Friday, January 18, 2013

My scale snickered at me this morning... weigh in day is here.

Tis Friday and that means time to report what the scale said to me, I can't complain since it is in fact a loss for the week but man is it coming off slowly! Needing to get some more workouts into my days is apparent if I want faster results and that I do so it shall be done. I am doing everything right as far as my intake goes, I am eating within my calorie allotment, I am drinking my green tea and H2O, no coffee, no diet soda and lots of veggies there is something that I am not doing that I believe can make a difference. 

Sleep, this is an important ingredient to losing weight, without sufficient sleep weight loss is harder and I am a night owl which means I am not in bed until midnight typically. When I was beginning my trip to the half back in 2008 I made sleep a priority and this time around I am neglecting that part of the formula so perhaps its the element that is slowing my progress and it will be corrected. Over all I am feeling so much better than I did  a month ago because of the changes I have made in my intake so its now time to take it to the next level and get more walking into my days and get to bed at a more reasonable time. 

This Aprilia RSV4 weighs in at 399.0 pounds like yours truly.

Back when I started this blog I posted images of things (mostly motorcycles) that weighed as much as me and in May 2010 I got down to a point where I had lost a scooter and weighed as much as a small cafe racer bike. January 2013 I am back up to sports bikes and it is what it is I still enjoy the visuals, they help me to gain a prospective on things in a way not to mention I made a deal with Wify back then that when I hit my goal weight of 267 pounds that I would buy myself a motorcycle so its fitting that I use bikes to compare. I am thinking about changing my official "weigh in day" for tha blog to Saturday for no other reason than I weighed in on a Saturday for the restart but we shall see with that one, I may just stick with Fridays.  

Last Friday I weighed 400.4 pounds and this morning the scale said 399.0  which if you are as good as a 2nd grader with math is a 1.4 pound loss for the week, I should be ecstatic because a loss is a loss right? but I am not, the work I am putting in feels like it should be coming off faster but hey I'll take it either way. I think what the snail like pace the weight is deciding to take is doing to me  is pushing me to work a bit harder so that is whats going to happen. More walks, more trainer rides and though I don't mind riding in the cold its 19 degrees here currently and that's just not going to happen as I lack the proper wind blocking clothing for a bike ride in that kind of cold.

I am glad to see a sub 400 pound number but until its closer to 390 I am not counting on it staying away but as stated, this week is going to be an ass busting kind of week so we shall see what happens come next Friday. I am also thinking about talking to my Doc as since my gallbladder surgery back a few years ago it seems 3 ties as hard to get weight to drop and I have a feeling there is a link there, if anyone reading this has any insight to that I would be all ears so don't be shy and drop a comment or email my way.

That's all I got for today, so stay on track, eat well and get out and move dammit!

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  1. I have moved enough this week I want to cut my legs off - but its weird to think that this kind of pain is acceptable because it definitely means I'm doing something for me.

    Glad you saw a loss too! Keep at it!