Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day something or other.... Get out of my way.

We're moving right along, my intake for yesterday was 1800 calories on the button, I got an hour and some worth of shoveling snow into the morning followed by some push ups and Calisthenics I am feeling pretty good about how this week is turning out. The one thing that I need to add into my days is more bike time, I mean more riding the trainer, more taking the short loop and I mean working on my bikes that I have collected so that I may either sell them or ride them. Cycling has become such a big part of my life and I neglected that for at least 8 months give or take because of things not in my control getting to me, if they are not in my control why do I let them determine what I do? such is life I suppose when stress enters. 

Me and wify on Mt Sunapee in 2011

Between some calisthenics and the shoveling I am sore right now as I type, my lower back is tight, my abs hurt, the chest is compromised and my shoulders feel like I was boxing for 3 hours, I love this kind of sore! Its the kind of sore that makes you know that the muscles were used, a good solid stretch wakes the body up when you have soreness like this and I am craving more which means we are getting back on track. Working out has always been something I enjoyed, I mean when I was five hundred pounds plus that statement was debatable but just getting up to take a piss was a workout back then and I don't know anyone who would consider taking a piss pleasurable unless you're on a road trip. That feeling during a stretch when you are sore from exercise for me wakes me up, I find myself searching for something to make the rest of my body feel this way, my upper back is not sore right now so some bent rows may be on the menu for today, it truly is amazing how this works.

This gig that I call weight loss has been full of ups and downs and I don't only mean the actually bulk weight, emotionally I have learned a lot about myself along the way and its eye opening in some instances. I am learning that my physical limits are far from what I thought them to be back five years ago when I was much heavier and even at my current weight I am light years from at my highest weight. 

There is a difference between this moment in time and where I was back in late 2007, back then I only had my imagination to think about what being lighter would grant me access to, right now I have solid memories of being 300 pounds and hiking around on Mt Sunapee in NH, or a 30 mile trail ride. As I wrote that last sentence it dawned on me that at 300 pounds I am in awesome shape even if I need to lose more from that point but considering the amount of loose skin involved I would be willing to bet I am not far off of a healthy weight at 300 pounds. Having current memories and photos pushes me harder, when I think back to times when Wify and I would hike to an outlook on a trail not far from our home and how insanely rewarding it was to be able to reach the top of a 3.5 mile ascent and not feel dead but very much alive and NOT out of breath. Sitting at the top of that ascent and eating a packed lunch with my wife has more benefits than anything else could ever give, this is how people should spend their free time and when you are 500 pounds its just not a possibility.

 Making my way back down to 300 pounds and below is not going to be easy but it is necessary because I refuse to miss the mark when I know how to get there, it is a matter of discipline not a matter of not knowing what to do. 

The naysayers and nonbelievers will have to step aside for a while, I have a feeling we're breaking through barriers...

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  1. I enjoy (and miss) the days I would take a day off to go on an afternoon hike while the kids are in school. I think this year we should strap the baby to your back (he he) and head out!! I could use the fresh air and husband time.

  2. Just wanting to say that I'm really enjoying your blog. I'm trying to loose about 50 lbs and your blog is great motivation!

  3. wow i love this post..i have not been on here for a very long time and i am trying to start over myself..i can relate so much to all of your post except the part of going outside to take a but i sure know the feeling of not being able to do anything anymore..but im going to get there too..just like you are...come over and read mine and my husbands if you get the chance..he is the only one on my site so