hitting up the "ooops paint" at Home Depot and Lowe's that I ate when I could and didn't count any of it, also have you noticed I make no mention of green tea? I was very dehydrated from drinking a beer here and there and drinking diet mountain dew as well as not taking my Daily vitamins which I realized about half way through Saturday so I took a vitamin and bought a gallon of Arizona Green tea and drank in in about 2 hours. Now I am feeling like I have a bit of control back but there is still all of this great food in the house so I blew it for dinner again and so the wise one says.

Sunday I actually stayed below 1700 calories but I had not exercised since Wednesday, I was home pretty much all day packing boxes and situating the basement in a way that would make it easy to move come moving day. I made two pots of turkey soup which came out better than any soup I have made in some time, we had that for dinner on Sunday and were able to put almost 2 gallons away in the freezer so were stocked up on the good stuff. I was feeling great that I was back on track after a couple days of not caring and starting to rehydrate myself properly and off to bed I went.

Monday, off track again and not a drop of green tea in sight for me, I was slipping and it was easy to not count, to not exercise (besides all of the packing and moving boxes) and to not sound like a broken record (is that possible at this point) let us just say this trend carried into Tuesday as well and enough is enough. Today is Wednesday and I have to get back on track so thats what I am doing. Did you notice that I didn't do a "weigh in" last Friday? thats because I had not been on a scale until Saturday night, and surprise surprise I was up! my last weigh in was on Nov 21 and I weighed 363 pounds, well Saturday night I was 368 pounds! up 5 pounds?! and that trend has been maintained throughout right up until this morning, I did weigh 365 pounds on Monday morning but this morning I am back up and weighed in at 369 pounds. Now I KNOW this is likely mostly retention weight because I have not stayed hydrated but not all of it and I have to accept that, because its at my own hand that I am up in weight. Jumped at the first chance to say "awe its a Holiday imma enjoy it dammit!" this mindset is what got me into this situation of being a fella that weighed more than a quarter of a ton, sounds crazy when you say it like that but I was 534 pounds and facts are facts Ma'am.

I have still had an impressive run I think and I have to keep that in mind because a bump in the road on a Holiday is not the end of the world, I also feel that this blog helps me to stay on track because it helps me stay accountable. I will weigh in on Friday and that will be the official weight once again because I feel that I am off balance right now because of the bad weekend and not being hydrated. Right now, this moment that I type this I am back to the strict Me that has gotten this far, I do want to thank everyone that has sent me messages or emails within the last few days they do help and I do appreciate them. For those of you that read this blog because it helps keep you in line or just because you find it interesting enough to tune in each day to watch the fat man get thinner, I am back and you can expect more of the good old Me that doesn't let anything stop what I want to accomplish.

If you made it this far into the post You deserve TWO glasses of water because it was a long one! I will join you and have a 32 oz of glass myself as soon as I hit publish. I welcome any comments and or suggestions on this post that may help whip me back into shape and keep me on track, don't hold back and remember no matter what that I will meet my goal of weighing 275 pounds. I predict that I will hit that goal within the 2009 year. I plan on being under 300 pounds by the end of June 2009 which will give me 6 months to get that last 25 pounds until goal off by the end of the year. I would like to be at my 275 pound goal by September 1st 2009 at which time I will have lost a total of 259 pounds and when I hit that 275 pound goal I am sure I will set a new goal for myself, there we go, I sound like me again.

As Ever