Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Frustrating isn't it? the woes of a fat man and his Bew.

Today I find myself a little frustrated where my weight loss is the subject and its silly because weight loss is so dynamic and never the same from one day to the next but the amount of food that I am putting in compared to what the scale is doing doesn't add up to me. I went old school with my weighing in and hop on the scale daily after I empty my bladder, I keep a document with the date and what I weighed on my desktop and update it daily. Typically I trend one way or the other, either I am going up slightly for a day or two or steady down or, or, but there is zero trend in how the scale is responding to me. I made it a point to eat light yesterday because of my Sunday and in the past this would kick me down to where I was the day before the overage of calories and though I did go down from Mondays weight it was minimal. Saturdays weight was awesome and I left the 400's and maybe that's why this frustrates me, You know, getting out of the 4XX's and bazinga! just like that I am visiting again, silly I know but like I said it doesn't make it less frustrating. 

Moving on, now that I complained er.. I mean shared my slight frustration lets get back to the gettin'. I am doing very well with the eating correctly, I am not going over my calories other than Sunday and feeling awesome over all. Getting walks back into my daily has to be a priority, though I am walking more than I was I am not walking every day and that needs to happen as when I walk weight seems to melt off. I suppose huffing 400 pounds two to three miles will do that eh? I had begun taking on traits of that Fat guy that you all met back in January 2008, not exercising daily, eating what I wanted to, staying up late for no apparent reason and that shits a huge part of why I think many people struggle with weight loss.

Getting past this whatever it is with my weight not coming off as fast as I need/want it to is easy for me its still frustrating though but I think I will use that frustration to push me a little harder. Now you may say "need? why do you need to lose at a certain rate?" well, let me Splain Lucy. I started growing my beard out a couple months ago and when I got serious about dropping pounds again I said to the Boss lady that is Wify "I ain't shavin' this here beard till I hit 334 pounds again" and well... she is making me stick to that challenge. Now I like the beard, I enjoy it when my daughter grabs it and says "Daddy's Bew" and growls like a bew.. um I mean Bear and I like the way it looks. Also remember its winter here in New England and unlike the people in San Diego 50 degrees is warm to us up here but its when it gets sub teens and single digits that we take the flip flops and shorts off and well the beard is nice to help stay warm when that happens. If summer gets here and I have not reached that line that I drew in the sand I will be paying for it because of the "Bew" hanging off of my face so time is very much of the essence with this one.

I will likely post an image of the bew in a later post and come Friday I am still posting my weight whether it be up or down. The plan remains the same, eat less, add whole foods, move more and definitely get my ass walking EVERY day again because as far as I am concerned that's the formula that will get the weight off again.

With that I bid you a farewell until tomorrows post, remember I started a twitter account so if you're interested in following that there is a link at the top left of the blog or just add @Zeusmeatball

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