Wednesday, September 1, 2010

War huh what is it good for? for making asses smaller I tell ya!

Getting right back into the swing of things at the gym I got in a good solid 50 minutes worth of cardio yesterday followed by some yard work and I can honestly say that I feel more up because of the movement. Its almost like having that time to myself makes me want to do more with it, when we have a little bit of time that we can call our own things somehow feel easier. Children take up a lot of time and attention, especially when one of them has special needs so its not always easy to get to the gym no matter how important getting there is, but you can always take a bike ride man! True enough that a bike ride is an option, push ups are too, I mean hell I have time to write this very post I should be able to find time to get some kind of exercise into my day right? sort of. All at the same time I can and will never make an excuse for not working out, I should be able to find time in every day for at least something even if its just some calisthenics but there are the days that its a struggle to do it and we will all have them.

Being able to focus on myself 100% again since the kiddos are back to school is important because when we focus on us 30% of the time and take care of other things in the remainder it can be difficult to drop weight and keep or build muscle in the same way as when its 100%. This is why weight loss is so hard, it really is like a full time job, if we lose it as a focal point it becomes very easy to start slipping back and before we know it weight is coming back on. We need to find a balance between keeping our lives rolling forward while we eat clean and exercise daily, doing this really is simple but is as hard as they come if that makes any sense at all. I say that its simple because it is, eat a certain amount of food, make sure that its clean, drink enough water, exercise daily and that as a concept is simple and honestly as a practice should be simple too. It becomes hard because of all of the other things happening in concert around us while we do those things, kids, jobs, house work, spouses, pain and breaking old habits but it is possible and as long as we believe that while we follow through with the basics you can have success with becoming healthy.

Right now as I type this I know that I will be in the gym 20 minutes after I hit the publish button and honestly it will be the highlight of my day. Now that the kids are back in school I can focus on me a little more closely than I have been over the summer, There are some other plans in the works for me and where I am going with my weight loss and plans because of it but that will be for another post some other day! In an earlier post I mentioned that I will weigh in on September 30th and every Friday thereafter and I am planning on getting some more motorcycle pictures up here, My plan includes smashing my weight goals to the ground and going into full on war with myself to get the weight lower than it has ever been won't you join me with that task? awe c'mon you know ya want to!

Also worth mentioning, Thursday the 2nd which is yes TOMORROW! I will be featured in an article on, I was contacted by a writer for AOL a couple weeks ago asking if I would be interested in being featured in an article and of course I humbly accepted! tomorrow around 3PM ET the article will be up on the site! very exciting! I have seen the article in draft already and will post a direct link as soon as it appears on their site so that anyone that is interested could read it. When I started writing this blog it was purely so that I could have a place to reflect back on and have a little accountability in a public eye and here I am being asked to be featured in an article, I truly am humbled by it.

That concludes this message from the emergency weight loss broadcast system, this was only a test, if it had been an actual weight loss emergency the post that you just read would have been followed by official information, news or instructions and that's all I got for today.

As Ever

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  1. WOW, what an inspiration you are!!! I just found your blog & will continue to read on a regular basis!