Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Decisions...Can you make the right one?

We make decisions every day of our lives which takes us down our own path ultimately deciding where we end up for the end game, These are the decisions that mold our very existence. At every Y in the road there is a choice to make and that is no different than when a person struggling with weight has to decide whether to skip the brownie or not, there is a choice and what we decide will dictate where the path takes us. I have literally had to take pause and think to myself "is this cookie really worth the end result?" sometimes I eat it but most times I choose to not take the empty calories and grab some baby carrots or a glass of H2O instead because I know that making better choices most of the time is how I will succeed with my health goals.

The choice to workout each day falls on each of our own shoulders, there are days that I do not no way ain't gonna happen have the time to get to the gym or out for a ride on my bike and a lot of those times I go without any exercise for that day. Instead of skipping a workout there is always something that we can do to get at least some exercise in, now it may not be a vigorous 30 minute cardio session followed by weight lifting and a nice calming stretching routine but something is better than nothing. Push ups and crunches are some of my favorites, I can do either of those exercises in the spare seconds between chores, or right before bed even, they don't take long at all and help us keep or add some muscle while we shed weight. These decisions are the key to success when it comes to our health, if we make the wrong decision too many times we can end up weighing in excess of 500 pounds and unable to do many remedial tasks that most people take for granted.

I suppose what I am getting at is what I have said from the beginning, well, the beginning of this blog anyhow, and that is every one of us holds in our hands the power to change our rotund physiques into a healthier version with our choices. At the end of the day it is each and every one of us that is responsible for ourselves so when 10:30 pm comes around and we are sitting on the couch before bed, every decision that was made where eating and or exercise is the subject falls squarely onto our own shoulders. Eating is an important thing for us as human beings, I mean we can't live without eating but I don't think that any one of us should live to eat, in the grand scheme there is not a food on the planet that tastes as good as being free to do whatever we want to on our own terms. That is a fact that I have learned first hand and I never want to be on the wrong side of that equation ever again.

I'm just another fat guy getting healthier but I can tell you first hand that making better decisions one day at a time has changed the way that I live completely and you can do it too, if you want it.

Thats all I got.

As Ever


  1. That's a great post!! It's exactly what I needed to read right now. I was just trying to motivate to workout and giving myself too many good excuses to put it off.
    I really admire you for the journey you've taken and am so glad for your success.
    Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to go do my cardio now!

  2. You hit the nail on the head..again! Thank you for the reminder and the inspiration!