Saturday, January 5, 2013

Vegetables and weighing in.

I did not get a chance to post yesterday as life got busy but I wanted to get on today and get some chicken scratch added to the blog so here goes. I did well on the intake for Friday and ended up with a total of 1775 calories for the day which felt good, it didn't take long for me to stop with the hungry feelings so this is awesome.

After flipping through netflix last night I found a documentary called "Fat sick and nearly dead" which follows a man from Australia on a Juice diet trying to lose weight and cure a chronic illness that he has. It was late but I figured what the hell and dialed the program up, I have to say that it was interesting if not obvious that he would drop weight bu juicing only but as I was a vegetarian many years ago it does hold validity as an option. After watching the program I found myself searching the web for some info on the subject and will be exploring a sort of hybrid plan which incorperates some of the theories and ideas that I have about how to drop weight and some of what was said in the show.
Sometimes we can be inspired by something that we did not expect to try, something new even if its an old idea that already been tested, meaning if I was a vegetarian so long ago why would it not work again? and why have I not explored the option since starting on my drop the pounds campaign? I suppose its as I said, we gain inspiration or get an idea sometimes randomly.   
On an different note, this morning I was able to weigh myself which is awesome even if I did not appreciate the number that I saw. This coming Friday I will post what I weigh at that point and will also reveal what I weighed this morning through letting you know what the loss for the week is as long as there IS a loss. Instead of giving the number right now in this post lets just call it a wake up call and shit just got real, not that it wasn't real already with much of my wardrobe not fitting but seeing the number plain as day was a kick to the face that I needed to open my eyes.
Wrapping up I wanted to say that I will not let anything get in my way, I need to take the weight off and I need to do it in lieu of anything happening around me or any negativity that flows in my direction because without the discipline to let it roll from my back the other options are not good. I do not believe that everybody understands just how fragile the situation is and how negativity effects outcome of any given day, but we must stay on point because no one else can do it for us, we ate the food thats hanging from our bones and we need to be the one to take it off.  
Random perhaps, maybe not, either way the train is rollin again.

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  1. No matter the number, it's just a number and numbers can change. I look forward to watching your number go down because I know that it will. You're a strong and determined person.

  2. My guess is that you are feeling 1000 times better already. Just being in control puts you in a better place. :o)

  3. My guess is that you are feeling 1000 times better already... Just being in control is such a huge mood enhancer. ;o)

  4. Whatever the number, I know you have it in you to change it! I am thinking of doing more juice type meals for breakfasts or lunches to get more nutrients in. I know the days I eat more fruits and veggies I feel so great, but I sometimes don't feel like eating all that. :)

  5. I watched the same film, and after evaluating the whole thing, I got myself a nutribullet instead of a juicer, simply because you get ALL the nutrients and no waste, and it is cheaper than the better high end juicers. Just my 2 cents. Keep it up!

  6. I watched the same movie and it inspired me to make all sorts of changes in my eating - and research further into Dr Furhman that is the DR that supervises his weight loss on the movie... He has a book called Eat to Live - which that in tandem with reading the Wheat Belly book have changed my life - I have never felt better or healthier...