Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weigh in time the pre prequel..

Tomorrow is the day before the day that I step back on the scale for the blog, going off of this mornings number I am not all too thrilled about it but a deal is a deal so it shall be posted. I have a feeling that putting the weigh ins back on here each week will keep me a bit more on track because I need that accountability still, its amazing what that does for consistency. Losing weight is not something thats easy and I don't believe anyone that says that it is, HOW to lose weight is simple but actually doing it and staying on that path is where it begins to get a little more difficult. Maintaining my weight over the last year has been a learning experience for me because I thought that I would never be able to have a random beer or a slice or two of pizza here and there without completely blowing what I have done with my health. The fact is that I can have things that are not on such a strict regimen and not balloon up to my former size and I have proven that to myself without even knowing it or setting out to do so and thats somehow reassuring to me because I do enjoy a beer or two in the summer months.

Me stopping to test out my new phone in the mirror at the gym this afternoon.

That party is over for now because I have decided to give myself a deadline to hit 275 pounds, that deadline is April 2011 and we will see tomorrow exactly how much I will need to drop in that time but it is going to be a challenge. I am stronger than I thought I was back in Jan 2008 when I decided that enough was enough and its time to show myself that I am stronger than I am right now too. Making my way through better health this last year has been less than spectacular if we are taking only my weight into account and I started off with a goal to reach 275 pounds so I need to reach that goal. My physicality has greatly improved over the last year and my endurance is way up thanks to my bicycle, I have done strength training and I know that my raw strength is up but I am fixated on reaching 275 pounds, I need it.

I posted a couple weeks ago a post titled "Will today be your day one?" and I think that I need to follow that question to the end for myself because today is a new day one for me. I am changing a few things in my program up in order to try and shock my body into doing what I want it to do which is burn more fat and make more lean muscle. I have written myself a program that includes weight training, cardio training and some minor changes in my eating routine and I will not change what I drink in a day because I can honestly feel a difference when I don't get enough fluids in. I will finish what I started back in Jan 2008 and hit that 27 pound goal and then I will move right on past it and get down even further because I have to, I have to so that I can prove to myself that I can do it.

I will be adding a weekly weigh in gadget on the side bar of the blog to track each week on the main page like I did when I started so that I can at a glance see the progress in writing in front of me. Updating the "Start/Current/Goal" gadget is on the list as well so that I can see what I am at currently instead of that low number of 305lbs staring at me each day when I post. Its time to kick this back into a higher gear and get down to that weight that I set so many months back because its been too long and these days of gliding through in a 2xl shirt need to be put behind me once and for all. Considering that I started off in a 6XL shirt I am in a good place but I would like to see what a regular old XL feels like again, I was about 12 the last time that happened.

Tomorrow I thought that I was going to weigh in and post it up for all of you guys and gals that read along with me but only if you promise not to point and laugh at the back slide that occurred between May 21st and now. For now that's all ya get because I need to go start making part of dinner but make sure to pop on in tomorrow and see what the scale tells me my start weight for the new run at 275 is, until then keep on keepin' on and remember that no one will do it for you so get up off that ass and move!

**Disclaimer!** I wrote this post thinking that today was Wednesday, I am weighing in on Thursday not tomorrow ooops!

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  1. I promise not to point and laugh no matter what. And I often get confused as to what day it is. I am a freelance worker, don't go to an office... it is really easy for them to blur a bit.

  2. checking your comment section !:)

  3. Best wishes for your weigh in !

  4. The weight loss journey is, as you say, not an easy one....and anyone who would point and laugh at you for "back sliding" (your term, not mine) when you've come such an amazing distance, is not worthy of being part of your blog-o-rama!! Keep on keepin' on!

  5. Good luck with your weigh-in Tony. I do think posting a weekly weigh in helps with accountability.