Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bombarded with acorns..

Today was another wonderful day in New England, about 65 degrees, clear sky and the tiniest of breezes, so of course that meant that I would pass on my drive over to the gym and take a bike ride. This whole kids back in school thing really makes it easier to do what I gots ta do with the weight loss game, I have felt awesome the past couple weeks since they went back and am hitting on all cylinders again. I almost forgot to eat breakfast today but caught it around 9:30am and ate a banana with peanut butter on it which is light but if I wasn't hungry for anything more I didn't want to push it. I decided that because yesterdays bike ride was a good length and pretty hilly that I would take a short hard ride this morning but when I got to the junction to either head back towards the house or go the other way to the MUP I bet you can guess which way that I went.

Because of the original plan of going for a shorter ride I had pushed myself to that point and was feeling it a little bit about half way through the 12 mile ride and I came across a cat just rolling in the dirt right in the center of the path. I stopped to say hello to my feline friend and the cat ran towards the bike and started purring and rubbing itself against me and the bike, a cat was not what I was expecting to find on the trail. Off I went back towards home and the whole ride lasted just about exactly an hour and was 12 miles and that my friends is a good workout let me tell ya! I wanted to try and get to the gym later just for a quick trot on the treadmill or some light weight lifting but this ride has wiped me out, I don't know if its the small breakfast, the ride yesterday, or the fact that I was up late watching UFC and Nate Marquardt beat Rousimar Palhares but I am done for the day.

I went over my calories yesterday by about 200 but my weight this morning tells me that it was ok as I am down from the previous morning and I am thinking about upping my calories a bit but haven't decided yet for sure. Hydration has never been an issue with me but I like to mention it as much as possible because I believe that its more important than we know when trying to lose weight and I drank 2.5 gallons of fluid yesterday between my tea and H2O. Exercise? well yeah I would say that I have it covered for yesterday and today so I won;t get into that any further.

The acorns were plummeting to earth as I rode through and a good time was had by all, even that cat that got a quick rub before I was on my way. This day would not have been possible just two and a half years ago and honestly I don't know where I might be if I hadn't changed things when I did but I am glad its turning out the way that it is. I have learned in the past couple years that if you want something that you have to do something about it because no one will just walk up and hand you life, its one of those things that we must do ourselves in order to appreciate all that it has to offer.

That's all I got for today, I hope that you enjoy your day as much as I am enjoying mine.

As Ever

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  1. Love that you kept riding :)

    You are very inspirational.