Tuesday, August 10, 2010

YOU are the one...

Don't tell me that you can't do it, if you do I will not believe the words weakly falling from your pie hole.

That sounds a lot like an excuse to me, perhaps you should reevaluate your stance before making the decision to not workout today.

I understand that its just a tiny amount of cereal grabbed from the box but you don't need it so put it back right this very moment.

I will start being strict again tomorrow, do in NOW not later.

Making the decision to get and stay healthy has to be all of the way, it has to be how we live each and every day of our lives, we need to eat real foods and exercise our bodies in order to be at the top of our limits every day. I can tell you that at 500 plus pounds nothing is easier, not a single thing in life is made more simple because of weighing more than a quarter ton unless we are talking about anything gravity related, or perhaps breaking the inner structure of a couch. Being chained to an uncomfortable life because of our weight is not a fun thing, I do not wish it on anybody and I feel for people that I see walking around or in a lot of times rolling around in motorized chairs breathing heavy while struggling to appear as if they are in control of things. I honestly at times have to stop myself from offering help to random people that I see struggling to breathe because of their weight, I know first hand how it feels as well as knowing that a hand reached out would feel like an insult because at my highest if someone offered to help I would have insisted that they were crazy and that I was just fine.

Making the decision to snatch our lives from an almost certain heart attack or hand grenading our knees isn't easy, its not something that is a snap change in the way we eat and exercise but when a person weighs 500 plus pounds its time to start making it a priority. I don't think that anyone can just flip a switch and be mister super weight loss eat right guy but over time and lots of research that can develop and a healthy life can be his. Nobody forces us to eat badly, there is no giant with a club holding our mouths open while he shoves greasy morsels of artery clogging food down our gullets, it just doesn't happen like that. We have to be our own police, when its food that is the addiction its hard because we need to eat, and we need to do it every day so how do you police that effectively all while not obsessing over it? You have to want it more than you want the handful of cereal or the bacon double bacon cheeseburger pizza dipped in chocolate sauce and melted cheese.

When I was 500 pounds I was the very same man that I am now but there was a difference, that difference is that I hid behind the difficulty of what was in front of me where as now I take responsibility for whatever I do, they are my decisions and mine alone. Nothing is going to change if we don't make it change, in some cases we must force a change because if we don't then it will always be our downfall and when you are (if you read my blog regularly you know I hate this term) Morbidly obese time is against you. I wish that someone would have told me that I had a case of being a little bitch and prescribed me a heavy dose of man the fuck up a long time ago because that's what it comes down to for me, and its how I look at my health these days. I have to do what I need to in order to assure that I am around a very long time so that I can show my kids that there is a right way and a wrong way to approach their health so that they will never have to concern themselves with the struggles of being an extremely heavy individual in a society that just does not accept it not to mention all of the health risks involved with weighing as much as a silver back gorilla.

Make excuses or make your mind up to do something about the weight, it is your choice, your decision and your life. I can't tell you that its easy because it really has been one of the most difficult things that I have done in my life but I can tell you that I am happier right now than I have been in my entire adult life because of making that decision to live life on my terms.

I can and am doing it..

I will workout today...

I did walk past that cereal box without dipping into it....

I am on plan and full steam ahead NOW not tomorrow.....

Won't you join me?

As Ever


  1. Amen!!! I think way to often people think control is outside themselves. We can do ANYTHING we put our minds to, it's just about doing it. Great post Tony!

  2. I love your "man the eff up" comment- I think that's what I'm going to have to say to my brother if I ever see him again... Oh the drama...

    You've come a long way so I know you can get past any humps :)

  3. I'm in! I'll join you! Thanks for keeping it real!