Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day something, a new low weight?

Week two of raising the calories to 1900 will come to a close tomorrow morning and we will see where the wheel stops spinning for a number. Last Friday I was 311.2 pounds of luvvin and I am hoping that I get to post some "what I have lost" images in tomorrows post, 309 is the lowest point that I have seen so far on the scale so anything under that and we have a happy boy. If raising my calories to 1900 I still lose pounds I am going to stick with that number until that result changes and even then I may stick to it anyways because though I have had incredible success with my 1700 calories I have been doing much more in the way of exercise since about October of last year and perhaps a change is needed on a more permanent basis to keep the weight heading south.

My wife weighs in almost every day taking a page from my book and she does not have a weigh in day, she just weighs herself and whatever the lowest weight was on any given day is what she calls her lowest. This way of doing things is awesome and honestly I do it too but for the sake of having a day where I post the weight each week I post my weight on Friday "for the books" so to speak and if I was following what she does I would have a new low weight because this morning I was lower than I have ever been. This is the bane of so many people that are trying to lose weight, you know, the having a day where we weigh in and judge our entire week off of that single number and for the most part that works but, there is always a but. BUT this morning I am lower and I will almost positively show a loss from my last Fridays weigh in on the scale tomorrow but regular fluctuation may stop me from getting that new low weight "on the books" because I have been less on Thursday than on Friday lots of times but Fridays weight is Fridays weight and that's what gets put up on here.

I have a feeling that I will be able to post a new low weight come the morning but crazier things have happened but man I tell ya I need a win this week because its been a couple since I showed a loss. Today I am planning on having a perfect day where my food and exercise is concerned, I am also going to go to bed at a reasonable hour to help me along with that new number because even though I am lower this morning than my all time low its not much lower at all and I would love to see an even lower number tomorrow. I am on a roll with the exercise this week and I say that because I have made it to the gym every day as well as a few bike rides after the fact including pulling my daughter around in our bike trailer and I want to keep that momentum. I only have one hurdle this week that I can foresee and that's on Sunday we are having a friend come by and we will be cooking out on the grill which is no big deal but the Corona's might be. This is a new lifestyle for me but I refuse to miss out on a few beers with a friend that I haven't seen in a while because I want to have a better number at the end of the week, Living life is why I am doing this and it seems silly to miss out on things because of the very thing that I am trying to preserve.

In summary, My week has been awesome with the intake and exercise, I have stayed hydrated and slept decent and I only say decent because I have been up later than normal a few nights this week but otherwise I am doing good. Sunday I will have a beer or three but what I am going to do to counter it is add 15 minutes of cardio to each day next week, I will add the cardio regardless of whether its one Corona or three and that right there feels like a compromise that I can live with. As long as I can keep the number good over night I will be able to post up some what I have lost images tomorrow as well as adjusting my percentage lost and total weight but I am very much not low enough that I don't have to worry about it, there is a good chance that I will break even or be slightly higher and that's to be found out in the am.

Keep on keepin on and all that and Thanks for following along.

As Ever


  1. Great perspective, Tony. I'm sure you'll do well tomorrow.

  2. Great thoughts! Adjusting my calorie intake upward is something I just started doing, as well, and have seen good results so far too. Your weight loss is inspiring!

  3. Thanks for the comment yesterday, Tony. i appreciated it. Good luck tomorrow morning on your weigh in!

  4. Just browsing the web for inspiring blogs. I'm at 360 pounds. Your transformation is icredible. Great work!

  5. Can't wait to see! I know how you feel... Fridays are my "official" day too... but I weigh in every morning- early! and I forgot early this morning to weigh in... so after breakfast and a snack and lunch- I weighed.. and it was CLOSE to my all time low... and I kind of freaked out.. what if I had MISSED My all time low this morning because I forgot to weigh in.. what if I really WAS below that number? And I can't get to the gym today and I am stressed like a mad woman at the office today... and oh crap! I can only HOPE tomorrow I see a low low number.. but somehow? I just don't feel that hopeful!