Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 855..wait? Day 855?? wow..

Sometimes things get a little harder than normal and pushing through the bullshit is more difficult than we think it will be and sometimes its straight through the brick wall without even the slightest change in direction or momentum. The most important thing is that we stay on task as to not sabotage any work that has been put in to that point. I seem to have mastered what needs to be done to maintain my weight, admittedly there are some things not related to my weight loss that are slowing the process but I have to say that I am happy about how things are going down because I am not gaining anything back in lieu of anything else that's in the background.

Tuesday was a pretty good day all around for me where intake and movement are the topic, I went for a late morning walk while my daughter rode her bike so it was more like a late morning jog/walk as I chased her most of the way. The gym later in the afternoon was 45 minutes of cardio mixed between a bike and a treadmill then home I went for lunch which was an omelet for 425 calories including a multigrain english muffin. My calories for the day came in at just over where they should have been for a total of 1945 and I am still not use to the up in the food, I am still finding that I am stopping at 1700 and left with a couple hundred at the end of the night but we're getting there. Of course I was hydrated because that's the one thing that has become so much of a habit that at 8:00 am as I write this post I am already most of a half gallon of green tea into my fluids for the day and that is the case every day.

I upped my intake to 1900 calories over the weekend because I felt that I had been stalling with the drops and I am giving it two weeks to see what happens, if I start dropping pounds faster than I have been the 1900 stays, if not? I will likely go back to my 1700 but that's to be found out. The more I looked at it the more I thought about just how much exercise I was doing every day and the amount of exercise vs the rate that the weight was coming off just isn't adding up to me. I mean hell, I am still more than 300 pounds and I think that the weight should be coming off just a tad faster than it has been with the work that's being put in. I do understand that its going to vary from week to week, month to month but I am really taking it off very slow lately and I do know that life stresses are not helping the cause but at the same time I am eating well and exercising so I think there is more to it than the personal situation that we are going through currently.

Any way its cut Friday will let me know how the up in calories is effecting my body even though this week will be sort of a push for me where my up is concerned as I was getting things back to normal but I am looking for a loss either way. Hopefully I will be able to post some images of what I've lost in a couple days and I can get this weight down below that EVER ELUSIVE 300 pound mark sooner than later..its starting to feel like a cruel game by some higher power because this milestone has been in my sight for what feels like forever yet just out of reach. The plan for today is the same walk/bike ride with the kiddo, hit the gym, eat 1900, drink 2 gallons and see where that brings me in the morning, wish me luck!

Thanks for following along with this fat guy getting slim, that's all I got today.

As Ever


  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  2. You'll get there, Tony. I have been floating around 300 for awhile now (got below it for a few days...and now am back at 300). I am following your lead and just trying to bust through it.

  3. Hi Tony, Ive been reading your blog for some time now and have just become an official follower!! Your tale is awesome and inspiring. The personal strength you have is very inspiring to me and has led me to start my own blog.

    Thanks for all your sharing...You Rock!!!!