Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 973, The most wonderful time of the year.

Back from my camping trip with the wife she is complaining about her sore back because of where she was forced to sleep but it will all be ok dear, the bike was safe and warm. This week affords me the opportunity to get back to the gym on a regular basis and I decided that its time to blast through this 300 pound barrier that I have been looking at from the distance. Somehow I have become easy on myself and that's because I am comfortable right now where I am with my health, I have not been left out of anything because of being too big in quite some time but we have come now to a point where I want to get to the other side of that 300 pound line in the sand.

Walking into the gym yesterday for the first time in a month felt good, I belong there and I am happy that is how I feel about it. Saying that I haven't been to the gym in a month doesn't mean that I have not been getting in some movement, I am on a bike at least 4 times per week and as much as I am on a bike I enjoy going to the gym almost the same I have decided that September 30th will be the next weigh in for the blog and then its back to normal with Friday weigh ins as I have done in the past, I find that having those weekly posts with the weight helps me a lot more than when I don't do it.

I started this blog a good long while ago now and when I did I made an image for the header that depicted the way I felt when faced with my weight loss, a train bearing down on me with nothing in my hand to stop it besides my willpower and wits. The last year I have become compliant because of getting to a place where I am not limited and I have settled into a routine that allows me to have a beer now and again, not weigh and measure every bite that goes into my body and miss workouts without any real negative besides not losing any more weight. I have maintained my weight for the last year without gaining more than a few pounds which come back off on their own and that my friends is called fluctuation but it shows me something, it shows me that I am very capable of maintaining a weight and that is kind of important because at some point I am going to have to maintain for good.

I am ready to slam my shoulder into the front of that train and finish what I've started, The children are back to school and the summer is coming to an end so forward momentum must be gained again. Enjoying the summer without adding the stresses of being as strict as it takes to drop weight the way I like to the stresses of every day life as is was a necessary evil this time around. The gym will be my second home for a while and I have a feeling that sub 300 pounds is right around the corner for me and I am proving to myself that living a healthy life is possible even when lifes not so fun moments poke their head into our personal business.

Its that time again folks, step to the side or get run over.

As Ever


  1. Here's to a great end of the year for all of us. Glad you had a good vacation!

  2. Welcome back, Tony...the picture was amusing (my 1st response was "hey - where'dja get the hair?!?)...but then I looked closer and got a little creeped out...where did you find that picture? It looks like the girl has a haunch of meat by her feet...leftovers from dinner, or perhaps to keep the bears away from the bike? LOL!