Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Its YOUR life, live it! lots of pictures.

There are days when a person feels like they don't want to get up out of bed and then there are days when we jack in the box out of that bed, hit the ground running and have the most amazing of days and today, well you can call me Jack. I think that the program going as intended is starting to get my body back into a rhythm because I have not stopped moving today and feel like I can do more than I already have. This post shall be dedicated to movement and my bike for I owed her a nice ride because of the state that she was in yesterday with the clothes hanging from her limbs.

I had to start off with the tunnel of love to warm her up to me again

My trip to the gym this morning was a good one, I did 25 minutes on the stationary bike followed by 20 on a treadmill and finished up with some light weight lifting for about another 20 minutes. I did some light shopping for bananas and oranges and homeward bound I was but as I drove I noticed just how gorgeous the day was and decided that a bike ride around the lake was in my future. Upon getting home I ate a banana and topped off the tires on the bike and off I went but when I hit the spot in the road to turn and go around the lake I decided that I would hop onto the Rails to Trails path that's not too far from my house and off I went. These photos are just a few shots that I took during my ride, I figured that since I disgraced my poor bike with the clothing photos yesterday that I would make it up to her with a few pictures more in her element.

oooh! a Bridge!

and the purpose for the bridge.

Just me stopping for a drink about half way through my ride.

Same spot as the image of me above just shot from behind the bike.

This is one of the crossings where the path crosses a street.

oooh! a Lake!

I came across a couple other riders on the trail today but otherwise it was all mine and I have to tell ya, enjoyable does not even begin to describe the just over 10 mile ride. I also came across a couple deer! I was cruising about 11 mph down a nice sunny part of the path when about 100 yards in front of me I see a deer cross the bike path, then another and in the interest of not plowing into a deer on my bike I slowed down and kept my eye open for any more crossing. I wanted to get a photo of the deer but as soon as they heard the bike coming down the path they leaped back across the way they had come about 30 feet in front of me so no picture but it was pretty cool none the less.

I am still floored at the fact that I can just on a whim hop onto my bike and head off for an awesome ride like the one I took this afternoon because I can clearly remember not being able to run and this is a far cry from that old me. I at times think about all of the things that I must have missed out on in the past because of my weight and I can with all honesty that it saddens me. There are whole blocks of years worth of my life that I cannot get back and they were wasted on brown bags full of greasy fast foods laced with sodium and who know what else, I could have been enjoying things like I did on today's ride all along. Making the decision to lose the weight that was holding me back was one of the best and most important decisions that I have ever made in my entire life because now I am actually living that life unlike in the past when I was much heavier.

If you are on the fence about starting a weight loss program I recommend that you hop on down and start today, it doesn't matter if you count calories like me, join one of the pay to play programs or if its just making the choice to go for a walk after dinner tonight just do it. Who knows what I have missed out on because of being so heavy? I will never know the true extent of it but I wish that I had started earlier than I did because this side of the fence is a lot better than the one where dragging myself up a flight of stairs to take a piss was a reality. You owe yourself the chance to live life on your terms just like I do and everyone else that's in this world and if its weight that's holding you back you CAN do something about it and you MUST do something about it or else you are cheating yourself out of what life really has to offer.

That's all I got for today but you can be sure that tomorrow is another day and another post will be on the way, until then keep on keepin' on.

Oh yeah, I caught my bike smiling at me through the dust on the gears so she ain't mad no more.

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  1. Trying to leave you a comment! And also saying thank you for the wonderful pictures! Looks like you had a fabulous ride!

  2. Hi, still reading your blog and how your journey is going. Youre looking great

    If its OK to ask, how much have you lost, and how much do you plan of losing, and what was your initial starting weight

    Thanks, not being nosey, just kinda relate weights to those who are losing and using it to help me

    Take care LR

  3. I cant leave comments, whats up with that

  4. awesome that you can ride so effortlessly!