Wednesday, April 30, 2014

As simply as I can say it..

In life, sometimes we are not sure where to start, many times it seems so daunting that we fail before we start, other times we dwell on what use to be but it will always remain the same no matter at what junction we stand.

You must start from the point at which you currently stand, not because its the best idea, not because someone else said so and not because the mood strikes you on any particular day.

But because it is where you stand and there is no other starting point.

What's holding YOU back?

Now to take my own advice.....

As Ever


  1. The thinking is perfect, because no matter what the problem is, to solve it, we have to start somewhere because if we don't, the problem only grows and becomes harder to solve. Rubin Brandal.

  2. Starting from where we are. Letting go of whatever is behind, not looking too far ahead and simply focusing on today...Love your message, Zeus.

  3. How are you, Zeus? Thinking of you this morning.

  4. It is so goof tot see inspirational stories. I am starting my own blog as a source of accountability. I am looking toward my inspirations for inspiration. Please follow my blog!

  5. I love this! There's never going to be the perfect time to start any type of journey, you just have to go for it and enjoy the process.

  6. Came looking for inspiration. Thanks so much"