Monday, May 17, 2010

The plan for the week....I suggest you take a step to the side.

Straight to the point all week is my plan, I weighed in at 306 pounds on Friday and something in me wants to get to that 300 pound mark by this coming Friday and I know that it isn't likely but just you try and stop me. I got through the weekend with a perfect caloric intake and I drank enough, I did not in fact do anything that I would call real exercise besides pouring some cement pads helping my neighbor fix his deck and some calisthenics Sunday. The calories will be easy, The killing myself in the gym and on my bike on the other hand though not so easy but I suspect it will be fun.

The plan is as follows, get to the gym every day this week which is par for the course but I am going to add some evening calisthenics every night and I will use my bike to ride my daughter home from school every day that it does not rain this week. Each night after dinner a bike ride will be on the menu and if I succeed in getting onto the bike as often as I am aiming for that will be 10 miles per day pulling my daughter in her trailer which would likely be enough exercise for a day but then when you add the trips to the gym and the calisthenics I have a feeling that I will be getting my moneys worth in the workout department.

I am too close to crossing that line in the sand that has been there for more than a couple months and its time to just step over it already and see how the 200's feels after so long. For me getting into the 200's almost feels like I did an impossible thing, when I found out that I was more than 500 pounds its almost like a baseball bat to the skull feeling when thinking about making it that far down and to be a mere 6 pounds from being there is awesome. I have only been doing this whole better health thing for a bit more than two years now and that's not long in the grand scheme, I can remember like it was yesterday some of the struggles that I had to deal with at five hundred plus pounds and to be where I am today just goes to show that some hard work and discipline can move mountains at times. I am just a fat guy that decided to take control of some out of control habits and actions but honestly its like a door opened up and the entire world was behind it, why did it take so long?

Of course there are variables that were in place that helped the process along and because it is such a slow process it sort of creeps in and one day you realize that you have hand grenades in your knees and back and its only a matter of time before they go boom. How can getting to 500 plus pounds creep up on you man? what are you fucking insane?? trust me, it creeps up, the excuses roll on through and each day will be the day that you start doing something about it or becoming blind to the process is the flavor of the day but by the time we look at it in as serious a light as it needs to be its too late and there we are covered in sweat, breathless at the top of a 7 stair flight of steps wondering when the fuck this happened. It snapped for me and here I am 228 pounds lighter and possibly in better shape than I have ever been in my entire life, I am on my way to becoming what I want to be physically and I don't see a roadblock that can stop me, speed bumps are absolute but ultimately I will get there.

By weeks end I will be healthier no doubt, I will be a week stronger and will have done things for my health that will only effect me in a positive way and I may get under that 300 pound line in the sand by weeks end but I may not and I am ok with that too BUT......

I will do everything in my power to try and get there and I don't think that you should stand in my way..unless getting plowed over is in your plan for the week.

As Ever


  1. O gosh I can really relate to that creeping up in weight without paying attention! For me it was somewhere over 310, and I'm a woman so...well, I guess that doesn't make it worse or better. Still shocking when finally confronted. For me, it was probably believing that nothing could be done, and therefore best not to look too closely. (Thought it would be like trying to stop a speeding locomotive, to borrow from your great image.)

    But you are turning it all around. And now so am I. We are champions, bro. We can do this!!!!!!!

  2. Stepping aside... Zeus Rage the new Road Rage... :) Love your determiniation and your plan.

  3. This sounds great. I am looking forward to seeing your results on Friday.

    Thanks for your comments this morning. I am slowly coming out of my funk that I've been in all day, due to my mediocre results. I am formulating my plan as well for an attack. Thanks for setting the bar high.