Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 982 some new and old photos of moi and a menu.

Well we're movin' on up, to the East side to a deluxe new outlook on life, oh we're movin' on up! ok ok, enough of that but can you tell that I am in a good mood today? My plan for today is to get to the gym and do an hour of cardio and get home fast as I have some things to do around the house. My intake plan for the day is going to be a fruit and vegetable filled smorgasbord of crunchy and sweet goodness because that's how I roll. The Thatsfit article that came out yesterday put me into a really good mood and I got a couple pretty cool emails from people that were linked to my blog from the page and thats always a good thing.

This photo was taken in Texas I would say somewhere around 2005 and I am pretty sure that I was more than my high weight of 534 pounds but will never know for sure.

This was taken Aug 3rd 2010 for the Thatsfit article, now that the article has posted I wanted to put it up on the blog.

My intake for yesterday came in 100 calories over what I usually eat at a whopping 1800 total but I went over with an apple so a good choice was made and I ain't going to worry about it. My largest meal was breakfast and it held me over for a long time all while being more than extremely yummy, I have noticed that my drinking has gone down slightly over the past day or so with me polishing off only about 1.5 gallons per day but its still enough so no worries. Have a look at my menu from yesterday.

7:30 AM
8 oz potato 200
peppers/onion/Smart balance 50
5 egg whites 75
1 whole egg 70

12:45 PM
5oz ground turkey 225
2 whole grain deli slims 200
1.5oz light chips 110

3:15 PM
1 T peanut butter 95
1 banana 105

6:00 PM
6oz baked Haddock fillet 240
3/4 cup steamed white rice 150
1C green beans 40
Tartar sauce 50

6:45 PM
1 banana 105

8:15 PM
1 apple 85

Grand total of 1800 calories for the day and it was more than enough food for me to feel full all day, which is always a plus right? Its always good when a person can feel satisfied with what was eaten in a day while it remains healthy. I am the one calling the shots just as you are and every other person out there struggling with losing weight, I am not perfect and in my years on this planet have yet to find a person that is perfect so when a mistake is made as long as we get back up and on track is just a mistake. I struggle with making the right choices even still after being on this path for more than two and a half years and though it is easier than in the beginning or in the past its a daily struggle to stay on top of something that is an ever present itch on ones back. Today I will go to the gym, I will eat within my calorie range and I will drink at least 1.5 gallons of fluids because if I want to get to my goal weight its what I will need to do.

Maintaining my weight for the last year has taught me that I can live a relatively normal life meaning not carrying my salter scale around and measuring every ounce of every bite that goes into my body but it also reminds me that it is a lot of work to keep weight falling off. Its time to go for another hard push and get that 275 pounds that I put in my sites when I started this whole weight loss gig and prove to myself that I can and will get there on my terms.

Making my way towards that line in the sand and I am shooting for that goal this year, will I make it? will I get to that 275 pound mark? lower perhaps? all to be found out in a future episode of Fatman and Blobin!

As Ever


  1. This is great, Tony. I'm sure it will reach many people and inspire them (as you have done for me).

  2. hey!! you have a wonderful blog. thanks for sharing your weight lost progress here. keep it up and never give up. you can do it.

  3. Great Job! You give people hope for their future. Keep up the good work. You look " Great "...