Saturday, October 10, 2009

Weight right there weakling! huh? who me?

Upon sitting down on the press machine I knew that I had significantly lost strength as I pushed the weight forward for the first time in years. The last time I touched a weight seriously I warmed up with 220 pounds, to some that might be a lot to others its not but its where I was, I figured that I had lost some strength and mass so I would come down slightly from that weight and see what happened and well, it was tragic. I don't care to admit what weight I finally leveled off working with just yet but man was it a wake up call as to just how much muscle mass I have lost with this weight loss. I figured that I would do my regular chest routine that I was doing back in the day which is 5 sets of 6 reps each in a pyramid gradually adding weight for 3 sets peaking at the 3rd set and then coming back down to the start weight for the last set and though I was pleased to be pushing weight again I was not happy with the amount that I had to settle for this time around.

Looking at it logically I know that its not the raw weight itself that I should be worried about but the fact that I am back to lifting again and it will get there, but man I had no idea that I would be lifting so much less than I use to. I also know that this was my first go at it on a machine that I have never used before and it was after a 20 minute ride on a stationary bike and a 30 minute walk on the treadmill @ 3.5 mph so I was not fresh but man, I tell ya I was not expecting to be so weak! I am planning on making myself a weight program once I familiarize myself with some more of the machines at the gym as I go alone and do not have a constant spotter, Machines allow me to work with no spot and I do not wish to rely on a chance that someone will be there willing to help a brother out.

I am currently going to the gym on Monday and Tuesdays, taking Wednesdays off and then Thursdays and Fridays are back to the gym with the weekends being open for going but I don't plan on heading over on the weekends. Weekends are reserved for walks/runs/bike rides with wify until I convince her to join the gym with me. My plan will be to work weights into 3 of those gym trips per week, maybe all of them eventually but to start off it will be 3 times weekly until this initial soreness dulls somewhat. I cannot slack off on the cardio and since I am doing 50 minutes at a go right now I don't want to burn out so I will have to find a happy medium between the lifting and the cardio until I adjust to doing both and can have my cake and eat it too so to speak and do them both consistently together without burning myself out.

This morning My chest, Triceps and shoulders are feeling sore and its the good sore and quite frankly a sore that I haven't felt in a long while so its welcome and I am over all pleased with myself that I started back into some real strength training. I have learned a few things, I am definitely weaker than I once was as far as my raw physical strength goes but on the other hand I am stronger than I have been in years because of the changes in my health and exercise in the last 2 years. I have to let things be what they are and just accept that I have lost mass and strength all while losing the weight that was holding me back and it is what it is and I have to use this as my starting point for my strength and work up from here.

with that a hasty end has to come to this post as I am being prodded out the door to bring the children apple picking. Thanks for following and all that and remember that if I can do this you can too.

As Ever


  1. It's just the beginning. Lifting weights will be a whole new feeling of accomplishment.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Man I haven't lifted any weights for about two years now.

    I used to do the stronglifts 5x5 and really enjoyed it.