Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pre weigh in blah blah and a video for your AM coffee.

Tomorrow is the day, you know what day I mean, the day that I record my weight for the blog of course and though the scale has been playing with me I think I got it figured out as to why I was getting different weights. Of course we will see if it stays accurate but all I did was move it into the living room to weigh in on the hard wood floors, which is odd because the bedroom has hard woods to but when I moved it into the living room I got the same weight reading four times in a row. For now I will keep this scale and if it continues to be a practical joker with me it will find itself sitting inside the cold lonely container at the local transfer station.

Over all I am doing well, I am not hungry for the most part even though I have my moments where I feel like cookie monster and want to open the fridge and empty its contents into my mouth but they are few and far between so I can deal. I do need to incorporate more exercise into my days just for the fact that well.. I ain't doin' enough in my opinion and I don't want to use this as an excuse but when its 4 degrees and windy outside going for a walk with the 2 year old is probably not the best plan of action in any case. I have been toying with some dumb bells that I have around the house and that's not a shot at anyone in particular, I mean lifting some light weights. 

A short video of the trainer and some different tires that I posted last year, I figured I would pop in up here for fun, that Bontrager SR1 tire is still doing great by the way!

I have a set of dumb bells that I am doing things like curls with no rest meaning 4 sets of 10 but not resting between arms, the rest is the time between switching arms. I am also doing shoulder presses the same way, lateral raises, front raises, bent rows and a stretching routine almost daily so I am getting some exercise in just not the cardio that I want to. "Why aren't you using the trainer fat boy?" I don't have an answer for that besides its hard to find time to do it because during the day with the kiddo its rough to expect her to just stay alone watching tv or something for the 20-30 mins I would be on the bike and then later my home sort of implodes on itself.

With everything I said considered I am going to do my best to get a trainer ride in today, I have not gone for a walk in a couple days because of the bitter cold outside and think I would benefit from a short spin on the bike. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and report what the scale said to me here, I am expecting a decent loss for the week but the scale could be pulling my leg again so we shall see. The trend is downward for my weight and that is really all that matters, I am not getting hung up on a number but it does help to see it get lower each day so a  good tool it remains. 

Check me out tomorrow morning to see what the weight gods bestow upon me, drink more green tea too guys! 

Until then..

As Ever