Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Addiction comes in many forms..

Hi my name is Zeusmeatball and I am an the scale.. My scale is not working and I have to say that its driving me insane. Yesterday when I came home from the gym I stepped onto the scale to see where I was and nothing on the display, hmmm batteries must have died no worries I can weigh myself later. Fast forward to later and new batteries were placed into my cold black friend and still nothing, she is kaput and its been two days since I have been able to check my weight and I can't stand it. I am a daily weigher, EVERY morning only after using the bathroom and before I eat breakfast I step on to see where I am and not being able to do that since yesterday is bothering me way more than I thought that it would if ever I was not near a scale, what ever will I do?

I have a couple choices, A.) Go buy a new scale at Walmart or the likes, after all I can use normal people scales now so I have what you normal sized folk call options, or B.) Weigh myself at the gym later but then I am in clothing and its an afternoon weigh in which tells me nothing really because I am all over the place in the afternoons usually (yes I weigh myself more than once per day) or C.) don't worry about it at all and wait for the warranty scale to get here in the mail after of course I find my receipt and warranty paperwork for the scale that I have and send this one in, yeah like that's going to happen, so..I find myself looking at some options.

I mentioned that I weigh myself multiple times per day and thats true, I usually weigh myself in the am, then again after I get home from the gym and again right before bed and these different times tell me different things. The morning weigh in tells me exactly where I stand with my weight and is usually only fractionally different from the previous morning whether its up or down and this is the most important weigh in for me. The afternoon post gym workout is purely because I am nuts and addicted to checking my number on the scale and is usually only a pound or so over my am weigh in and if its more than that I usually drink more that day but it really is an unnecessary step on the scale. My before bed time weigh in tells me where I am going to be in the am and is usually not off my much at all, I tend to drop 3 to 3.5 pounds over night between my am trip to the little boys room and just night time burn off so it gives me an idea of how my morning will look. I promise you that I am not like this all of the time but when I am looking for a number, oh you know the 200's I tend to get scale happy and am on more than I want to admit for fear of being put into a 12 step program.

I will figure the scale out and will likely have a new one because I don't want to wait for warranty paperwork and mail etc etc to happen before I weigh myself again, yes the 550 pound limit scale that I bought has a 30 year warranty on it which is nice but I honestly don't know if I have that paperwork. Anyways, onto normal stuff and off of the broken scale, Yesterday I did about an hour of gardening in the morning before it started raining and I did miss out on my afternoon bike ride because of rain but made up for that at the gym. I got in 65 minutes of cardio yesterday by doing 25 minutes on the stationary bike, 20 on the arctrainer and 20 on the treadmill 6.5% incline 3.4mph so I feel good about the exercise for the day. I have also started doing my push ups at night again because I don't remember why I stopped and since there was no reason I figured they needed to be added in again so hopefully they help keep some muscle from leaving my chest.

My intake came in at 1910 calories for the day and I have to admit that I am enjoying having the extra 200 calories to play with. I am able to now include a couple more snacks throughout the day because of the up in calories and though I wasn't hungry before the additional calories I am feeling more than satisfied now that my limit is higher. Nothing has changed with my meals at all, I eat the same portions besides lunch where I do add a couple calories but for the most part it means 2 pieces of extra fruit sometime in the day for me or a yogurt and a fruit and I feel like I always have something in my mouth lately. Drinking is never an issue with me and averaging 2 gallons per day is pretty much how I roll, yes I just said its how I roll so get over it aight yo! don't start none won't be none..ok ok enough of that I drink a lot and that's that.

I am pretty much doing what I need to do and expect that the scale will reflect the work BUT without knowing for sure I am going a tad bit insane currently and though I will check in on the scale at the gym today I know that its not really accurate so...yeah I think that I will be stopping to buy one on the way home from the gym. That will sum up this episode of as the fat guy turns, be sure to tune in tomorrow to see if our Hero makes it through the day without imploding as a result of not knowing his starting weight for the day! Let us hope he makes it!

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  1. My name is Al and I am addicted to the scale as well. I would be going nuts if my scale were on the fritz.

  2. My name is Patrick and I am also addicted to scales. My doctor tells me to use it once a week or less but I can not help myself.

  3. Just found your blog. I am now 18.2 lbs from my goal of 100 lbs by my 44th birthday. I am also chronicling my final push via a blog.

    I love reading about the Journey of others. You are an inspiration.

  4. Just read your article on Yahoo. Glad I did. I joined I've been looking for a site like that for a long time. Hope I can lose some weight, too! Thanks for the motivation.

  5. Saw you on a Yahoo article and I too am addicted to the scale. I tell myself this is what keeps me accountable. Might be true for me since when I stop I always end of falling off the wagon.

  6. Saw you on Yahoo today. Way to go!

  7. Wow, you're famous!

    Keep your drive going, my friend. It's motivating me (as well as many others).

  8. Hi I just started following your blog. I seen it on Yahoo and decided to give it a look. I like what your doing and it is very motivating. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes because of my wieght. I am 379 pounds and like you I have decided to do something about it. I just bought a bike last week and have been riding almost everyday except for the rainy ones. It's so damn hard though because my legs get worn out so fast, but I won't give up. My starting weight before the diabetes was 387. I lost 8 pounds in a week. Talk about a big motivation. Now that I seen your blog makes me want to try even harder. Thanks for the extra boost and I will keep you updated.