Thursday, October 22, 2009

Weighing in tomorrow and a new low on the horizon!

Tomorrow I weigh in and I am thinking that it will be a new low weight for me with this week, I have literally busted ass all week even though I was sick and have been just about flawless with my calories besides a slice of apple pie. I have gone to the gym when I could and have found a new machine that I enjoy working out on and really feel a difference after using it for a workout yesterday. I had posted up that I wanted to drop 25 pounds by Nov 11th because it was my next doc visit and he sparked me into a challenge without even knowing it, last time I was there he said "You did something for the first time this week" I said "oh yeah?" to which he replied "you are up one pound" and that was it I thought to myself about how it was bull that I was up and the challenge went to myself and on the blog, will I meet that challenge? I am feeling awesome in lieu of being under the weather and I honestly think its because I am staying active even though I don't feel up to it which is the complete opposite of how it would have been handled when I was heavier.

I mentioned that I found a new machine which I am enjoying, that machine is an Arc-trainer and I suppose in my own non in the know way I would have to call it a cross between an elliptical machine a stair machine and even a bit of a treadmill all in one. My workout yesterday went like this, I rode the bike for 20 minutes, then onto the Arc-trainer for 11 minutes set to 63 on the resistance (really felt it in my quads and butt) and then I did 20 minutes on a treadmill 3.4 mph half at 5.5% grade and half at 10% grade and today I may skip the Arc-trainer because I can feel it in my legs and butt and don't want to jump in too fast. Something that I noticed about the Arc is that it really got my heart rate up compared to the bike and the treadmill and the plan is to eventually phase the treadmill out completely and replace it with the arc-trainer. Continuing the bike riding is something that I want to do every trip to the gym because I am hoping to get some longer rides in next spring on my bike and with some hope and a lot of work I can keep my biking muscles up to par so when the time comes I can hop right back onto my bike and keep going. While I do enjoy the treadmill it really is something that I can do on the weekends with wify and the animals if I want to walk/run and I want to use my time as efficiently as possible at the gym so if I can work up to 20 mins on the bike and 30 mins on the Arc-trainer that's where I want to be.

My menu for yesterday was not the greatest and did come in a bit high at 1755 but here it is for you to have a look anyways.

7:30 AM
2 cups fruit and grain cereal 240
1 cup 1% milk 110

11:00 AM
1 banana 105
1 T peanut butter 95

2:30 PM
2 slices whole grain bread 200
1 T peanut butter 95
1 T strawberry preserves 35

6:00 PM
4oz roasted chicken 200
3/4 cup white rice 150
3/4 cup black beans 140
bbq sauce 35

7:00 PM
slice of home made apple pie 350

G-Tea 1 gal
H2O 3/4 gal

This week has turned out pretty well even with me being sick, it did not stop me from eating right, it did not slow down the exercise and I do believe that we will see a new all time low weight tomorrow which will make me more than extremely happy. You will have to check in tomorrow to find out if Mister meatball chipped away enough to break into the 320's or if we will forever be stuck in the 330's dun dun dunnnnnn!

Thank you for reading along to my random daily jibber jabber, and remember I was once a 534 pound guy that felt like there was nothing that could be done but I dared to take that first step and here I am more than 200 pounds lighter and dropping.

Keep on keepin on and all that.

As Ever


  1. Good for you for sticking to the plan - hope you do get to see that scale victory tomorrow!

  2. Oh man, I hate the Arc-Trainer!
    I always do the treadmill or spin bike instead (when I have a choice)
    my trainer still puts me on the Arc sometimes though.

    I just feel like the movement is so.... unsatisfying! As if my legs was to move in a certain, natural motion.. but the Arc forces a very unnatural stride. Not sure I can explain.. but I am glad these machines are getting love by somebody! :-)

  3. Love hearing about your journey and I hope you win this little challenge you have going for yourself!

  4. I love the arc trainer. I first got in the gym when I was down to about 300lbs and the arc trainer was the machine i wanted to conquer! I love how just maxing out the incline works a completely different set of muscles in your legs than keeping it on like a 1-3 incline. Keep up the good work!