Friday, October 9, 2009

And the scale said to him....

This morning is the third week in my Nov 11th challenge and I just weighed in, I will get straight to the number and if I said that I was anything less than pleased it would be a lie. The number that flashed across the display was 335.4 which is 4.2 pounds less than last week and that was after going to the wine tasting last Saturday! In the beginning of the week I said that I wanted 4 pounds and immediately after I said it I felt that it was a bit ambitious but after joining the gym I decided that I would do what I could to try and get that number come today.

This week was a good one for me, I joined a gym, I seem to have my juju back and more than 4 pounds is gone from my body. Eating right tied in with exercise and drinking lots of fluids is the key to what I am doing and today I plan on playing with a new machine at the gym to hopefully get myself into a groove with some weight training. Thursday I did 25 minutes on a bike and another 25 minutes on a treadmill walking between 3.4 and 3.7 mph on a 3.0% grade and I tried out the leg press machine for 5 sets of 6 reps per set in a pyramid starting at 325 pounds and ending at 400 pounds (which was all of the weight on this particular machine) than back down to 325 again and I will cease with the much detailed gym trips once the novelty wears off.

I think I like this picking a number to lose each week thing so this week I will up the ante and go for a 5 pound loss this time around. Now I know that a 5 pound drop is not likely BUT it can be fun trying for it yes? did I just say that it could be fun trying to drop 5 pounds?? Did the fella that once upon a time watched people walking down the street and think to himself "now why the hell would anyone want to walk just to do it??" say it would be fun trying for a 5 pound loss? I believe he did folks.

Yesterdays menu came in at 1555 calories, I did drink 1 gallon of green tea and just under a gallon of straight H2O along with the exercise that I already mentioned so a successful day where health goes.

Have a look at the menu.

7:30 AM
2 cups honey combs 220
1 cup 1% milk 110

11:00 AM
2 oranges 170

2:15 PM
1 can progresso soup 120
1 light multigrain english muffin 100
smart balance 20
1oz turkey pepperoni 70

3:30 PM
1/4 of one ghram cracker 35

6:45 PM
9oz BBQ chicken 450
1 cup green beans 40
10oz steamed cauliflower 60

8:45 PM
2 small apples 160

I am pleased this week with what I have done and how it turned out as far as my trips to the gym go and the weight lost, I feel like I am back in the game and refocused 100% again. I won't take any more of your time and if you have made it this far into my post you should be applauded and you owe yourself a big ol glass of H2O so have at it! and remember kids, the results that you get will directly reflect the work that was put in, or something like that, either way keep on keepin on and all that.

As Ever


  1. Weigh-to-go! Mr. Meatball. You are back on track. I believe that you will achieve or even surpass your Nov 11th goal!

  2. YAHOO! Way to go! I can't wait to see you kill 5 lbs. next week.

  3. Hooray!! 4 lbs is wonderful! Keep up all that hard work. I am thinking of giving myself a challenge next weeks too. Yeah, I agree, it will be fun to see if you can lose 5!!

  4. Nice moves, you kicked some ass. For what it's worth, as a newcomer to a gym as well, I find reading about peoples gym trips much more interesting than calorie logs (for example).

    To each their own I guess. Keep up the good work.

  5. Right on man! Excellent work. And yea, I love that it will be fun for you to try for a higher WL number. Things are a-changing.

    Again, WTG!

  6. It might be in bad form to drop barbell weights at the gym, but dropping scale weights like that deserves a high five (OH wait... you are going for the high five already huh?)

    OK alow me to beat my safety drum just a couple of times. Don't push too much in the gym and get hurt and don't starve. It's all about a journey to fitness not a journey to the hospital.

    5 pounds? about the weight of my breakfast at Foolsfitness!-Alan

  7. Congrats!!! I think that's awesome that you set a number and achieved it! I also used to look at people walking and wondered why anyone would WANT to...LOL. I'm glad you're enjoying your gym experience so far. So am I. Here's to another great week!