Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Vegetables that look like what did you say?

On the subject of juicing and that movie I watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead I started and still am considering trying a variation of what is suggested in the film with my intake. I believe that getting nutrients via vegetable juice or smoothies is a very solid way to incorporate more veggies into ones diet and I am playing with some ideas. It dawned on me that I would not need to buy a juicer to try this out when I remembered that I have a small blender called the magic bullet, I have had it for years and used it primarily to mix protein drinks so that they were smooth. My discovery of this under utilized appliance brought me to the internet, of course! the internet! and I found something called the nutribullet which was being used for making fruit and veggie smoothies and the funny thing is that its the same appliance that I already have. 

I pulled the blender out, washed it up and decided to add some smoothies to my intake mind you this is only the second day I am doing this but so far the drinks are decent. Last night I made a spinach, grape, strawberry and apple smoothie and it was honestly really good even with the slight grass after taste so I decided that this morning I would try a breakfast blend. 

Two Roma tomatoes, a handful of spinach, 7 baby carrots and a slice of onion turned into the concoction that you see above. Something funny that I found was that in the first image it looks like the beginnings of a good salad, very appetizing, and in the second image the veggies all chopped up in water gives a fresh clean aura and in the last image, the final product looks like it came out of a sick baby. I will admit that this was very spinach heavy and its where most of the flavor came from, I also added a small amount of sea salt and black pepper after taking a sip and I think that tomorrow I will add more tomato and less spinach and try to bypass the salt and pepper. 

I am not going to go full on with this but I don't think adding veggie smoothies to my routine is going to effect me in any kind of negative way and if it gets me eating more veggies then so be it. I am considering becoming Vegetarian again as well, since my gallbladder surgery a couple years ago I have found it very difficult to drop weight even when I am eating within my allotted calorie range, if there is fat involved and I mean the smallest amount the weight just does not want to budge.

Over all I am doing well with this "restart" if you will, I am finding it easy to stay within my calorie range and honestly feel better. I wanted to say thanks for the support since I started writing here again, it helps more than you know and the personal emails I have gotten have been great! loads of support in the comments as well and truly, it is appreciated. 

Time for some baby calisthenics so in the words of the eternal porky pig..

That's all folks!

Until next time.
As Ever


  1. I really enjoyed that documentary as well and was inspired by it. I did get a juicer and found out very quickly that I did not like the juicer. We don't have a dish washer which I think should be listed as a prerequisite to anyone doing this.

    I didn't even think about just making them a smoothie... my blender would suck for that BUT I'm not opposed to buying the bullet.

  2. I use a blender, and adding too many leafy greens ruims the drink! I wonder if a juicer makes greens less natty.