Thursday, August 7, 2014

The girl in the red dress.

I decided to log into the blog after someone that I have known since childhood said to me "I read your blog and I'm waiting for an update" I had no idea that people I knew actually read this blog because I tried to keep it as out of that loop as possible but here goes, an update. 

When I say there is a lot going on in my personal life I am understating, which honestly sounds like an excuse to me but as I have stated before I am indeed a stress/emotional eater which I'm working on but for now it wins that fight more times than not and I find myself lit from the front by a refrigerator light at times. My success with dropping weight paired with this whole regain bullshit that I've allowed myself to slide back into just because focusing on me is rougher these days has got to stop and I've "restarted" so many times in the last 2 years that I could be the poster boy for yo yo dieting at this point. There are days when I'm all like "Bring it on, I am the god of hellfire and everything health bows to me bitches! I got this" Then there are times that I feel more like Eore from Winnie the pooh and it goes to shit, I suppose I'm not alone in that kind of thing but damn its gotta let up sometimes... or. 

The day that this person I've known forever stated that she reads my blog I met a friend of hers and I didn't say anything at the time but this friend of hers forced me to think about this whole walk down the yellow brick road to health I've been on in a different way, the way I use to see it. Talking to this person reminded me that the attitude in which you approach a situation is possibly more important than than the process itself in a way. Though we only spoke briefly, I learned that she had lost 90 pounds and was a kettlebell instructor, her attitude and positive outlook stuck with me more than she probably realized in that moment. Over the last week I have been reflecting on a lot of things and decided that its time to take my body and health back from the negativity that currently holds the keys with an attitude change.

Life is too short and we never know what cards we will be dealt at any given moment, sometimes we get pocket aces, win the huge pot then happily ever after and other times we lose the farm, the key is that whatever we are handed that we stay the course. A blip on the radar in the grand scheme, a short conversation with a person who I know not much about other than she was really positive and dealt with some weight loss/health tuning of her own forced a week of reflecting on my part and here I am, with an update.

My excel sheet was dusted off and the salter scale is on the counter, I am heading out to the grocery store for some fresh stuff to eat after I click publish, Its time to find that guy who use to be as positive as that girl in the red dress again.

Thats all I got for today.

As Ever


  1. I'm still here rooting for you tony :) good to see you. Reminds me I need to do an update of my own :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how some people can be regular readers and we never knew it-- My old High School principal reads mine. Didn't know it until recently. Crazy!! What you've written about attitude being more important than the process-------OMgoodness...Yes!!!!! Zeus--always pulling for you.

  3. Really glad to see an update. I know that you feeling all to well.

  4. Hey, I've just started reading blogs and haven't even typed my first one yet. I started out by looking for blogs by people like me, or that have had the success that I'm looking for in my life and I found yours. So far I've just read this post and haven't gone back to read your whole story yet. Man, you sound so much like me! A few years ago I was 380 pounds, happily married and in complete denial as to where my health was going or what impact I was having on my family. My marriage hit the rocks and I was rudely awakened. I went on a panic diet and weight loss regimen in the hopes of saving my marriage and lost 130 pounds in 6 months. After the initial panic I settled into a healthier lifestyle, running, working out, eating right. Unfortunately it didn't save my marriage and all my physical changes couldn't heal the emotional damage that had been done and my wife moved out. Depression set in and I quit. Now I'm 425 pounds and have back, knee, hip problems as well as type 2 Diabetes. Everyday I tell myself I'm getting back on track, but every night, like you said, I find myself in the glow of the fridge. I wish you the best in your continuing journey and it's good to know I'm not the only one struggling.

  5. Good to hear from you again, I can relate to the struggles. Look forward to more soon, stay strong.

  6. I'm new to your blog! I too am a poster girl for the yo-yo dieting. I lost 40kgs, gained 25kgs back. Am now in the process of trying to lose it again. Looking forward to your next post!

  7. Dear Mr. Zeusmeatball,

    I read your entry "The Girl in the Red Dress" and it peaked an interest. Like yourself, stress / emotions controls my eating habits and have found myself in the same situation; face illuminated by the light of the refrigerator door on so many occasions.
    First let me congratulate you on the loss of 200 pounds! The fortitude, discipline and commitment to yourself is indeed inspirational to me. In 2012 I managed to lose 50 pounds and have never felt more proud of an accomplishment, nor has my self esteem ever been higher, but alas, over the course of the last 8 months I've managed to get right back to where I was and I'm so disappointed in myself.
    I retired after working for 50 years and I've found myself justifying my less than healthy eating habits by telling myself that I deserve it, that this is my time to relax and enjoy life as I begin the senior circuit.
    I hope you'll keep up your posts here, because they have given me a real insight and realization that there are other people, much the same as myself, that can offer hope and help bolster my conviction on days where it is needed.
    Keep up the god work.

  8. SO glad to see you back...and truly hope you "stay," so to speak. I happened across you in someone's blog roll. I do hope the best for you, and can relate as I'm in a similar place in terms of weight loss/re-gain and the life-stress torpedoes that have remarkable aim and hit my resolve every single time. It sucks. You can get ahead of this. You CAN!

  9. Really glad to see you back and blogging!

  10. Having the right mindset is everything. I too, know what it feels like to have to restart, again and again and again. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and do something great!

  11. I realize you posted this weeks ago, but I'm finally starting to blog again and made a stop over here. I'm sorry to hear that you have a lot of personal stuff going on in your life. I hope that things start looking up for you and your family. I would dare say that I am in the same yo-yo boat as you. But I think you hit the nail straight on the head with saying it is all about attitude. I'm changing mine right now and getting back on the health band wagon. :)

  12. Wow,
    This is an amazing post. I really enjoyed reading this, for one i felt like I was reading something about myself. This fits me exactly to a T. I am a stress/emotional binger. I also want to keep my blog out of my personal group of friends. I have also fallen off the band wagon many times, and now I am also determined to kick this. I also am a strong advocate of mindset. "if your heads not in the game your body won't be the same" I have been telling myself this often to keep me from falling. You have to want to be healthy more than you want anything. I have to want it badly because without your health you will have nothing. Thank you for writing this post. Seriously good luck I hope you accomplish all your goals.