Monday, September 27, 2010


Going nuts because of a perfect bike riding weekend and here I sit with a busted pedal on my bike, its true enough that I have that old Rockhopper sitting there begging for a ride but I am not sure that I trust a 20 plus year old bike for a longer ride. My intake over the weekend though it was within my budget I know that it was high in sodium because of stops at Applebees and Friendlys restaurants, no worries right? wrong! I think that I have to buckle down and start hitting it harder than I already am because my weight isn't really budging at all lately. This Friday I am posting my weight on the blog as the regular "Friday weigh in's" return but you may be surprised at the weight posted as it is not even close to where I wanted it to be at this point.

Over the last year I haven't really made much ground in the actual number of my weight, this bothers me a bit while at the same time it is what it is and showed me that I can in fact maintain my losses with some normal eating and regular exercise. Last June when I got my bike I literally rode a single mile, my rump was sore for the rest of the day and I was out of breath pulled into a driveway trying to decide on whether I was going to try to get further or just turn around and go home, I turned around. Last Thursday I rode an 18 mile ride so physically I feel that I have improved, I wear a 2xl shirt compared to a 3xl last year, I am smaller? but my weight is more than a couple pounds heavier than that low weight of 305 that I saw on May 1st 2010.

I am physically capable of more than I was a year ago and yet here I am weighing the same, I can ride further than ever on my bike and would be willing to bet that I could run further too , which will be tested at the gym today as I plan on doing some sprints and or a week of C25K just to see how I do, yet I weigh the same as about a year ago. Frustrating yet I understand that I haven't really pushed myself as I did in the beginning so what to do next? Well, let me tell ya. I am using today as the beginning of the end, huh? what you talkin' bout Willis?? The end of my gut is what I am talking about because I am through with coasting along at a maintenance pace and am going back to basics with the weighing and measuring each bite that goes into my pie hole again.

I think that my exercise is pretty much on par and obviously I am doing my part there because taking bike rides that last hours on dirt trails certainly gets the heart going not to mention gym trips that consist of 45 to 60 minutes of cardio but alas! I will up the intensity of said gym trips to aid in the push towards a sub 300 pound version of me. Today is going to be treated as a turning point in my plan, today is going to be the start of a hard run at sub 300 pounds which will start with me clicking publish and walking out the door heading to the gym where I will bust my ass in an attempt to force my body into submission because its been too long since I last posted a motorcycle on this blog.

so its on...

That's all I got..

As Ever


  1. Tony, i think it's great that you want to charge back up to the weight loss thang...As you mentioned, though, in the past year you've increased your physical movement twenty-fold...your muscles are increasing, while the fat is decreasing - hence the change in shirt size...if you had measured your neck, waist, chest and thigh a year ago, and checked again now, methinks there would be an incredible difference. It's been said before, sometimes the scale isn't the only measuring tool to mark the changes...Congrats on all you've accomplished - you deserve kudos for what you've sone so far! Best to you in this next leg of your journey...Yes, keep yourself in check with your intake, etc, but also allow time for this final jaunt - you are SO CLOSE!

  2. I'm pushing for that goal too. When I do I'll post something heavy too. Can't wait