Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Water water everywhere...why not drink it?? a guide for the drier folks.

Mister Meatball, do you honestly drink one to two whole gallons of fluid per day? I don't believe it! Yes I do drink somewhere between 128 and 256 ounces of fluid per day. But I have trouble drinking a mere 8 cups per day! how do you do it? 8 cups doesn't even begin to touch your fluid needs unless you weigh about 120 pounds and do zero exercise, you have trouble because you are looking for other options which do not hydrate you properly anyways, like the soda, coffee and whole milk that you are use to. I just don't like the taste of water! The average mans body is 60-65% water, it is the life blood of our existence and after oxygen is probably the most important thing to us as living creatures so get use to it because it is essential for life, besides the sugary drinks that you are likely consuming are robbing you of real flavor and taste. Well what makes you an expert smart guy? Nothing at all makes me an expert, I just read a lot and have lost all of my weight with the concept that more water is better so I can only say what has worked for me up to this point.

Using the half oz of water per pound of body weight (which some use .65oz per pound) at my current weight I should be drinking 166 ounces per day or 1.30 gallons and that's not figuring in the 50 minutes of cardio that I do four times per week. At my start weight of 534 lbs back in Jan 2008 using the .50 oz per pound I should have been drinking 267oz per day which is more than 2 gallons but again I am not an expert I just do what works for me. But what about this water intoxication thing that I heard about? From what I understand this is something that athletes and babies have to worry about more than a big ol rotund fella drinking between 1.5 and 2 gallons per day all spread out within a 12 hour period does. Water intoxication occurs when a person drinks so much water that it dilutes the sodium and electrolytes in their system and its not so much how much a person drinks as it is how fast it goes down the hatch. The body needs time to replenish the electrolytes and sodium so drinking 2 gallons of water in a day is not really all that much when you consider that our kidneys as adults can process up to 15 liters of water per day. A marathon runner that is downing gallons of water near the end of a race and then downs another gallon as he finishes may have something to worry about where water intoxication is concerned but me at 332 pounds drinking 1.5 to 2 gallons per day spread out within a 12 hour period, not so much.

Being dehydrated poses more risks to a person that over hydration, especially when we are talking about someone attempting to lose weight, the more fluid that we intake the easier time our system will have with flushing waste out of our bodies. Staying properly hydrated is extremely important and I cannot stress this enough to anyone that cares to ask my opinion because I do honestly believe that my drinking habits account for much of my weight loss success to date, which doesn't mean woohoo! all I have to do is drink 1.5 gallons of water per day and I will drop 200 pounds! Being sufficiently hydrated can mean a boost in metabolism and who doesn't want that if they are trying to drop a couple (hundred) pounds? intaking enough water will decrease food cravings and false hunger as well, thirst and hunger are often confused with one another so when a person feels that pain in the gut that says that its time for one of Auntie Maudes home made Brownies a cool glass of H2O just might be whats needed instead. When we do not drink enough our bodies hold onto all of the water that it can get if that is happening how can it flush out the bad stuff that is inside all of us? in short it cannot do the job sufficiently and we can end up with headaches, stomach pains, swelling, bloating and the list goes on.

"But I just can't drink more than my 8 cups per day" You can and you should because you need more than that, and even more than that if you are exercising daily. When we realize just how important good old H2O is for us its easy to make ourselves drink it daily, and when I say drink it, I mean drink enough. Anyone that knows me personally probably cannot think of a time that I am not drinking either green tea or water pretty much constantly all day every day, I always have a bottle of something with me. I get comments or emails from time to time on this blog from the naysayers and disbelievers about my drinking and the amounts so I thought that I would toss my view on the subject out there for you, and if you are not yet convinced, then my buddy Harvey McDullardsonfengenden has got a product for you!

One last thing, remember kids, I am not a doctor and don't claim to be one so this post is offered to you as is with no expressed warranty and you should talk to your doc before embarking down any path where your health is concerned.

Now that we have that out of the way, thanks for reading along and I hope you took something from this post, don't forget that H2O and stay away from the soda, no really...put it down.

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