Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Soup is good for the soul, not bad for my ass either.

Halfway through the week and feeling great, I am officially off of my AM cup of Joe and feeling better early in the days, it really is amazing how eating better foods will do that. Eating better was priority and as I get a handle on that its time to start thinking about some "real" exercise as I have been doing very short rides on the trainer and my Baby Calisthenics. With the more real exercise in mind I have to remember that I have a problem with my shoulder that I need to keep an eye on, I am not sure why but my shoulder hurts and its been that way for a while but getting better so just something to keep an eye on. 

Incorporating daily walks back into my routine is a must, when I dropped most of my weight the first time  around I was walking daily, no excuses, no cold or rain stopped me it was as important as breathing to me and I need to get there again. The problem that I am having is that I either take the toddler out in the cold for a brisk walk in January, wait until the evening and walk the narrow DARK country road and hope that I don't get hit by a car or walk in a mall during the day. I am not driving to a mall that's 20 minutes from my house so its going to have to be one of the other options, and the first time around my other daughter wasn't much older than this one and she walked with me so perhaps we will try that.

On the food side of things, We had a ham bone from Christmas that I stuck in the freezer to make something with and yesterday I decided that I would try a ham bone and white bean soup. I have never in my life made a soup out of a ham bone and beans so this was an experiment as much as a meal and I gotta say I think it turned out awesome! I made stock with the bone, removed all of the remaining ham from said bones added a bag of white beans, a finely diced onion, one medium potato and finished it off with spinach, this was seasoned with black pepper, rosemary, thyme and 2 cloves of crushed and minced garlic. Wify picked up a loaf of french bread to have with it that I stuck in the broiler for a few minutes and man this was some good soup if I do say so myself and very simple as far as ingredients and prep goes. 

We wanted to figure the calories out per cup so we added all of the ingredients together, divided by how many cups were there and I was extremely surprised at the number we came up with, this very hearty soup comes in at about 120 calories per cup. After we all had dinner and sent some to my mother in laws there are about 12 cups left so plenty for me for the rest of the week as lunches etc and I will likely freeze a small container to have next week.

This next statement may be a bit premature but I have to say I feel like I am in a good place and feeling very motivated to keep this going in a good direction. Next on the agenda is to get the walking into my days and come slightly warmer weather climb my ass back onto my bike and hit the trails on a regular basis again, good plan eh? 

With some discipline, dedication, exercise and maybe some luck I am hoping to get back down to a weight where I feel healthy and am able to do everything in my days agenda without issue once again. 

That's all I got for today, make sure to pop back in tomorrow to see where the next installment of as the fat guy turns takes you!

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  1. That soup sounds yummy! I am thinking of making a soup for myself tonight with some onions I have leftover and some kale, so basically just onion soup, but I figured I'd throw the kale in there too to make it healthier. My husband thinks it's gross, and so do my kids, so I will have to make them all something else. That's what I hate the most, constantly trying to come up with food that everyone will eat. I swear it's true what they say about onions keeping you from getting sick. I eat them all the time and I have not been sick with a cold all fall or winter, even when my husband and kids were all sick.

  2. I agree it does sound yummy, Im a big fan of soups and with the cold wheather going to get here soon, im going to be making alot of em. The worst part for me is the sodium in the broth all the recipes call for.. I swell up so bad..very salt sensitive..good luck on getting your walks babysitting my nieces tredmill, im thinking about using it. right now I can walk about 10 feet until the pain over takes steps darn it

  3. I love soups made from a ham bone :)
    This time of year does put a bit of a damper on getting out but I have no doubt you'll figure a way to do it!

  4. Definitely go with bundling your toddler up and going for a walk. I can't remember where you live but I'm pretty sure I'm north of you where it's colder (Vermont). When my kids were young I put them in layers and pushed the stroller, even through the snow/slush at times. Just make sure the hands, feet, and head are covered really well since they get coldest first. Maybe even go for 2 shorter walks/day on the coldest days? Let us know how it goes. I'm glad to see you're back at it again.

  5. I swear, we're so much alike, it's crazy. When you're talking about your exercise, it's like you're talking about me too... On my initial weight loss journey--everyday, come what may---didn't matter, it was happening---I actually loved walking in the rain--made me feel powerful!! Sleet, snow?? Bring it! Getting back to that place mentally is important to me again. And soup--oh yes, I've been doing soup a bunch lately. Your soup creation sounds amazing. The past 7 months, I've struggled like crazy--even gained back 59 pounds of the 275 I lost... Stepping in and saying enough has been one of the most challenging things---Like stopping a tumble down a mountain, regaining the footing--and taking one step at a time back up. My best!