Friday, October 16, 2009

Weight right there fat man! get on this scale now!

The past two weeks I have refocused on my weight loss instead of the maintaining that I had been doing and it is having good results. This morning like a child on Christmas morning I sprung from my California king and skippity hopped to the scale...skippity hopped might be taking it a step too far but I definitely B lined for the scale this morning. I stepped on and the number that I saw was 332.0 pounds, so as I do every Friday I get on three times and the scale said 332.0 all three times and that comes up to a 3.4 pound loss this week and it looks like the gym is doing the trick as far as pulling the pounds off again. I did not get to go to the gym yesterday afternoon as I mentioned because my daughter was home sick from school but after dinner I headed over for a later than usual visit where I did 20 minutes each on the bike and the treadmill and barring my daughter suddenly feeling terrible again I plan on a leg routine with the weights this afternoon when I head over for my workout.

I said "it looks like the gym is doing the trick as far as pulling the pounds off again" but it is not the gym, it is me, it is the hard work that I am putting into my days once again, the gym is but a tool that I am using to get there is all. I honestly believe that if a person does their part that every week can be a successful one where health and weight loss is the subject matter, all of the variables must be looked at but doing your part most times means gains or losses if you will with our health. I will use my wife as an example as she has recently started something new, she has been walking/running the stairs at work instead of taking the elevator, she runs down a set amount to warm up and then runs up 5 flights and then back down twenty plus every day. This morning she said "I got on the scale today and I am up in weight" and the first thing that came to mind for me was that she is up because her muscles are sore and holding water and she knows this too. This is a good thing! a good thing you ask? but she said that she is up in weight? yes a good thing, She is tearing her muscle fibers apart and gaining strength because of it, she is retaining water so that her muscles can repair themselves and be stronger for the effort, the stairs will get easier, the retention will go away and she will be stronger than she was last week at the same time and because she will be building muscle she will ultimately burn more calories, see? its a gain, yet a good thing.

I drank 1 gallon of green tea and more than a gallon of straight H2O yesterday and my calories came in at 1670 total calories so not too shabby, have a look at my menu.

7:30 AM
2 cups fruit and grain cereal 240
1 cup 1% milk 110

11:45 AM
1 progresso low fat clam chowder 220
1 multigrain english muffin 100
smart balance 20
1 med tomato 25

1:45 PM
1 apple 100
1 banana 105

4:00 PM
9oz strawberries 90

6:30 PM
6oz baked tilapia 150
1 cup corn 120
3/4 cup white rice 150

9:00 PM - Post workout
1 cup 1% milk 110
1 scoop whey protein 130

3.4 pounds and I am setting into a routine at the gym, things are rolling right along and perhaps next week I will get to a new all time low as I am within 2 pounds of that figure once again, maybe we will see a new motorcycle comparison shot this time next week but if not I do know that I will be a week stronger mentally as well as physically. Thanks for following along as this fat man gets thinner, I dare not say thin just yet as that is a road yet to be crossed but we are getting closer by the day.

You may continue on with your day now..

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  1. Good job getting the scale moving downward! Ya gotta love the gym! The hard work is so worth it!

  2. What a great post today! It really is all about the hard work you put in. That is my goal for this week!

  3. Great work! You deserve to be proud of yourself.