Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Decide now...before its too late.

When staring down the barrel of losing a significant amount of weight sometimes it seems like there are just too many options between all of the fancy pre-packaged diet plans, gym memberships, self made plans and piles of different miracle pills out there. What do we do as a person that NEEDS to lose weight? which direction do we turn? how do we make a choice as to what to do to resolve our weight problems?

Then it hits you like that obvious obvious that's been sitting there the whole time, I have to do something, anything just as long as its not how I'm getting down right now because I weigh 500 pounds and this isn't working for me or anyone else in my life. The research begins, there is weight watchers, Atkins, South beach and a slew of other plans even including miracle pills like Harvey McDullardsonfengenden promotes, perhaps it will be a weight loss surgery that will get me out of this hole? and then we realize that we are very much an expert on all of these different methods of weight loss and feel over prepared somehow and yet still we don't know where to begin.

Lets get down to the root of how the weight got put on, we ate too much and didn't move enough so the opposite should serve as a way to take it off right? Calories in vs calories out? hmmm interesting concept and so it begins. Counting calories has probably saved my life and as dramatic as that last statement might sound it is the truth, I am not an expert on weight loss by any meaning of the words but I have been around that block a few times. It took a lot of things coming together all at once for me to decide that enough was enough and I literally flipped a switch one night and started down a path to better health. I was an early 30's Dad and Husband sitting and watching life pass me by because I couldn't control my intake? kind of stupid is how I saw it, My back injury kept me from walking without pain let alone working out but I had to do something, so I did.

I know that bad things were on the horizon for me if I hadn't changed when I did, I had constant heartburn, my lower back hurt all of the time, though I refused to go to a doc and get checked out I know that my blood pressure had to be high and I was very likely pre diabetic because how could I not be at 500 plus pounds? I thought that I was a dead man if I didn't change and if I didn't do it NOW not later, not in a week not in a month. The love of my life had run out on new years eve to grab a bottle of Disaronno to celebrate the coming of the new year but she came home with with more than that and that pint of Dublin mudslide became much more significant that either of us knew at the time. I decided that I would eat it a year later after I had lost some weight on my terms and thats just what I did and my life is so much better than that new years eve when the decision to take my life back took place.

Tomorrow is a new beginning of sorts, I say new because I am starting off at a new weight with the same goal but my strategy is changing slightly because I am in better shape now than I was when I started at 534 pounds. I will weigh myself and post the result here for you to see and it will be the start point for the new run at 275 pounds, I proved that I can lose a huge amount of weight and keep it off and now its time to prove that I can reach a level of fitness that I have never experienced myself.

Tune in tomorrow for the latest episode of Fatman and Blobin to find out what that number is and of course make the best decisions that you can for your health until then.

That's all I got.

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  1. Great post my friend...we were both headed for early graves because of our obesity, there's no doubt. I've never heard of an elderly 500 pound man...
    Your no-nonsense understanding, as you know, is right up my alley...Thank you for taking time to write this incredible blog. 275, watch out---Zeus is coming...I would imagine you'll exceed your expectations.

    My best always

  2. I think you'll succeed, you've managed to get a long way down and I'm sure you can get to whatever goal you set.

  3. Awesome and thank you again for inspiring someone like me to join you !!!

  4. Every day I read one or two of your blogs from the beginning of your journey. This one caught my eye so I wanted to read it. You really have inspired it, kind of weird how a total stranger can make you analyze something that has been staring you in the face everyday! I am going to start my journey tomorrow, I want some happiness as we head into the holiday season. Good luck with your new goal, I hope to be not too far behind ya!

    Houston, TX

  5. I'm so inspired by your motivation. I wish I had half of what you have! When you first started how did you go about exercising and moving? You describe just walking as hurting your back. Did you do a stationary bike or just do small movements?

  6. I'm really excited to have found your blog! Your story sounds so like mine. I wasn't 500 pounds but I was pushing 400 and one day I just said, "That's it!" I also felt like a weight loss expert almost because I have be battling my weight since I was in grade school. I knew what I needed to do, it's so simple right?

    I'm going to try to read you from the beginning because I really want to know your journey. I'm amazingly proud of your success...not just the weight loss but the continued motivation to reach your goal! Keep up the greatness. Thank you