Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good for you man...

Yesterday My day started out well enough with Wify and the animals having the day off from school and work and before I knew it that time of day showed up, time to go to the gym and about half way there I realized that I had forgotten my head phones so I would be forced to listen to the monotonous boom tsss boom tsss boom tsss of the bad music that the gym seems to always play, no worries. I got in and straight to my bike and it is about 5 minutes into the ride that I realize, only because I could feel it, that I had forgotten my mid am snack and I am feeling a bit drained and I had only been there for 10 minutes. Pushing through my workout I completed 20 minutes on the bike and then did 30 minutes on the treadmill at 3.4mph with a 2.5% incline and I stayed away from the weights because of the not having a snack before leaving the house.

While I rode my bike, minding my own business I was on the machine that was bordering the isle and an older fella, older than me anyways, I would guess him in his late 40's early 50's walked past with a huge toothy smile on his face and said "Good for you man" and gave me a nod. This is the second time since starting down this path to better health that someone has said that exact statement to me and I get that it was most likely not meant as anything negative but man does it burn my ass when I hear it. Its like "Hey look at that fat dude bustin ass! good for him!" but I wasn't working and harder or easier than anyone else in there but my weight apparently means something in that respect I suppose. This fella seemed to chat the ear off of everyone that was unfortunate enough to make eye contact with him so I may be reading too far into it but saying good for you to a fat dude working out is not helping on any level and somehow comes off patronizing, that's what I get for forgetting my headphones I guess.

My intake for Monday was pretty decent and I managed to squeeze in a Long trail before dinner after repairing a window sill on our house that had some rot going on, Have a look at the menu.

8:45 AM
2 cups fruit and grain cereal 240
1 cup 1% milk 110

2:00 PM
1 banana 105

3:30 PM
2.5oz grilled chicken breast 125
Italian wrap 90
lettuce/tomato/onion/pickle 45

5:00 PM
1 long trail beer 163

6:15 PM
1 can progresso clam chowder 220
green salad 65
2 T light balsamic vinaigrette 60
1 hard boiled egg 70
2 T Romano/parm cheese mix 20

7:00 PM
2 small pancakes 175

8:45 PM
1 large apple 100

1588 total calories for the day and I drank a gallon of green tea and maybe 3/4 gallon of straight H2O, 50 minutes of cardio along with that so not too shabby. Unfortunately I wil not be able to make it to the gym today so I will go tomorrow which is usually the day that I don't go but since I would rather not miss 2 days in a row I will squeeze it into my normally busy Wednesday.

Thanks for following along with my adventures in getting thin and don't forget that you make your own decisions, I have never seen a brownie hop into someones mouth on its own.

As Ever


  1. As a fellow large dude, dont worry about the comments from other gym folks. They are jealous of our stature and girth.. Great read, thanks

  2. If only that guy knew how far you've already come. :)

  3. "I have never seen a brownie hop into someones mouth on its own.' LOVE THAT!

  4. Haha maybe you should wear a sign that says "I've lost over 100 lbs!"

  5. it's amazing that comments meant in a positive way are often heard as patronizing to people like us. You ARE busting your ass and have been doing so for quite a while. I think it's awesome :) Personally when people say things to me like "OMG you've lost SO much weight!" the first thing I think is "so you DID think I was a fatass previously". Of course 99% of people mean things positively, but unless they've been in your/our shoes, they don't really get that it can burn too.

    (sorry, just jumping in to your blog. I'm Renée, nice to meet you!)

  6. I hear ya...try living in Japan and being big..not only are you a foreign but your a giant as well.

    I had some students ask me how much I weighed.. I told them..and I also told them that I had lost 126lbs since January.. their reply, "116 pounds down and your that big now??!!" I was burning...

    Keep up the good work..

  7. This falls right along the lines of "wow, I can't believe how good you look!" LOL. I try to just chalk it up to ignorance (which is still no excuse for rudeness). They've never lived in a large body, so they have no idea how what they're saying comes across. I love your line about the brownie...! I'll have to remember that one.

  8. I just found your blog and I am amazed at your progress! Have you tried bumping up the intensity of your cardio? I don't have patience to do cardio for 50 minutes but props to you. Keep up the hard work!

  9. Love the brownie comment....funny but absolutely true.