Friday, October 2, 2009

Weighing in on weighing in...once again.

Today is Friday so that means that it is time to get on the scale and report what the verdict for the week is, getting right to the number this week, I weighed in at 339 again so no change from last week, sort of. I say sort of because I was actually up early on in the week from last Fridays weigh in because of not following through with what I was suppose to be doing. Tuesday and Wednesday I read through a lot of my older posts and knuckled down which has brought me back around to where I need to be with this whole program so though I have lost weight this week it does not show on the scale because of the loss of focus mid week. Tuesday night I weighed 345 pounds which was post dinner so I am sure the number was exaggerated somewhat but even stll it was more than I cared to see on the scale so back on track I went.

My calories for Thursday were on par coming in at 1655 total and I even squeezed a half of a Sam Adams Summer ale in there after a nice walk last night with Wify and Heather. I am being prodded into doing a 5k in December by Heather AKA Heater AKA Pumpkinface73 and yesterday I get a text message telling asking me if I wanted to walk the route that the 5k is run on so I agreed and Wify and myself headed over. The route is 3.5 miles and we walked it in exactly one hour and other than the balls of my feet rubbing in my sneakers a bit I didn't really feel the walk too much. I have not been doing much walking/running at all and expected the rubbing but it was sort of a wake up call that I need to start doing more of it because I was at a point where 3 miles would not phase me at all in any way and my feets seem to be getting soft because of the relaxed position I have taken with the run/walk time that I should be doing.

I cannot explain it but I am somehow back into the state of mind that I have been for most of the last year and a half and feel as if I again have target to fixate on and strive to get to. This week seems to be a wash and I weigh the same this Friday as I did last week but the biggest difference in this Friday vs last week is that I have my focus back. I am tracking everything that goes into my body again, I am exercising pretty regularly again and most importantly my head is in the game again, that is the recipe for more weight loss if I ever seen it.

I think thats it for today, I have some green tea beeping in the microwave right now so its time to get on up and away from this laptop, grab my tea and get some movement going in the way of playing with my 4 year old who is hounding me to "go jump on the bed" so until next time keep on keepin on and all that.

As Ever


  1. I can't wait to see you this time next with your focus back!

  2. Hey, leave the jumping on the bed to the kid, ok?!

    Love you honey, can't wait for more fall evening walks with you.


  3. I wil try to find my focus again too. :)

    - Lisa