Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mike Tyson is effecting my weight loss.

How does a person who lost 230 pounds, became the man that he knew he was and completely turned his physical around gain more than 100 pounds back get into a groove that will again allow him to drop back into Superman status? This is my quandary.

I ask myself constantly how did I do it? how did I drop 230 pounds the first go around? most importantly how can I do it again? I walk, I eat decent (I'll admit I am not doing my part 100% where eating goes) but it seems that lately no matter what I do, no matter how hard I work the weight does not come off. I was doing yard work Tuesday and felt awesome because well, my yard looks amazing in the spring and I was getting what I have always considered "free exercise" by doing the work. fast forward to last night and I am itchy... My nemesis has returned, yep Poison Ivy, I must have missed that I pulled some roots up that were hairy and bamn! my fragile skin which cries at night thinking about poison ivy came in contact and this morning I look like I went 12 rounds with the young Mike Tyson.

I decide that going to my doc is the better option considering that the hospital is where I typically end up when meeting Poison Ivy in dark alleys if not a quick run to the mob doc for some medical help. I walk in, get weighed, blood pressure etc etc everything that happens with a visit to the doc and the nurse says "He will be right in" so I wait. The Doc walks in, says hello "been a while" yep sure has, "looks like ya got some poison ivy there huh?" yep sure do, "what are we going to do about that weight Tony?" I laughed because I had just told my wife who dropped me off that he would ask me. I said "lets get this taken care of and then we can talk" to which he replies, "yeah, you're getting a shot and a script like every time, now your weight"  and I think to myself "awesome" ...

After a short talk describing how I can;t seem to drop weight any more he wanted to do some blood work for my thyroid and I am reminded that My father takes meds for Thyroid, my grandmother had problems with hers as did my aunt... hmmmmm why didn't I think of that? because it seemed like an excuse when I DID think about it. I have an appointment in a month to talk about whatever the blood tests say and I somehow feel good that I am doing something proactive about this problem that I have. 

My blood pressure was ok, heart rate ok, everything seemed ok besides the statement where the doc said "you're 73 pounds more than the last time I saw you" ..... ouch. I got a shot for the ivy, got some prednisone and a cream for the itching so hopefully this "boxers look" that I have right now leaves me sooner than later and I feel hopeful where my weight loss is concerned again as its been a while since that was the case.

Maybe getting poison ivy was a blessing in disguise, I don't know but I do know that that hopeful feeling is deadening the itching a bit, so I'll take it. 

Thats all I got.

As Ever


  1. You can get back to where you were and further. Glad the docs visit gave you hope. Sorry about the poison ivy. Keep your chin up.

  2. Zeus,
    The two of us have much in common. I've felt the same type of thing--and did I do this before? I hope your blood work comes back okay.
    I think, for me, I tend to compare--even if subconsciously--to my previous "run." And then, anything that doesn't measure up to that standard feels like a failure.
    Ridding ourselves of that natural dynamic is critical--living in the now and letting go of the negative emotions surrounding our weight gain is crucial. It's one day at a time, Zeus. And I don't have all the answers either--I feel like I'm learning how to walk again...learning how to get in touch with the desire and fire within that pushes us forward with enthusiasm.
    Remember how fun it was before? We made it that way. It was our perspective and attitude... And if we took inventory of everything today--I would suspect the biggest change is in our attitude and perspective and how it's affected by our experience...and it's hampered by the negative emotions associated with where we find ourselves...
    I hope your poison ivy clears quickly. Take care, sir

  3. I've been following you for a long time and I'm glad you're still here. Have you looked into keto much? The reddit keto boards are something I discovered at the beginning of the year- they have helped me immensely- it's my 'favorite' of the many, many, (many) ways of eating I've done over the years. There is a transition when cutting out ALL grains, fruit, etc but when you're over the hump it's so. nice. That said, you gotta do YOU and you are good at that- just wanted to say hello! - Sara

  4. Well done on getting to the doc. I know for me thyroid issues run in my family. Hang in there. Just focus on today doing the basics, eat as clean as you can, move for at leasr half an hour and drink loads of water. You are where you are friend - dont look back look ahead. You have done it bwefore and you will continue . This is all part of the same journey and statistically you are certainly not alone having regained some. Don't beat yourself up- just focus on doing next right thing today. Best wishes to you.